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10 hours ago, Lagie said:

Round up post since I think the others are now way back ---



CB royal blue, main cave, still available! - https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZQahh


Now a hatchie - https://dragcave.net/teleport/dbde05613cd62bd4e7a689c3797e8890

2nd gen red, from the AP - https://dragcave.net/lineage/zwZSS


Blue completes a pair, and that code makes me want to name that red something good...

Thanks, Lagie!

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12 hours ago, BlueLatios said:



Also, tell me if anyone finds (or has) a Z'Girl. Because this dragon that I just got is amazing!
We're the ZBOYz now XD


That is awesome :D

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12 hours ago, Confused Cat said:

My CB Blue Gemshard Z pair is very good at producing Z offspring (2 out of 4 so far), so, that's great, but guess what...  :lol:

Why aren't they blue >.<


Good luck getting dem Z Halloweens, guys! And may your lineages all go well :v

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The Halloweens are breeding lots of z's!  I already have 6 of the 9 Halloween sprites that I need with lineages I like!  What I really want is a caveborn pumpkin--I think I'll wait until I have any 3 caveborn Halloweens, and then offer to trade them in the hub for one z'pumpkin.  Hope it works!

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