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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Oh, I've got a bad case of hunting fever... I can't stay out of the AP... got many pretty things too. :3




Pretty Dorsal (Love the names! Thanks Herk! biggrin.gif)

PB Sunsong

RoyalSilver No.1 RoyalSilver No.2 RoyalSilver No.3

NeoGold (My fav! :3)

IcyMoon No.1 IcyMoon No.2

And many 2nd Gen Metal fails. :3


Now I just need to take a break from hunting and breed some mates for them. laugh.gif


Thank you for the gifts, breeders! <3

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adorable kiddo that I have like, no hope of ever finding a mate for, but ah well.


Though, I did pick up this as well. hm.


Darn reflex click. Used to people breeding whites to pass along sprite alts.


also, oo, oo! I may have to name it after it's code (it looks like Paris!)

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Nice catches, everyone!


Saw this little Lumina pop up, but missed it. I looked at the lineage, and was quite sad at missing it.


Saw it pop right back up, nabbed it! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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I got some beauties today!


This, and influenced it female in the hopes of keeping up the line!


And then this, whom I'm hoping goes male (no male pinkies for influence yet).


And although I was mostly fishing for CB blacks, this was just too pretty to toss back.


Thanks breeders! <3

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I grabbed a Nebula egg from the AP and thought it would be inbred. Most of the ones tend to be.

But I found a lovely even 2nd Gen made with Purple Nebulas and Silvers.

I don't remember if I influenced it or not, but sadly my Nebbie became user posted image instead of user posted image. Blue works, since it's more 'grey' than purple. xd.png

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