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Happy Birthday Gifting

Happy Birthday Gifting

Which month is your birthday in?  

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I Would Like to Update My List!

Forum name: oddsoxdi

Birthday: December 12 Month/Day

Original List: USA (include the special word so I know you read the rules! Look closely!)

  • 1. CB Green Copper

2. 2gen GW from male Ice/Female GW

3. 2gen STD from male Tea/STD

Revised List:
  • 1. CB Green Copper

2. 2gen egg from female Red Copper/Ice (will take either egg)

3. 2gen Nebula from Male SunSong and Blue Nebula

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Thread appears abandoned. We are attempting to contact active thread mods before closing and allowing a remake.

Closing. Link to remake https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=164871


If you've posted a request here you will need to repost it in the new thread.


From new thread post:


If you signed up in the last thread, I should have your information, as long as it was withing the year of 2014. If you signed up prior, I did not add you.


If you need to adjust your information, please feel free.


If you never signed up in the last thread, you can still sign up here!

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