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Beast's World

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Back long ago, before the humans, before dinosaurs, before cavemen, there ruled ancient creatures. Many sizes, shapes, elements, but they all took place in one certain time period, or did they?


It is 2078.

Technology has begun to go to the maximum. They have found alien life on Mars and Pluto, and now have the ability to travel anywhere in the universe... besides one special place. Soon they will try to get there with all this technology and a special spaceship that can stand any pressure or temperature.


One day scientists decided to launch this. They huddled up in their towers and watched the astronauts step up into the rocket, one by one, and some cameras were placed on the rocket hidden and protected; even if the rocket was destroyed, these would be active.


The engines boomed up in flames and smoke, making the ship rise with all the cheering astronauts inside. A week later they arrived. Starry patterns overcame them and meteorites- this place had more danger than others. They even saw a small planet resting in front of 10 others. 10? Three suns spread out helped them keep heat, but the 10th one was hiding was from them, a stone cold planet.


The rocket soon landed onto the 1st one, a reddy colour with streams on it- many planets had streams from the past years. They managed to travel a mile until something happened.


Hiss! Thump, thump! One astronaut pulled out his video journal and filmed the strange thing. It was like a werewolf, just the feet of a human. Its head couldn't be seen under the fur. The creature had finished its bloodshed with the other humans. He went after the last astronaut.

He went as quickly as the others, leaving his camera behind.


Scientists became suspicious after 5 months; it would take 3 months to go there and get back. They studied the cameras for the seventh time, and found the same creature, but with offspring and possibly a mate, thriving in a forest.

This shot to their minds like a meteor to Earth. That’s why no astronaut came back.


Over the years many more rockets were sent until a group of 30 astronauts got hold of one of these beasts. But it wasn't the one that had been seen before. It was green and stood on four feet. A long tail and flippers; they had found it in the streams, swimming along.

When the scientists tested it, it didn't have any DNA of sea creatures or a crocodile- the animal that it most looked like. They kept it in captivity, in a private zoo rather until another was found, on Earth.


Deaths started rising. Corpses of humans showed up. Very few survived and told the truth- beasts had come to kill them. The group of astronauts travelled to another planet. Scientists sent out 10 groups of astronauts, 40 in each. Each group went to a different planet until it was classified.


These were beasts. They were out to kill humanity.

The scientists have noticed something, the cold planet beasts will not attack unless you attack them; maybe they can help.




You are either a part of the team Jets, beast, or beast master.

Humans are dying, and you are one of the few humans who are being protected by every country around- this has also changed war, no one are foes, just friends to help.

You are protected by the governments, or you are assigned to a team called Jets. They kill beasts. Only guns are weapons now, but one or two daggers can be found. The highest technology weapons are the rocket launchers- or flame throwers. No one really cares about killing anymore, well, before the beasts they didn't.


A beast is a... beast. You can be any, even the same kind as another player. Either draw or find a picture of a beast then post it in the form for me to see. But I don't want human hybrids or hybrids with 4 or more other animals mixed in.

You are here to kill or help. You can kill the beasts to try and save humanity, as you are from the cold planet, the friendlier ones. You can look scary, nice, weird, anything; but you are here to help humanity either way.


The others are from other planets. They are trying to kill all humans and destroy humanity. You kill. Every time you see a human, you immediately try to kill. Jets can kill you if needed, or injure you to take you back to base.

You can join packs; have mates, offspring, anything possible. You will try to overpower humanity by killing humans and giving birth to your own kind- if female.

Though, Earth isn't their world. Most offspring die off, or a beast. They only had their climate. One planet was snowy, the other a desert, so they can't survive in the climate they accidentally climb into.


And a beast master- the most special ones of all.

Somehow, they have a power, a gift. They can control these beasts. They can befriend them by a special power in their body that can come out at random times. Sometimes it works; sometimes it will hide in their body, possibly making the beast attack. If they do get to befriend the beast, it becomes like the cold planet beasts, and will help save humanity; but it'll hop out into the world alone without you. If it doesn't work... be prepared.

Beast masters have an instant inside them that can't kill beasts. If they try, their body just forces them not to. It's either run, try to befriend, or die.


If you find a beast from the cold planet, you can befriend it, but that won't affect it in anyway.


The Jets


A team of specially trained humans; They aren't mutated or anything, but can kill beasts. Scientists have given them one power though. Each has a different power such as talking telepathically, or controlling an element. It won't be too strong as technology isn't that great... yet. Like, if you control water element, you can't make it pop out randomly. If a puddle is nearby, you can take the water from that and use it- but it won't make a huge wave as the amount of water is too low.


Beast masters:


Beast masters control beasts. They are normal humans. The capital cities keep the humans inside, but the people inside are starting to notice changes. Whenever a beast comes in, they can almost "communicate" with them. If the armies ask for help, they can't seem to do anything harmful to the beasts. Armies have found out and are drawing some people from the cities to help. Some are forced into the Jets, even though the beasts won't die, they can control them for power. The others are forced out to be killed, but no one knows- besides themselves- that the beasts can be controlled... and rised up against the people who want to kill them- or help humanity.


Each Beast master has a companion from the cold planet. They do not need to be befriended, as they are too friendly at this point. They help either kill the beasts if needed, or befriend them with the help of their Beast master.

The Beast master’s plan is to either kill beasts; if in Jets. Or save them if thrown out to die.

Every human in the roleplay becomes a beast master, besides the Jets, unless they have been drawn in and have already gained their powers.




user posted image


Zenthia is the galaxy that the beasts came from. It has 10 planets and three suns (I didn't include in the picture). The 10th is at the bottom, the cold planet as they call it. Each one has a different climate and element, and depending on what the beasts can survive in, that is their planet, but each planet only has only species. Such as, the werewolf thing that was mentioned before can only be on the grassland planet, so all of them stay there, but another of their species cannot live at any else planet. Of course they'll live with other species of beasts though.


Planets (No description since we won't be roleplaying here) :


Skin colour with some water:



Icy blue with splodges of grey:



Icy blue with splodges of dark blue (Icy blue down middle) :



Top left corner with lakes, lava, and dark splodges:



Bottom right corner with dark blue:

The cold planet.


Yellow/Golden with grey surrounding it:



Top right corner, dark green with lakes:



Under fire, medium green with lakes and dark green splodges:



Dark purple with green:



Brown with darker brown splodges and lakes:





The setting is Earth, 78 years into the future. No, flying cars do not exist, nor big red dogs. It is the usual things you see here, just better protection and houses are hugger than the biggest mansion. Most towns and smaller parts of the country are covered in vines, and either destroyed by beasts, destroyed by humans, or by nature growing too near.

Major cities are still alive, and inside are armies and the last humans. The world has decided to keep the armies inside as they will die outside, and if a beast comes, it'll be best to have an advantage. Huge steel walls have been built, even the most energetic bird cannot find the top, and it is too high. The cities are mainly capitals of states; Perth, Brasilia, Melbourne, Beijing, ect.

If you are a normal human; not part of the Jets, you have already become a Beast master. No normal humans though. Basically, all humans who are not against the beasts are becoming beast masters until they can find a companion.


The Jets beast master’s companions are captured and given to a beast master against their own will, they can either try to escape, or build a bond with their master.





I know they are boring, but please read them ;3.



- PG 13! That means romance, fighting, ect. Beast masters or Jets can have crushes or boyfriends/girlfriends. Beasts can have mates, but no offspring. I do not want it to go too far. Kissing with no description is the max.

- I am god, listen to me.

- DC rules apply.

- No godmodding/powerplaying.

- Swearing. My mini fire beasts will kick 'ya butt if you even say "shiz", crap is acceptable though, and ***, ect.

- Password is Jelli (Yes, Jelli).

- You can blow up yourself with a grenade, let a NPC beast take your head, but please.... DO. NOT. KILL. OTHER. USERS. CHARACTERS.

If a user's beast has given you permission to kill it, you can. If a Jet/Beast master has given you permission to kill their charrie, you can. But if they don't even mention it in a battle, you DO. NOT. KILL.

Though, kill NPCs if you wish.

- Only control your charrie, please. Pretty please.

- Semi-lit please. Dot talke leik di$.

- Unless you are unconscious or something, 3 liners please, or at least 5 sentences, but please, do not have three words in each.

Do not go over four paragraphs. *yawn* It gets boring.

- Remember our password? Add Ice cream to the end. So now it is Jelli Icecream- post that in other section of the form.

- Jets can only have one power, and beasts can have 3 or less abilities. Beast masters already have the ability of "talking" to beasts.

- PM sheets to me please.

- The basic thing is that the Beast masters should join up and help each other, so try and get into that.

- If you are a beast and want a mate, you can suggest one. Like:

Mate?: Randomface1, can your charrie be my charrie's mate?

Or if you've already agreed on it:

Mate?: Omaya- Randomface1.

Your mate cannot be your own charrie.






Beast master/Jets:

Lines under the companion species mean info about the companion.


Beast Master:


Character name:
Age (15-30) : 
Appearance ([u]Linked[/u] picture or really good description. No unusual things. You may die your hair pink, but don't go too crazy. No purple/rainbow eyes. )
History (Delete if you don't want to do this) :
Personality ( Do[b] not[/b] post to be roleplayed. I want a full personality )
Companion's Species (Post a picture or describe it really well, the type of beast it is, but don't make it too vicous/godmodding) :
- Age: (Yes, 500 years is the max for age) 
- Gender: (Can't be "none". Male or female please)
- Personality: (Don't say to be roleplayed, same as above) 
- Planet/Element (Which one did it come from?) :


Part of Jets:


Character name:
Age (15-30) :
Appearance: ([u]Linked[/u] picture or really good description. No unusual things. You may die your hair pink, but don't go too crazy. No purple/rainbow eyes. )
History: (Delete if you don't want to) 
Personality: ( Do[b] not[/b] post to be roleplayed. I want a full personality )
Power (One each, read above) :
Companion's Species: (Post a picture or describe it really well, the type of beast it is, but don't make it too vicous/godmodding) :
- Age (Yes, 500 years is the maximum) :
- Gender: (It has to have a gender. Male or female) :
- Personality: (Don't post to be roleplayed, same as above) :
- Planet/Element (Where it came from, look under map) :





Character name:
Age (1000 years maximum) :
Gender (Has to have a gender) :
Personality (Same as all above, you have to post a full personality) :
Appearance (Describe yourself really well, or post a [u]linked [/u] picture) :
History (Delete if you don't want to) :
Mate? (Read rules) :
Planet/Element (Look under map) :
Abilities (3 is the max) :








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Yes could you start, and if I can find it I will send it. NVM I dont have it ill make it again later?

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(( Sure, if ya want. Okay, OOC Posts be gone. I'm too tired to start and do something good ))

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((Errrm ok beware this is my first time opening an RP O.O))


Nova woke in his den, the hot humid wind brushed against his face. In the distance volcanoes exploded and ash arose from them. Nova woke up in a snap sensing a Jet was near his den, most likely looking for him. He stretched his wings out and prepared for a fight. Nova went out of his den and dived-bombed down the cliff outside of his den. With his keen eyesight he spotted the Jet, he dived towards him and pinned him down. "What are you doing here? Leave now, and I will spare you." Nova said in his most menacing voice. The Jet kicked him Nova off of him. "What, you can talk? That isn't natural, I need to call in the boss to tell him this." The Jet brought out his walkie-talkie. "Jet 123 to base Jet123 to base we need some back up here." Suddenly a Jet Plane flew over head and landed near Nova's den. Nova prepared for the fight, but had doubt that he could beat them all.


The "boss" came out with a squad of Jets. "Well what do we have here?"The boss said. The squad came forward. "Ok so how will you play this, come over safely or do it the hard way?" He said cunningly. "I would rather die than be captured by you." "Ok so if thats how you want to play it, bang." The boss said. Suddenly Nova felt a tranquilizer dart go into his skin, he collapsed against the ground and fell asleep.

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(( No, not at all. x.x. I was away for a day or two


By the way:




She looks like a raptor, I know.


Her teeth are filled with poison, her fangs rather. She is a raptor with its abilites, as well as snake poison. It can kill humans easily, as it takes to their heart. On beasts... its a bit more difficult.))



Moonfire snorted to the sound of more Jets. "Stupid animals" She muttered under her breath, turning her head back to her fresh kill. Blood was now flooding her mouth, and her teeth covered in the very red liquid, moving around. She dug her muzzle into yet another mouthful of Aptonoth that she had caught half an hour ago, and the poison had settled to its heart. Half of it was gone already, and her stomach was full with the huge meal.


Moonfire looked around then dug her muzzle into the undergrowth under the dead animal, she moved it forward until it was stuffed next to the entrance of her den, covered in sticks and branches of many kinds. She jumped from her den and trudded after the sound carefully.

Soon she reached the sight of a team of Jets with an unconcsious beast lying with a dart in its side. Her eyes widened at the sight of the "boss" pacing around it with a slight chuckle. "Stupid beast" He said as she watched "Sloth" She whispered silently, taking a step forward. She was hiding in the trees, or behind them rather, bushes and vines tugged at her feet, making her feel slightly discomforted despite living in this forest for quite awhile. Moon had just called him Sloth under her breath; this wasn't his real name, just his code name. He told no human his real name, but some beasts knew- only some. She was one of them. His name was Jazzah, and he was the most foul hearted rat she had ever heard of. She glared at him with disgust in her eyes.



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((Sorry I am waiting for TrueDrago to post. I am in a bad position to post.))

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(( Don't think Drago knows hes in this roleplay >.>. Waiting for more members, right now its only you. ))

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(I know I am in this RP its just I would like to wait for more people.)


Also I can start I just do not know where

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((Yes please start, I bet people will join after we get started! We just have to be optimistic!))

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((Or perhaps you see Nova or Moonfire and you save Nova))

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(I am the only human? Also can beastmaster harm beasts?)


"Moonfire you better run." Andrew said in a whisper. Lookin at the team of Jets he though How cruel. "Now get out of her Moonfire or I will capture you and give you to the Jets. After all money is money.". Looking back he could see the Jets loading the sleeping beast into a cage for trasportation.

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(( No, they can't. Is Andrew with the Jets? Or has he come up behind Moonfire to tell her? ))

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(sword carrying fun is lost, although you said with the jets they can. He is working for the Jets for now but is trying to help beasts so he has come up behind)

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(Yes sadly... Well ya better save Nova!)

Nova gained a little bit of consciousness. He saw a raptor and what looked like a Jet next to it. Poor raptor, it better run before that Jet gets her. Nova struggled to his feet, though he was too weak to do anything. The team of Jets were still busy getting him into the ship.


(Sorry so short)


((EDIT: Nova is a griffin here is his picture http://en.wikifur.com/w/images/4/47/Gryphon.jpg))

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(( If your working for the Jets as a normal human, you can. Beastmasters can't. ))


Moonfire turned around and hissed, baring her fangs filled with venom. "How do you know my name? Why are you here? Why are they here?!" She snapped with a slight hiss. She could smell the scent of Jets on him, making her flinch slightly in disgust and disrespect.

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(Then jurkness will make me do it.)(orange the pic doesnt work)


"Please you wouldnt hurt, and even if you tryed he wouldnt let you." Andrew said as he looked into Moonfires eyes. Looking at the capured beast he said "I am Andrew, and some might even say a beast master."

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(( Because the '))' was on the end of the link.

Here it is: http://en.wikifur.com/w/images/4/47/Gryphon.jpg ))


Moonfire backed off slightly and cocked her head "A beast master... What is that?" She asked suspicously. "Never mind" She snorted and turned, she could see the gryphon spotted her and smiled. "You can stay here, or help" She whispered to the Jet behind her below lunging out of the bushes, her claws out stretched, fangs beared. The men shrieked and aimed guns at her. They shot, only one bullet pierced her skin, just into her shoulder, it didn't hurt. She was larger than them, so she could take them down. She lunged onto the nearest one, and clamped her jaws around his neck, making him scream and fall back, shooting at her shoulder. She jumped off before too much damage was done, making all the men drop their weapons. "We've never seen a beast like her" One said.

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((Yaaay <3))


"Gotta hand it to ya, you took care of them better than I did. I'm Nova, who are you? So.. can you open this cage for me? Because I am kind of trapped as you can see." Nova got to his feet and yawned. "Well so thank you for saving me and by the way why is there a Jet just standing there? Was he a Beast Master?"


((Short again not much to say))

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"Shadow now!" Andrew's voice boomed. With eveyones eyes on him a wolf came from his shadow. Then in the blink of an eye it had pinned Moonfire on the ground. Then with everyone distraced Andrew pulled out his sword and slashed the cage open allowing Nova to escape.

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(( Thats godmodding... sort of ._. ))


Moonfire snarled and clawed at the shadow wolf, she reached up enough just to dig her fangs into its neck, and wriggle from its grip. She narrowed her eyes at the Jet, and pounced, pushing him to the ground and pinning him, her tail going from side to side. "Get away from here human. You do not belong here. You harmed me" She hissed at him, threatening by baring her teeth. She backed off from him and snorted at the claw marks on her chest from the shadow wolf, they were slightly bleeding, but not enough to kill her. "My name is Moonfire. That Jet is a traitor, leave him be" She answered with her eyes sparkling. Back on her planet no one would ever talk to her without snarling or hissing. She opened the door a bit more so Nova could get out.

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"Well great it is a Beast Master." More like a Beast Loser Nova thought. "Thanks for your cooperation the raptor and I will be leaving now, once you get that Shadow Wolf off of her. Well come on get that thing off, we have Jets to kill."said Nova.


(Im tired half asleep going to bed)

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