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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Heart attack worthy find here..


9th Even Generation, Thuwed and Dorkface Descendant, Descendant of 4 Spriter Alts... I could go on forever with how great it is. There are at least... if I counted correctly... 8 pairs of Thuweds in there. blink.gif

... and it's a tinselfail... Goodness gracious.

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Just caught this very pretty Nebula.. I'm in LOVE with this egg... wub.gif

You're welcome smile.gif


I just went on a minor breeding spree and dropped some pretties, but I won't do all my dragons today to spread the breeding out again after the holiday hiatus.

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i got this split yesterday that has a beautiful stairstep going on. usually when i get these they are caveborn. also today i got a black with pretty lineage too

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