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VOTING: DC Photography Contest #42

Who will you vote for?  

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Welcome to the voting of round 42 of our photography contest! Lots of lovely entries this round! Have a look, and cast your vote:



Aerouant - Entry


Kestra15 - Can't see Everest for the trees.


Bonjourno! - Entry


tyto_alba - Inside of a tree stump


Lagie - SpectrumTree


tikigurl91 - Line Up


evangeline5432 - By the creek


GoldenShadowFire - Down the dried creek


philpot123 - Bonsai tree


RheaZen - Stumped.


SickThing - Dead tree


Kanaye - Sakura Blossoms


Hawktalon - Roots on ruins


Opti - Unread Enchantment.


Chiaki - Fog


arabian sparkle - White Tree


shric debar - tis a tree in the lake district.


Dragonwing1234 - Bird in Tree


Caius - It's a birch


Fengari - African sunset tree


WWECornSerpent - Sunset Pine


7hippo7 - A redwood


St. Jimmy - Weird desert tree


Sanna92 - Entry


ksew - strange bare tree


schneimc - Entry



The voting ends Monday, October 24

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Quite a few entries.

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voted. so many pretty entries biggrin.gif was choosing between Hawktalon's and shric debar's, these two are absolutely amazing!

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Hmm voted nearly left me stumped *boom boom* But taking the fact that not everybody lives next to or has visited an Outstanding tree, I looked at photographic skills, colour, composition and focus to pick , and it was hard. There were lots I crossed off the list but there were a few I really liked the details.


I think Hawktalon wins it every so slightly for me just ahead of sickthing and dragonwing1234 , I went with the above criteria and then thought what I would like to see on my wall. Of course all of these in a triptych would be great !!!


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Voted. Tough decision to make. I was torn between RheaZen and Sanna92, decided to go for the one that really has the tree as the main focus.


But I must give props to RheaZen too, that was for me the prettiest picture in the lot, just not quite enough tree for this theme.

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Voted. It was really hard to choose just one.

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Nulled the votes...I couldn't decide. I would click one photograph and say "Yes, this is the one I'm voting for." Then I'd click another and go "No, this one for sure." And then I'd click just one more and be all "THIS ONE."


I couldn't make up my mind D: Can't wait to see who wins :3


It was between WWECornSerpent, RheaZen, SickThing, Dragonwing1234, Chiaki, tikigrul91....you can see why I didn't vote >___<

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Aah, I haven't been frequenting the forums as much lately, so I almost forgot to vote for something. D8 Got my vote in, though. So many lovely pictures to pick from. xd.png

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Congratulations, Chiaki! I'm a bit disappointed that some of my favorites didn't get any votes. Very nice entries, everyone! I couldn't decide on who to vote for so I didn't vote rolleyes.gif

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Congrats Chiaki! I'm glad my favorite (and the one I voted for) won. smile.gif


But that's not to say that the others weren't also very lovely. wink.gif

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