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The COMMON dragon trading thread ~Trading~

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(the hatchies are ungendered & uninfluened)


-2nd gen sunsong egg from female silver http://dragcave.net/lineage/LxFfb offer

-cb white hatchie offer

-cb vine hatchie offer

-cb red egg (Wii code xd.png, i could keep to be mate for icoNs xd.png) offer





-2nd gen dark mist from male pumpkin

-2nd gen crimson flare from female pumpkin

-2nd gen neb from rosebud x purple neb

-pretty holiday checkers


(any number of mine/all:1)

-2nd gen red dorsal from alt sweetling x red dorsal mother

-2nd gen common from spriter alt

-any cb dragon with a code word. (since i'm looking for a mate for icoNs... xd.png a magi would be great!)


or other offers :3


pm me if you need to combine teleports

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CB Sunset hatchie

PB 2nd gen Purple hatchie

CB Ridgewing hatchie (Tan)

CB Magi hatchie x2

CB Nebula hatchie

CB Nocturne hatchie x2





2nd/3rd gen PB EG Nocturnes

As many CB Sunrise hatchies as possible (SunRISE, must be hatchies)

Male CB Horse hatchies

Female CB BBW hatchies

Gendered RED/PURPLE Nebula hatchie

Disgusting inbred messy RED hatchie for freezing (stage 2)


PM offers, don't have enough Magis for ports.

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Have: A nice Whiptail egg from my well-known pair of Whiptails: http://dragcave.net/lineage/UTAOe


Want: CB Swallowtail egg


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Egg will be abandoned if no offers are made before xx:00. Hurry up! ninja.gif ... Yes, abandoned long ago. HOpe it went to a good owner. - Umm, no it didn't. They released it...

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CB user posted image Sunstone

CB user posted image Water Walker

CB user posted image Nocturne




Any of them for a female CB Pillow or a CB Pillow egg below 5 days, please.



Please PM me =)



Thank you in advance! <3

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Have: 2nd Gen Daydream user posted image egg.

(Named CB parents, Daydream mother/Skywing father.)


Want: 2nd Gen White user posted image egg.

(Or CB White egg or 2nd gen Glitterball egg, but I'm not holding my breath.)


Make an offer on my egg!


I also have a CB Purple user posted image egg, CB Sunsong user posted image egg, even gen 3rd gen Speckle Throat user posted image egg, CB Vampire user posted image hatchie (unnamed biter), slightly messy Black user posted image hatchie, CB Swallowtail user posted image hatchie, and a beautifully spiral lineaged Harvest user posted image hatchie. If you're interested in trading a White egg or hatchie for any of the above, or a combination, please PM me.


Nobody wanted it, so I kept it.

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5th gen incuhatchable White egg with interesting code


Want: 4th gen even-gen purebred (square lineage with only new pinks in) Pink egg/hatchi to continue a lineage. (because afbyq and DUB2W or maybe one of DUB2W's to-be-bred sisters are going to breed together)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! - Cancelled!

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3rd gen with blusangsuser posted image




2nd gen red from frill red





2nd gen ultraviolets or 2nd gen shallow waters,


perfer hatchis but will take eggs 1:1







for tsunami


offer for red

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2nd Gen PB Nebula with semi-interesting code



Spitfires! we all know why tongue.gif

Anything on my wishlist (in signature)

Random hatchling(s) for freezing.

Would love a Royal Crimson



Make an offer on my Nebula!


Note: I am going offline for today, so I will only see offers tomorrow morning


Traded, thanks smile.gif

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I have:

A Crimson Egg



Two-Headed Dragon


Offer Taken.

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