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Naruto: The New Legacy OOC

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Main Thread


All Out Of Content chatter for The New Legacy goes here.


Remember, you need to PM me your profiles, DO NOT POST THEM HERE!!!




(Jonin 2/4)

Females: 1/2

Males: 1/2

(Genin 4/12)2 boys and 1 girl per squad.

Females: 1/4

Males: 3/8


Jonin Senseis


Name: Ayane "Aya" Tori-Uchiha

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: xXx

Clan: Tori-Uchiha. The Tori Clan came to live in Konoha about a year after Naruto became Hokage and have been bringing pride to the village ever since. The Tori are like the Inuzuka Clan in a way, becoming partnered with a Bird of Prey once they become a Jonin. It is a tradition within the clan that ninja do not cut their hair until they obtain their Bird-Partner. The birds that the Clan Ninja become partnered with are able to become larger in order to carry their partner at will and some are able to produce Nature Chakra in small amounts. The Tori Clan's blodline-limit is rare and is usually only found in the Head Family. While all of the Clan Ninja share a mental link with their Bird-Partner, those with the bloodline-limit are able to fully merge their mind with that of their partner and grow certain apendages that normally only their partner would have.

History: Ayane was the product of her parents love, the Tori Clan and the Uchiha Clan being two of the most powerful clans in Konoha, her mother being the Head of the Tori Clan and her father being a decendant of Itachi Uchiha. The woman graduated from the Academy at age eleven, became a Chunin at age 13, and a Jonin at age 17. She found her Bird-Partner Rikku after her Jonin Exam and was able to cut her hair to a length that she preferred. When she was asked to become a Jonin Sensei for the next graduating class from the Academy eight years later Aya had already been an ANBU for a few years and had made a name for herself. By being able to analyze her opponent's moves before they were able to make them, Ayane became much like her Uchiha predecessors though without the Sharingan that they posessed. The woman is excited to see her new squad and for the opportunity to teach them a thing or two about being a ninja.

Personality: Aya is a very laid-back person, not really wanting to take action unless absolutly necessary. As a person she is very easy to trust and talk to, though it is very hard to gain her trust as she was betrayed as a child and never forgot it. Once she is provoked into a life-or-death battle Ayane doesn't hold back, especially if she is protecting someone. Aya has been known to toss out sarcastic remarks more often than most people, as is her way of coping with her lifestyle as a ninja who has killed in the past and will in the future.

Rank: Jonin Sensei

Squad: One

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu

Element: Wind, Water, Fire(very weak)

Jutsu: Wind Style: Wind Dragon; Water Style: Water Dragon; Water Style: Water Prison; Wind Style: Wind Prison; Fire Style: Fire Ball; Ninja Style: Summoning(7-headed dragon, one head for each element; last resort)

Other: Ayane has only been in one relationship in her life, it was when she was 12 and her boyfriend at the time was on her squad. It was a good relationship until about six months later when she found him cheating on her with her ex-best friend. Both of them had bruises for months and she has had a trusting problem ever since, but one someone gains her trust they are under the umbrella of Aya's protection. Her summoning contract is with the 7-Headed Elemental Dragon, Daisuke. Ayane only summons Daisuke as a last resort, as he requires a vast amount of Chakra to summon and it usually results in her losing consciousness. To this day she has only summoned him once.

Username: SkyeDragon


Name: Edmon

Age: 19

Gender: male


Clan: N/A

History: He is a descended of deidara so he can use bakuton ( explosion realse ). When he was a kid people use to call him a monster since he has a mouth in his hand, he would cover it up with bandages but people would continue calling him a monster and annoying him, since he's a long descend of deidara and that he was a run away ninja of his village and part of the akatsuki edmon wasn't very welcome to their village either,even if he never knew who was deidara and that he was completely deferrent from him people still rejected him so he decided to run away too. He is now a habitant of konoha, after talking with the hokage he finnaly could live in his new village and be a jonnin.

Personality: altough he had a hardchild hood he tries to forget about it, and forget what people did to him, at firts he may be cold or not interested but when you get to know him he's not that bad after all. He likes to take on new challenges and likes to prank his friends, he also is an artist.

Rank: Jonin Sensei

Squad: 2

Fighting Style: 1. kinjutsu 2. taijutsu 3.ninjutsu

Element: earth

Jutsu: 1.Exploding Landmine 2.C0 to C4 exploding clay. 3. (Doton No Jutsu) - Earth Style Technique 4.(Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu) – Earth Release: Hiding like a mole technique 5.(Doton: Doryu Taiga) - Earth Style: Great Mud River Mudshot 6.(Doton: Domu) – Earth Release: Iron Skin Technique

Other: i have 1 mouth on my left hand like deidara is taht ok sad.gif ?

Username: kunailby




Name: Yuaki Fuma

Age: 15 and 362 days.

Gender: Female

Appearance: This.

Clan: Fuma

History: Yuaki was always shunned as a child. She had started showing potential for being a ninja, and all of the kids were jealous because of this. They had wanted to be her. So they had tried to make her feel bad about herself. They had succeeded, and she was going to kill herself by throwing herself off of the statue of the Fifth Hokage, knowing that she would never be normal. The Sixth Hokage at the time, Watanabe Kigarashi, had stopped, by proving to her that she wasn't a freak. She was enrolled into the Ninja Academy 2 years earlier than the age limit, proving to everyone that she was a prodigy.

Personality: Yuaki is a very introverted person, not wanting to have anything to do with anybody or anyone. She enjoys doing solo assignments because she didn't have to deal with anyone else. When she has to work in group assignments, though, she tends to pull everyone down. What she doesn't understand is that Ninjas must work together in numbers, as well as a separate units.

Rank: Genin

Squad Number: (none yet)

Fighting Style: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu

Element: Yet to specialize.

Jutsu: Jade Crystal Clones, Dance of the Crescent Moon. (She will forget her Taijutsu when she specializes; she needs something to defend herself until she gets to be able to handle higher ranking Genjutsu.)

Other: She is best at medical jutsu, but can adequately perform barrier jutsu as well as create seals.

Username: gistofeverything


Name: Quen Yang

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/m...boy226/Quen.jpg

Clan: None

History: Every since Quen was little he has aspired to become a ninja unlike his parents who had choosen a life as blacksmiths. When he told them that he was joining the ninja academy, they supported him full hearted and requested that when he graduated from the academy they would make all his weapons for him personally. He worked hard during his time in the academy and the only thing that kept him going was that he was going to make his parents proud which was always hard to do since his parents were always busy working on new tools. When he graduated the ninja academy his parents presented him with a new jacket with a symbol on it only known to his parents and also a new sword that they hand crafted through out his time at the academy. They also presented him with his own personal set of weapons also engraved with the symbol that was on his jacket. Since he graduated the academy he has been waiting to be assigned to a genin group.

Personality: Quen is the quiet type of person who would like his actions to do the speaking for him. He is a very friendly person to most people but if your mean to him, he can leave you out to dry and can be slightly evil and a prankster. Quen is a very trustworthy person and people can rely on him to watch their back at anything.

Rank: Genin

Squad: (if Genin leave this alone, I will fill it in)

Fighting Style: Kenjutsu

Element: Wind

Jutsu: Rotating Ferocious Wind and Shadow Shuriken Technique

Other: He keeps his face hidden like Kakashi did and doesn't show his whole face to anyone.

Username: Monkeyboy225


]Name: Arashi Kamino

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Arashi Kamino

Clan: The Kamino are called like that because of the special abilities they have. The oldest of the clan were the last ones to have used the Creation of all Things that the Sage of the Six Paths used before it went extinct. Though, the clan specializes in empowering of weapons like kunai and katanas. That's how the Shadow Shuriken jutsu had been created: the manipulation of Yin-Yang element had allowed them to mentally create kunais and then make them real.

History: Arashi was the second child of the leader of the Kamino clan and because of that, he was proclaimed as the 'Prince' of the clan, whilst the first born was proclaimed the future leader. Arashi had trained in secret for eight to ten years and had been transfered to Konoha like he had been living in it all life at fourteen years. Now, he decides to take the role of a genin-make friends, team up and do missions so he can train himself in the ways of the Kamino.

Personality: Arashi is a tactician-he is smart enough to lead an ANBU squad even at this age. He is persistent for every and anything, and his patience is stronger than normal. Though, that makes him weaker in physical power, so that's why he was lucky to be born a Kamino, who specialize in special ranged and long range destruction.

Rank: Genin


Fighting Style: Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu

Element: The Kamino element is like explosive element.

Jutsu: Shadow Shuriken Clone (but stronger and the kunai explode on touch) and Explosion Release: Landmine Fist

Other: None?

Username: ShadowBlade_ZX


]Name: Kaiser Kanryu

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: [Kaiser] with the Ryū Clan's normal markings hid by his hair and scarf/bandana.

Clan: Ryū Clan

History: As part of the Ryu Clan, a powerfull but almost extinct clan, Kaiser wanted to become the greatest ninja of the clan. But even with their best senseis, he could not reach his goal, so he decided to move to Konoha to fulfill it. Since his markings could be easily be hide, he designed a way to hide them so he could join the rest of the people without catching their attention. Once in Konoha, and away from his family, he joined the Ninja Academy in order to fulfill his dream and to have his family and clan to be proud of him. He graduated from the academy by performing his "Katon Kage Bunshin" technique, a very powerfull cloning technique developed by his clan and that he managed to learn before moving to Konoha, mastering it during his academy years.

Personality: Almost always serious, he is very stubborn and quickly angered, but only in battles. outside them, he is an easy going person, retaining his serious look, he enjoys spending time with friends and fooling around, but always being prepared to battle when needed.

Rank: Genin


Fighting Style: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu[swords]

Element: Fire

Jutsu: Katon - Fire Shot (Ninjutsu, 火災サンプル - Fire Release: Fire Shot)

Kasai-chū ken (Kenjustsu-Ninjutsu, 火災中剣 - Sword of Fire)

Katon Kage Bunshin (火遁影分身 - Fire Release: Shadow Clone cloning technique, works exactly as the Raiton Kage Bunshin but with flames)

Other: Uses twin swords in his attacks as part of his Kenjutsu mastery. The swords are special swords forged by his clans eldest blacksmiths which are made specially for the Ryū Clan members. He uses wears them on his back in a "L" formation so one is drawn above the shoulder and the other from the lower back, the swords look like this only with a dragon theme in the guards. He also has a hidden chained kunai in his right wristband to be used like this and that he only uses when needed.

Username: RyuKaiser

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In-Role Play

--Accepting all profiles~

--Genin will not be assigned a team until more people have signed up.

----Remember that there are two males and one female on each squad so there should be more boys than girls.

--I am beginning the role play, we are beginning the day that the Genin become Genin and the Jonin learn that they will have to pick a team soon. And yes I mean pick(that's why the Genin can't put the number for their squad~). So the characters are out in the village and the Jonin can be just returning from a mission if you want them to be.

----We won't be ending the day until most-if-not-all the spots are filled. Don't want to start with a squad having no sensei and one Genin.


Out-of-Role Play

--I'm in college so if I won't be on 24/7, please don't go breathing down my neck if I don't show up for a day. I know that I have a life outside of DC as well as everyone else, so I respect you and you respect me~ ^o^

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-has a feeling of dread-



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Might I add a suggestion on how you can get more people to join this thread?

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I believe that possibly putting that it is a naruto thread into the title will bring in the naruto fan who hadn't looked at the thread before.

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Ok, hopefully that will help out a little.


Thanks monkey! (I can call you that right?)


And you may post whenever you like~

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-puffs out large breath-

Sorry about being gone for a while there...I had a rough draft for an essay due this morning so I couldn't really get on...>.>


On another note, we have another person joining us and another who is interested/making a character~ ^o^

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Skye, I think that we got enough people for a team, although I'd like to be with Kunai's team. But, if you want, we could make me go to the first team instead.

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Yeah having shasow blade on my t3am would be epic : D




(Yeah sorry for posting that here but I was on a phone and your inbox was full)

Personality : altough he had a hardchild hood he tries to forget about it, and forget what people did to him, at firts he may be cold or not interested but when you get to know him he's not that bad after all. He likes to take on new challenges and likes to prank his friends, he also is an artist.

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I was hoping to at least get enough Genin to fill two-three squads before the choosing. (which will be completely random.)


What do you all think of some people having two characters to get the slots filled?


@kunailby-- you have been accepted

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yeah i posed not so long ago ! and no one posted yet !


edit: RyuKaiser i see your in the dragon clan again : D will your char have some dragon traits like before : D?


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I suck when it comes to "not doing anything" posts so... I will wait a bit, or maybe I'll try to create a nice post later rolleyes.gif

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ryu i posted something do you know in witch squad you are .. meaby your in mine biggrin.gif ?!



edit: it would be very epic to have me shadowblade and ryu in the same team :Dthx

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