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4th of July CB Z code Spirit Ward, low time with views 8 hours to hatching.  For a Z member! You're welcome random_dragon_collector!

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hub action--


Have CB Z-Code Aso, Want CB Umbra / Aquilo / Obidar



CB z-code silver from volcano // LF: interesting offers? I like CBs/SAkin (I use decline)



H:Z-coded CB Pargulus alpine w: CB new Xeno, Pharos prefers. Please and thanks.



CB Albino z-code | Want: any CB hatchling



cloudplume, H: CB z-code W: any 2 CB hatchlings



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3 hours ago, dragonpuck said:

will be red/i need blue

offer a dummy


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Offered, if no one beat me.


Thank you! :)

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14 minutes ago, dragonpuck said:

so pretty,


Accepted! Enjoy!

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1 minute ago, Paintra said:


Sent over! Enjoy! :D 

Thanks! :) Will do!

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