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Silver_egg.gif CB Silver


For CB Silver



I am not sure.


2Gen Prize Or  Low Gen Spriter's Alts Or CB Gold (can add more for Gold). Auto.

2Gen Hollykin? Halloween mates?




Make an offer on my CB Silver!


I use the 'decline' button, so if the offer's still there, I'm still thinking about it. And I generally  decide quickly.


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Have (All CB)

user posted image White Zyu(Precog. M) / user posted image Pink zyuuser posted image Paper / user posted image Gaia Xenowyrm user posted image (Precog. M)  / user posted image winkX /  user posted image Aeon(z-code) / user posted image Blusang user posted image MSpaM / user posted image siDe2

Willing to combine mines




For All

▶CB user posted image Code:Vally I failed to catch. I'm willing to trade it for all of mine. I hope the owner is forum user.

▶2g prize


▶2g prize fail

user posted image(from male gold shimmer)

user posted imageuser posted image (from female bronze shimmer)

user posted imageuser posted image (from female gold tinsel)

user posted image (from female silver tinsel)

user posted image (from female bronze tinsel)


Code matters. I can accept it or not.

▶ One name code egg or hatchling among following 

user posted image CB Gold / user posted image CB silver / user posted image CB Azure / user posted imageCB Fell / user posted imageuser posted image CB Fire Gem / user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image CB Zyu / Minnow_blue_egg.gifMinnow_brown_egg.gif CB Baikala

user posted image2g PB Vine alt / user posted imageuser posted image 2g PB black alt / Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gifSetsong_egg.gifRisensong_egg.gif2g June release / user posted image2g Goldfish(Magi mother, F or egg) / user posted imagePB colored striped (no white)

You can try me with other breed. But I'm more picky to the breed I already have.


Name code what I like is all letter and there's vowel and consonant so I can pronounce. I name my dragon same as code. No number please.


For others

▶CB user posted image code:cosis  which was tossed to AP


▶Bite of original vamp. It doesn't have to be Halloween vamp. No bitten by in its page is enough. (Not vamp egg. PM me before you bite)

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  • 1.gif CB Aeon Egg


WANT (In order of preference):

  • 7wNl9Fi.gifqtni2LT.gifaK4nLng.gifKmHOUxH.gifCB Gold/Silver (Auto for all, will hatch/influence) (A man can dream, right?)
  • BI6SxqJ.gifpyqYdeQ.gifK3kKh02.gifPZJN88K.gifvzF0a2k.gifpMi2MIm.gifAny CB Xenowyrm Hatchling 
  • Any (2 CB eggs) OR (1 CB hatchling) for each egg I have:
  • aOlJOni.gifAlmerald, Antarean_egg.gif  Antarean (1 egg or F Hatchi needed), Azure_Glacewing_egg.gif Azure Glacewing(1 egg needed or F needed),  Bolt_egg.gif Bolt,  Diamondwing_egg.gif Diamondwing, JRRtvYt.gifDark Lumina, Gemshard_egg.png Gemshard Any, Hooktalon_egg.pngHooktalon,  Lunar_Heralds_silver_egg.gif Lunar Herald Silver, Lunar_Heralds_bronze_egg.gif Lunar Herald Bronze (1 egg or F hatchi needed), Lunar_Heralds_indigo_egg.gif Lunar Herald Indigo (1 egg or M hatchi needed), Morphodrake_egg.png Morphodrake, Plated_Colossus_egg.gif Plated Colossus, Sapphire_egg.gif Sapphire, Spirit_Ward_egg.png Spirit Ward (1 egg needed)
  • sIYfwMl.gifmhVNLzM.gifXMCNxMZ.gifwmWe89M.gifCjgQd8B.gifEc2t6FB.gifAny CB Xenowyrm Egg (1:1)
  • d2qs7GU.gif Red Hatchling(s) (min 2:1)
  • Purple_hatchi.gif CB Purple Hatchlings (min 2:1)
  • Magi_hatchi.gif CB Magi Hatchlings  (min 2:1)
  • Vampire_hatchi.png Vampire hatchlings  (min 2:1)


OTHER OFFERS WELCOME (see Signature) I use decline!

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Have a Red_Dino_egg.gif



- a CB egg  Mystery.gif with a readable All-Capital-Letter code (like ZEOAN) / a readable "Name" Code (like Auvul) / a All-Numbers code for 15396 (can add 3rd gen Prizes for this)

- CB Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gifGaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif

- a male Script Dragon

- 2nd gen Metal from Non-Holiday mate (exception: male Gold x female Witchlight, Silver from Desipis, 3rd gen Silver checker from Holly)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Mageia_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif CB Mageia Hatchling

Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Gaia

CB Blue Baikala

Zyumorph_forest_egg.png CB White Zyumorph 

Green_Dino_egg.gif Green Dino

Yellow_Dino_egg.gif Yellow Dino



* 2G from male Trihorn/Candelabra/Tsunami/Teimarr x female red/blue Fire Gem (Fire Gems should have the same color as the mother) 

* Lowgen Prize (Gold/Silver preferred; no checkers) 

* 2G Prizekin 

* Offers, surprise me or refer to my wishlist


Make an offer on my Mageia!

Make an offer on my Gaia!

Make an offer on my Blue Baikala!

Make an offer on my White Zyumorph!

Make an offer on my Green Dino!

Make an offer on my Yellow Dino!

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Meep!!! All gone!! Traded off to those that will hopefully enjoy! Thank you for the trades and peeking!

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On 7/25/2017 at 4:53 PM, lainey_lane03 said:


CB Blue Gemshard (influenced female)

CB Gemshard (influenced female)

CB Red Copper Traded! Thank you!

x2 CB Silver Lunar (can influence as a pair if desired)

CB Pyro Xeno





CB Green Female Gemshard

CB Mageia, Gaia, Chrono Xeno

CB Gold [takes all or choice; PM]

CB Neglected gendered [takes all or choice; PM]

CB Sulfur Copper


Thank you! 


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Have: CB Blue Baikala (on cooldown)

           CB Green Baikala (on cooldown)


Want: CB Gemshard (2)




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