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45 minutes ago, dragonpuck said:

darn, great for my lineage  but I'm egglocked - as usual * sighs*

I can hold it for you, not much going on with my scroll right now--


ETA:  just as I posted, Ruby Eyes grabbed it for you!  Thanks @Ruby Eyes!

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Anyone need a ZZ CB Lacula?   https://dragcave.net/teleport/854b721b1b3907c991742342131a4b0d

Or a 2G z Skywing x Deep Sea?   https://dragcave.net/teleport/11aa7ce49e52330680eeedf446c3e232


Enjoy - glad they both found good homes.  Those two were the first 2 random eggs I clicked in the AP this morning.  :)


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1 hour ago, Ruby Eyes said:


What gender would you like it to be?

not sure, but i have room for the egg now anyway---

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On 12/11/2018 at 3:46 PM, dragonpuck said:

thanks, if you get a Z I'd love it!= interesting combination!



2 hours ago, Herk said:

 Oh OK then - I'm not doing anything at the moment... ! Thanks.

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Got some z codes:

Low time hatchies:

g2 Chelestial x Daydream--gone to Dragonpuck

CB Saphire,male            -->gone to Dragonpuck

Cb Black pygmin, female,double z :0-->gone to ruby eyes


low time eggs:

Cb Greenwing

Cb Tarantula


You guys should hurry, all of them are around 4 days


Just got a lineage misfit Black tea from a long Thalassa Dynasty

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1 hour ago, Fuzzbucket said:




yupūüėć a rare occurrence on my scroll!!!


@Maduka I took the last 2 hatchies

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