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Music... In My Pants

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Overture... in my pants (Umm... No comment)


The Scent of Fresh Lemons... in my pants (Don't tell me I have lemons in my pockets again...)


Justice For All (Reprise)... in my pants (Once again, no comment... 0_o)


(Couldn't resist re-doing this with songs from the fan-made project known as Turnabout Musical. xd.png)

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SDJfksl Oh gosh, I choked on my coffee reading some of these XDDD So now I have to do this too, here goes-


Cassandra...in my pants (O-oh ;;;; )


Action...in my pants (Ffffffffffffff)


They are Here...in my pants ( Who is?? I'm very particular you know D8< )


and my favorite:


I'll Make A Man Out of You...in my pants (i'msodedgoodbye)

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though you guys are using songs that are playing on your music device at the time right? otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of the game; you could just choose whatever song you'd like


Bolel...in my pants

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I use Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube's playlists. It doesn't really defeat the purpose as long as you leave the thing play and not skip songs or similar.


I'll be there... In my pants

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"Fireworks" in my pants [Oh no! Get it out!]

"Dynamite" in my pants [ ohmy.gif Naw! Get it off my pants. Before it explodes... *runs around wildly*]

"Grenade" in my pants [ ohmy.gif Who is putting all these explosives in my pants?]


"God is Good All the Time" in my pants [ dry.gif Ah no.. blasphemy..]

"A Whole New World" in my pants [Hmm..]

"Magic" in my pants [ tongue.gif I knew it! I left my wand in my pocket again.]

"My Favorite Things In My Pants" [yes, I left my watch, a candy bar and a flash disk in my pocket. These are a few of my favourite things]

"Ray of Light" in my pants [no comment]


Edited: I don't know how my song playlist got scrambled. Otherwise, it would be organised. At least my classical and instrumentals are neatly arranged. And I listen to that most.


I'd randomised my playlist again just for this game.

Edited by georgexu94

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Things can only get better....in my pants. (Well then-)


Strip me...in my pants. (There's...something wrong w/ my ipod...)


She's a maniac....in my pants. (*Just walks out*)

Edited by Yamato_K

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Animals ... in my pants.


Warzone ... in my pants.


Everybody ... in my pants.


What You Wanted ... in my pants.

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The Military... In my pants


Uhm, what?


Biggest Blame Fool... In my pants


How Lucky You Are (Mayzie's reprise)... In my pants... dry.gif


Maybe listening to the soundtrack for the class play wasn't such a good idea...

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Hah... hahahaha.


Horton Hears A Who... In my pants.


Mayzie In Palm Beach... In my pants.


Havin A Hunch... In my pants.


Solla Sollew... In my pants.




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This can't be healthy either.


I'm Still Breathing... in my pants.


Or this.


Stay Stay Stay... in my pants.

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Something is wrong about this thread.


Oh, the thinks you can think... In my pants.

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