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Cave Born Trading

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You remember Casper the Friendly Ghost?  This is his slightly ghetto counterpart!


It is a CB all-caps Seragamma.



Offers.  Low gen fun stuff? Male Neglected is auto.


I do use the decline option; so if the trade is still up, your offer is under consideration.


Make an offer on the Friendly Dragon egg!

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CB Green Copper (on CD, just caught)

CB Tan Ridgie (also on CD)

CB Summer egg (incuhatchable)

CB Aqualis male

CB Purple Dorsal hatchie

CB Coral pygmy female

CB Tercorn male





CB Red Dorsal(s)

CB Glowback pygmy males/low-time eggs


3EG White from Silver checker (like this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/iavL3, can add for one)

CB Silver for all

Other offers?


PM if interested or offer on some in public trades.

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Any A:TLA fans around? Got an (Z)lroH name code, and the kicker? It's a Black Tea! And we all know how much Iroh loves his tea! 🙂




Black_Tea_egg.png  CB Black Tea, ZlroH




Mate for any of group/96074? Especially a Royal Blue from male Bronze Shimmer! Or if you're feeling generous, I still need a CB Gold? I like CB Zyus, too.

Just make an offer, or pm me to discuss.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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