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claimed the spitz




edit: Z gold shimmer for trade

https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...post&p=8983107( my only possible swap is on cooldown and hasn't been producing shimmers  dry.gif )

you are welcome.





Offered on the trade for you, I am not sure if it is to their wishes, it is a pretty lineage but 4th gen prize is as low as i can offer.


If they accept the egg will be yours. (i like it too but i have nothing to contnue it with)

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Me! Thanks, purplehaze!!


Was stalking the thread in my sleep again....

laugh.gif Yeah, I saw your name on the egg, so I knew it went to a good home.

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Here's another nice little egg for a Z lover only.

2nd gen Anagallis from Olive father


It's a hatchling now, with a new teleport link. I have made it a two-way so I know where it goes so a dummy egg is fine.


Gone to LumosSeeker. smile.gif

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I shouldn't leave my zombie fodder where I can see them... can't bring myself to get rid of these two now. xd.png

I know just what you mean, I have one very inbred and a CB Z' waiting to kick the bucket. I had a swallowtail too last week but then PF4E pm-med me a very pretty Z" Hootktalon and i send it to her to make room.... I was almost happy to be rid of it because now it gets to live.


The hooktalon is already grown (and she send me a mate too)

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Thank you for the purple dorsal smile.gif

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