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Cave Born Trading

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CB Dad (Whiptail) + Mom (green Fire Gem) code pair; Mom is z-coded



CB offers (CB Silver AUTO, no UB).


Currently on another trade, please PM me if you're interested.

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Pyro_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Pyro Xeno - Traded, thanks!


Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif CB Tan Ridgewing - Traded, thanks!


Autumn_egg.gif CB Autumn Seasonal - Traded, thanks!


Lunar_Herald_gold_egg.gif CB Gold Lunar Herald - Traded, thanks!


Mageia_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif CB Mageia Xeno Hatchling - Make an offer!


Floret_Iris_gold_hatchling.png CB Gold Floret (Iris) Hatchling - Make an offer!


Lunar_Herald_gold_egg.gif CB Gold Lunar Herald - Make an offer!


Autumn_egg.gif CB Autumn Seasonal - Make an offer!


Want: (Will trade for eggs, just need proof of gender for hatchlings where specified)


Top priority:

CB Female Aeon (1)

CB Umbra Xeno


Also seeking:

CB Copper (any color, but only 1 male and 1 female Rainbow)

CB New Gemshard

CB Motus (Green) Cantormaris

CB Wild (Dark) Shumoga

CB Gold, Silver, Staterae


Would also be interested in these messies for freezing:

Green/Alt Nilia (Male, Female, Ungendered)

Motus (Green) Cantormaris (Male, Female, Ungendered)

Wild (Dark) Shumoga (Male, Female, Ungendered)

Pennybright Copper (Male, Ungendered)

Staterae (Male, Female, Ungendered)


Edit to add: Willing to trade 2-4 of mine for 1 of yours, depending on the offer (and what I have available!)

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Two breeding pair of CB Mirisia, influenced male/female pairs. (Two males and two females)


Proof of influence:






Two CB Citrine Gemshard eggs, two CB Amethyst Gemshard eggs, or a mix of the two (One Citrine and one Amethyst).


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!  :nyan:

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Have: CB code 11box  (tentative, might keep), Snobr , seEmD, palindrome 5odo5 thunder, 38exp


WL:  I like green copper, gold, labs, white lunar, blusang, canto, pipio, mariner, fire gem, aeon, bsa reds and magi, or offers pls


Can pm to offer since I don't have enough magi to set up trades for all of them and in case you want to group them tgt or offer smth i didn't mention ^^

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CB Canto egg, CB Skittish Shumoga hatchie, CB Tan Ridgewing and "Foot" coded cb frostbite hatchie




All of those for a cb silver or cb gold egg!






📢Two great z-coded caveborns here!  Come get your z-codes!📣🐎


Looking for cb RARE offers please!😁




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HAVE: CB Gaia Xenowyrm


WANT: swap for a new Xeno would be awesome, otherwise CB offers from first tab HERE -- ignore cells marked red, that means i've got an egg/hatchling waiting to hatch/gender


don't hesitate to PM!

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CB Black



Don't really know what they're worth these days, but grabbed it because they were a bit difficult to grab last time I was active. Looking for CB Horses or Waterhorses, have scroll space for eggs. Otherwise offer anything really 😄


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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