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Gifts of Tinsel!

Tinsel Gifting - Spreading the Love

Would you be interested in participating in a Tinsel Swapping section on the thread?  

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NO FURTHER APPLICATIONS FOR ANYTHING MAY BE MADE AFTER THIS POST. Any posts prior to THIS post can be tallied (if approved with current rules).


Details on why will come later today. I think you all will be excited.


There will be more tinsel applications later, but for now, no more applications.




I wanted to post from my account so that you would know it was ME putting a close to further applications in THIS thread.


(Clues to the upcoming details are provided here in this post. There IS NO reason to be upset or anything. The downtime won't take longer than 1-2 days, if all goes well.)


~~ Sunny

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Forum ID: michiyoLove

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PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=192758

Proof you read the rules: Cats, chocolate

I agree to the terms and conditions: Yes

Approved. Congratulations on being the last post to end this thread with. You'll be listed on the new thread.




Ok, folks!


I have saved all the info.


And here is the explanation that I promised you earlier:


As some of you may know, Tinsels are no longer the only prize dragon breed on DC. We've been with you for a while now, happily giving out beautiful Tinsel Prize Dragons to those who had none.


With the addition of a new prize dragon, however, we felt that it was the best thing to change the project account thread, because newcomers might not know that we spread the love of not just the Tinsel Prize Dragons, but other Prize Dragons, as well!!


So we have created a new project account so that we can spread the love and help gift these new dragons, as well. The new thread will be able to accomodate past, current, and future (we get more prize dragons, maybe, who knows - only TJ knows!) Prize Dragons.


Thus we required a change of dress and a shutting down of this (not so little - we have managed to provide MANY tinsels in the past two years!) little thread.


You can find us at here at Gifts-of-Prizes!.


We hope to forever spread the love and serve our community. With that, this thread is closed!


We'll all miss this cheeky thread but we hope to have a wonderful time in the new thread! biggrin.gif


~ Gifts of Tinsel! Moderators!

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Closing this thread per OP request. The new Gifts of Prizes thread will be taking over for gifting all the prize dragons.

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