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Yay! Sending good z-breeding vibes your way. None of mine are cooperating at the moment.


Offering a couple of nice 2nd gens from the AP - for Z members only - on 2-way so they don't poof without a trace. Just offer a dummy.


Spotted Greenwing x Gaia


PB hellfire Gone!

Offered on the Z'Greenwing! That's a gorgeous lineage!

Hope you like the dummy! wink.gif haha

ETA: Thanks! smile.gif

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CB Royal Blue EGG.

AP-found Trihorn EGG.



Allready have the first one but i took the Trihorn too.


Thank you very much.




And thank you very much Dee, for the nocturne. I figure the more z'breedingpairs i have the more z'puppies they will give me.




Time i go on a namingspree again




Also it seems i am very lucky in the cave at the moment.

Z at the beginning and a Z at the end.

This egg is claimed by Purplehaze, enjoy.



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Thanks Pattekat for the Black egg. Hopefully he will like the lady I already have on my scroll waiting for him. wink.gif


In other news, I just bred all my CB Splits to the AP and got at least one Z'plit -- if anyone cares to pursue it and try to grab it when it surfaces. http://dragcave.net/progeny/4FS1D There may be others as I bred about 75 pairs. I don't want it returned to me, just thought someone might want to claim it.

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Eggs for offer to Z members only.  Just want a dummy.


CB Nocturne

http://dragcave.net/lineage/zuXWg - gone to Pattekat


3g checker Waterhorse (x Silver)

Make an offer on Z3PO!



2g Lumina (x Gemshard)

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




Offered on the Lumina! smile.gif

ETA: Thanks, Dee!

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This one was a reflex-click in the Volcano. You could say, I was reflex-Z'toned!

took the stone I needed a z mate thanks!



also offered on the waterhorse, edit: thanks dee

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Got a EvenGen3 Autumn with a 'z' code when doing Seasonal breeding. Send a pm if you'd like it for your Z Project.

Beautiful. Thanks, Jane!

3g Carmine from Waterwalker checker

* sighs*

someday I'll get a WW from this pair

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


still available

Thanks so much


Also got this:

2G Sunsong from Heartstealing.

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!




Just grabbed...

Free to good Z Project member home! cool.gif


2nd gen waterhorse, cool code, found in the AP: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zFuna



I also grabbed a Seragamma (Z2JWw) earlier this eve, but can't find the post now... So thanks to whomever donated, it's quite lovely

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2nd gen green z neb up for grabs. I swear it's like they know and miscolor on purpose...


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


All I ask is that it is not given the B5 prefix in the name, as that is specific to the lineage project he came from.

Thank you (I'll be sure not to use B5 in the name).

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AP-found White EGG. (Silver Shimmerfail.)



i took the pretty white, thanks

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