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5 hours ago, random_dragon_collector said:


:D yeah, I got a few of those lying around! I put a 3rd gen SAltkin in there, fingers crossed!

Well, someone got it. :P

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No me!  Ah well--bred a second, tried trading for any z-code hatchling, got offered 3 non-z cb hatchlings, took those, now I'm trying to trade those for 1 cb z-code hatchling!  Gotta love the hub! :D

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NAME: unnamed for now

GENDER: influenced male

ORIGIN: Jungle



the way this bois code matches my gold girl (ZWZsc) tho.... incredible

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3 hours ago, Dracaena said:

A couple of cb Z's found their way to my scroll and need a Z scroll.  On two-way, add dummy egg or PM if you need hatched/direct transfer link.

Low time Misfit egg.

Blue Alcedine hatchling the aeon says is male.

Offered on the Alcedine. Thank you @Dracaena! :)

@random_dragon_collector might be interested in the Misfit.

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31 minutes ago, InvaderAlexis said:

some hatchies! :D 




cb melismor, will be male!




2g sapo from razorcrest, will be male! also has a nice name code as a bonus :P 

have room for hatchies


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2 hours ago, Lagie said:

Still available!

Not any more. :)  Thanks!

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