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3 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

Snatched a CB golden z'Lunar Herald. Dibs, anyone? Will send (or post here) tomorrow.


I've got a slot right now--thanks!


ETA: Ah--but you mean it's on cooldown?  I'll be in and out tomorrow--I'll take it it if it's there--but not calling dibs, anyone who wants it, go ahead.  :) 

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Would love one @Pattekat! Would you be willing to take a swap for a non z one? Completely egg locked lol.

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2 hours ago, JaneMcAsh said:

Have a 'z' Galvanic Wyvern FEMALE (5/21 capture)... would be glad to trade for a NON-z Galvanic Wyvern FEMALE (5/21 capture). PM if interested

PM sent, if she is still available.

Never mind. She grew up just as I went to stun her. :(

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