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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Absolute, thank you for this beautiful egg. wub.gif


Followed by this lovely Shimmerkin, my first Shimmerkin, thank you MistoKitt!

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Chromatic Shift literally made my eyes bulge - that lineage is one of the best I've ever seen! I cannot thank the breeder(s) enough!

I happened to find a BBW in AP and that lineage got me an idea. So I tried my best to continue it.

Glad you like her =w=

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my sister find this lovelygold shimmerin the AP a few weeks ago!


can't believe there is ppl droping it!


Thanks breeder! xd.png



and this is what i just find in the AP!


I just Love it so much!


loverly moonstone from silver



*I want to edit the previous post but i delete it....

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I played the alt lottery and won with one of the most beautiful (and only arrowhead/chevron) lineages I've ever seen for a vine!


Meet Cactus Garden!!!


Thank you so very much breeder(s)!


@ Regulus - Awesome!!! Thank you biggrin.gif I will treasure her!

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Over today and yesterday, I have caught all of these in the AP:


My gorgeous pillow


And this...


The cutest white I've seen for a while..


And when I caught my first stripe since around a year ago, I got this.


I am so happy right now smile.gif thank you, breeders, you made my day. biggrin.gif

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