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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Great Grandma Penk


So nabbing another black for my attempt at linage and look who the great grandma is! ohmy.gifbiggrin.gifxd.png


Just looked through my dragons and apparently I like Penk!



Didn't realize how good his linage was before 0.0


double tinfail



nontinsel fail xd.png


duel headed ooooooh


dual headed 2 I guess these are common?


Penk Strikes again does he have every light pink val dragon in him?


product of two tinfails


pink attack



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I picked this 4 EG egg up the other day and keep forgetting to post it. The names in the lineage cracked me up. laugh.gif


Thanks breeders for the laughs! smile.gif

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ohmy.gifhttp://dragcave.net/lineage/Y4DNK How an am suppose to continue this beautiful lineage biggrin.gif

Wow, congrats! biggrin.gif


My suggestion: breed one 3rd gen trihorn wyvern female and one 3rd gen ember male, then mate those together, and breed the offspring to your awesome AP catch!

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