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Great Lineages Found in AP

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s0r0k4, you are a star for dropping this pretty White. Zombies, spriter alts and shinies. biggrin.gif

I'm happy it found a home with someone who likes it! biggrin.gif

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My little sister just caught this in the AP and she's pretty happy about it~

I saw that in the AP!!! I clicked like crazy but missed dry.gif


I just caught this:


It's beautiful blink.gif

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http://dragcave.net/lineage/vjpUn hopefully it will gender right and like my other 3EG PB.

I bred that one. smile.gif


I caught this Royal Blue earlier today. It's by far the prettiest metal-fail I've got, including ones from my own metals.

Jealous, that's super pretty.


Just caught this Terrae treasure.

Also jealous.

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Just caught this Terrae treasure.

oooh, one of mine. tongue.gif


I love it when stuff I breed is posted here. lol.



Grats everyone!

I haven't found anything good in the AP for a while. tongue.gif

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