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Thank you Z for understanding and reopening the thread!

NOTE: This thread has previously been closed because of a rude post, so please have fun but be respectful smile.gif

How to play:

One person is tagger. Everyone else posts 'Run run run!' (just kidding)Then when the tagger posts, the last person to post is "it". So it's a bit like how high can you count before a mod posts?



Runners, post, don't lurk.

Taggers may lurk but POST=TAG

Taunting allowed, but NOT rude taunting.

You're not restricted to running, have some creativity tongue.gif

Try to notice when you're it. Check back in the thread if you posted before.

No killing please!

Be honest, don't delete posts.

No tagbacks.

Try to reply when someone asks who is it.

This isn't strictly reinforced, but if the tagger doesn't tag anyone for 5 days, have the previous tagger tag someone else. This can get confusing but there's not many options.



Classycal is now a thread mod. Since I'm not on much anymore, I think that's a good idea for if the thread gets a little out of hand.

Edited by hotbottleo'water1

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Skips while the others run around to keep from being tagged

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I bet he's lurking waiting for the right person to post.

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Only the tagger can lurk..we have to keep running.

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I saw this with the scroll thing burning and I thought this was gone forever! But its not! Yay :D


But unfortunately I am pretty busy right now... *Sits at desk doing stuff, preparing to jump out and run when 'it' is sensed.* Btw my desk is in the middle of a forest.

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Still skipping around.


Oh hgfggg hurry up and tag someone.

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