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Z Project

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If anyone's interested:


I have a z coded CB Gaia, I don't mind trading it for another, non-z CB Gaia (either an egg with similar/lower time left, or a hatchie, gender doesn't matter)


Please no other offer, this is the first CB Gaia I got in quite a while so...


trade link is here

(I cancel trades and fog when I go to sleep, just drop me a PM if the links are expired)

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Got some z codes:

Low time hatchies:

g2 Chelestial x Daydream--gone to Dragonpuck

CB Saphire,male            -->gone to Dragonpuck

Cb Black pygmin, female,double z :0-->gone to ruby eyes


low time eggs:

Cb Greenwing

Cb Tarantula


You guys should hurry, all of them are around 4 days


Just got a lineage misfit Black tea from a long Thalassa Dynasty

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1 hour ago, Fuzzbucket said:




yup😍 a rare occurrence on my scroll!!!


@Maduka I took the last 2 hatchies

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1 hour ago, Lagie said:

Did you want any of them?

(Leodon, Lacula, and/or Razorcrest?)


No that's okay but thanks, congrats on getting them! Glad they went to one of us. :D

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