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2 hours ago, Maduka said:

Okay. i got this messy spitfire from the AP

Zthfi- grab grab


aaand. i got some more Cb z´s comin up  ^^

not as bad as some


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2 hours ago, ShadowsGirl9 said:

Oh baby, a triple! 1ZzZj is looking for a home! 😊


Doesn't actually start with a Z so technically doesn't fit but I thought someone might appreciate it anyway lol ❤️ 


I'll take it!  Will have to think of just the right name... Thanks! :D

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You know? I used to really bemoan not being able to get an even number of eggs on release days and I promised in several discussion threads if we could have a new trophy for 8 eggs I'd be happy. That I wouldn't moan about being locked all the time.

I lied 😒

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