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Tom Riddle

The Forest

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OK so, since you're coming up with the characters (except mine) I need a character sheet. It will be fairly simple asking only questions that will help in the game. I won't really stop excepting characters, I'll find a place for you some how, though I might add you in a little bit late (I don't come often, though I will be coming on more often).


Character sheet

Username:(so I know who's character)

Character's name:

Character's gender:

Character's age:

Description:(of appearance)



Gear:(if any)

Special gifts:(if any)

Relationship with my character:

Companions:(if any, cannot be a person)



Here's mine


Username:Tom Riddle

Character's name:Sirius

Character's gender:male

Character's age:around 16 he never really kept track.

Description:wavy medium length black hair and dark brown eyes. He is fair skinned, tall, handsome, and a slight bit underweight(see history)

Personality:sort of quiet, but he's nice to people and animals even after all he's been through.

History:Sirius was abused. He has strange scars all over his body, such as the circular scars on his arms and chest. His left arm was broken but never put into a cast and so his left hand points at his chest from about an inch off the wrist. He is used to not having much to eat and he is underweight because he was not fed properly.

Gear:Just a backpack

Special gifts:the abilities to speak with snakes and turn into a large, black dog

Relationship with my character:um... he is my character




I need at least 1 more character to start the first chapter, have fun!


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I'd like to see how this turns out! biggrin.gif


Character sheet

Username: sharlykng (shar)

Character's name: Pam

Character's gender: Female

Character's age: 14

Description: Black-brown hair that glints deep red when in the sun falls up to her shoulders. Her skin is lightly tanned, and her small frame is often covered with some large clothing (with even more clothes underneath) and tight boots. She has brown eyes with amber flecks, and a lopsided grin when she actually smiles.

Personality: Playful, sacarstic, loyal to the extreme. She love playing pranks on people and has a way of charming people into letting her get away with... stuff.

History: She was found in an unlit alley by a woman, who became her mentor and mother. She was taught all sorts of skills required to make a living in the streets, and have been flourishing since, never really questioning much.

Gear: Many pouches and pockets full of knick-knacks, a small dagger tied to her waist, and a special skeleton key in her boot sole.

Special gifts: She is able to escape literally anything, and somehow finds little 'presents' along the way. She has an intuitive mind and is able to tell what Vas is thinking, though sometimes she misinterprets it.

Relationship with my character: I don't know, maybe she pickpocketed your character! xd.png

Companions: An orange-red gecko that changes colours according to the seasons named Vas. He was picked up from someone's coat by mistake, but Pam doesn't mind; Vas has a subtle ability to be able to tell Pam what he thinks.


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Username: SilveryKit

Character's name: Alissa Lenari

Character's gender: Female

Character's age: Sixteen

Description: She has long auburn hair that falls to her waist, pale skin, bright green eyes and a small build. She's 5 feet 2 inches tall (157cm). She has an attractive angular face.

Personality: Generally introverted and quiet. She prefers to watch from a distance. She's slow to anger and not very trusting of people. However, if someone goes to her for help, she'll gladly help them if she feels it's a good cause. She acts older than she is.

History: Her father died before she was born. She lives in a small apartment with her mother, who isn't around much as she is constantly working. Alissa was very outgoing and cheerful in elementary school, but she acted younger than she was. As a result, she was often bullied. She matured quickly, though a bit later than her peers, and then became the way she is now.

Gear: Always a sketchbook. She expresses her emotions in her art.

Special gifts: She can "sense" the emotions of anyone around her, but she can't read minds. She is technically a genius, though she prefers to hide it.

Relationship with my character: They met by chance. Alissa sensed traces of past negativity in Sirius, and noticed his scars. She is curious about him.

Companions: None.


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