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Cave Born Trading

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CB Howler Drake female hatchie with cute code (all caps, too).  Howler_Drake_mature_hatchi.gif




CB Nexus hatchie, Nexus_hatchi.png

CB Black Truffle hatchie, Black_Truffle_hatchi.gif

CB Gemshard hatchie, Gemshard_blue_hatchling.pngGemshard_green_hatchling.pngGemshard_red_hatchling.png

CB Fell hatchie, Fell_hatchi.png

CB Bauta hatchie,  Bauta_hatchi.gif

CB Diamondwing hatchie, Diamondwing_hatchi.gif

CB Tan Ridgewing hatchie, Tan_Ridgewing_hatchi.gif

CB Khusa hatchie, Khusa_hatchi.png

or offer other CB uncommon hatchie qyu.png


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Traded, thank you :)

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I have a "repo" Pink hatchling who I suppose will repo your car if you aren't careful. XD


View Lineage


I am interested in a CB hatchie, preferably low-time:


1st tier Aeon


2nd tier Black Truffle, Gemshard


3rd tier Fell, Khusa, Diamondwing


4th tier Tan Ridgewing, Bauta


5th tier any other uncommon offered CB hatchling.


Lowtime CB hatchies highly preferred or an incuhatchable egg might be considered.


If the trade status changes I will strike this post (as I do with all finished trades).


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Grew up.

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grew up

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Still available!




CB Blue Zyumorph egg (Desert)  Zyumorph_desert_egg.png




Color swap


CB White Zyu egg (Forest) Zyumorph_forest_egg.png


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Traded! Thank you. :)


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trade complete

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Red_Dorsal_egg.gif CB red dorsal



I like pretty lineages and nice checkers.


If I haven't rejected an offer, I haven't seen it yet or I am considering it.

Make an offer on my egg!

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Skywing_egg.gif CB Skywing coded sLowf 

Tri-Horn_Wyvern_egg.png CB Tri-Horn coded YPANE

Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.png CB Pyralspite (Alpine)

Lacula_egg.gif CB Lacula coded kNeWL



Offers? I like SAltkins and khusas, but will consider anything (especially 2G and 3G from my wishlist).


sLow: https://dragcave.net/teleport/cbc2f38c90ab97fd33b22e7e4505eb1e

YPANE: https://dragcave.net/teleport/32e26bb53df08e6971bf171030e5672c

Pyral: https://dragcave.net/teleport/443d5d5ae5a8b57937bf08e2c8c61966 

kNeW: https://dragcave.net/teleport/6c3dbecfa770016a67d19cc0bc4b11cd


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Have: CB Gold Hatchie (male precog)




Prioritized - 2nd gen SAltkins (especially the new Arcanas' black one is super duper auto)

Prioritized - Neglected (CB)
Prioritized - 2G Silver Tinsel (m) x Chrono (f) prize
-2G Bronze Shimmer (m) x Green Copper (f) prize
-2G Bronze Tinsel (m) x Royal Blue (f) prize

(If I have the ascendants of the prize you offered for these, I won't accept. So if you have doubts that I can have them on my lines, just PM me.)

-CB Silvers (3 or 3+) (preferably from desert)


Prize lines are very important for me. Please PM if you have any questions and want to learn which ascendants I do not need.

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Have :

Chicken Hatchling

Rainbow (green) copper - egg

Paper dragon - egg

Gold Florest  - egg

Ice Un-gendered

Male Forest Zyumorph - Grows up soon

Nebula - egg

Gold Florest hatchling - Female

Anagallis Dragon with code (fuxDD) - egg

Silver herald with code (zayqq) - egg

*Can combine them all


Any 2g prize from any mate, named or not.

Any linage or gendered ND / Neglected Dragon, messy okay, un-gendered okay, egg okay.

CB M Silver egg okay.

CB Unbreedable Egg okay, any unbreedable

CB rares no bluesung or Xeno Example: CB Copper I don't have or CB Aeon M Aeon, egg okay

Any CB Word code similar to names etc Example: Sizzle, Pepper, Charlie

CB metals, any gender egg okay

2g alt kin, 2g prize kin, or 2g SA, etc/


Can take an IOU :) 

PM me ❤️ 

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