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Great Lineages Found in AP

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This is one of the most interesting lineages I've ever seen at first glance (and most impressive; it's even a Thuwed!) other than 2 flaws; #1, the poor thing is inbred, and #2 one of its ancestors has a name that's highly offensive to me. Thus I'd like to gift it to any of you fine AP Lineage enthusiasts who might treasure it biggrin.gif


No interest before hatching so re-abandoned.

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Well, wasn't expecting this when I misclicked a egg in the AP. Inbred, but so pretty. smile.gif

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It is so neat to see everybody's finds! happy.gif


I picked up this random Ice for my daughter but had to keep it  laugh.gif




Syleye, that Ice is the funniest egg I have seen in awhile! laugh.gif


I have two to share: wub.gif


A pretty 4th gen Stairstep Tinselkin, a Fog, descended from Patxaran and This Cloud Is Mine: http://dragcave.net/lineage/NIxrl


And a pretty 6th gen Spiral Tinselkin, a Terrae, from Dawn's Silver Medal. http://dragcave.net/lineage/mU8My


Thank you, breeders! happy.gif

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This lovely bronze 5th gen Tinsel Stairstep descended from San Victorus. He is my first Z dragon. I named him Elvis after his code xd.png




Thank you to the breeder! happy.gif

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