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Vengeance-Will Dragons overcome the Humans?

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I am not sure if Fanfictions go in this forum. =P Oh well.


Don't expect me to upload chapters often. It takes quite a bit to write these things, and I'm not all that fast at typing.


I don't mind critique, just don't make it too harsh. =P I'm a beginner.






Sunlight dappled the lightly forested valley as a whispering wind blew, shaking the branches in a bouncing dance. Clouds lazily drifted in the baby blue sky, moving slowly like the insects creeping across the undergrowth.


Amidst this peaceful surrounding, dragons clustered around a Guardian of Nature in a fairly large cave. The dragons murmured to each other, unease rippling through the air. One dragon roared, making the other dragons flinch and sink low to the ground, afraid of being attacked. Whipping around, the red striped dragon stormed off, growling to itself.


“Everyone, attention please!” The Guardian of Nature sitting on the rock pedestal called. His eyes flickered with uneasiness. The dragons all turned to him, worry in their many eyes. “As you all know, humans have declared war on us.” His eyes flashed. “After much deliberation in the council of elders, we have come to the conclusion.”


Dragons looked to him expectantly, expecting an answer.


“We will fight.”


A deafening clamor of objections and yelling rose, forcing the Guardian of Nature to reluctantly fly to the ceiling and yell, “Everyone, be quiet! Unless you plan to be banished and sent to your death, close your jabbering jaws and glue them together with tree sap!”


They immediately quieted, tension crackling in the air like electricity. He landed and repeated, “I, Faethorn, have discussed this with the council of elders. Ranya, Irida, Nalissa, Nil’Kara, Ryvynn and Gatara, please stand forward to support our decision.”


Ranya, a wise Night Glory drake, flew above the stiffly silent crowd and landed beside Faethorn, her eyes darting back and forth. “I support Fathorn’s decision.” She said loudly and clearly. “I think we should fight. Unless we all plan to be skinned and butchered, we need to defend what remains of our land!” A reluctant mutter of agreement resonated from the crowd.


Irida, a Swallowtail, stepped up to stand beside the pedestal. She proudly declared, “We need to protect our once-flourishing land! We didn’t do this to them, why do they need to do this to us? We need to teach them a lesson, and cripple them!” This time, the response of concurrence was much louder.


Nalissa, a surprisingly young Purple dragon, padded forward to stand by Faethorn. “We have to protect our land! Who were the dragons who settled here a few-hundred seasons ago?”


“We were!” The answer rang out.


Nalissa continued, her voice growing louder and more perseverant, “Then who should be here after those filthy, life-strangling humans?”


“We should!” The crowd roared in unison, their eyes growing more resolute.


Nalissa blew a puff of fire out of her cracked jaws. “That’s right! We need to drive them out, or even better, wipe them from existence!” She strutted back into the crowd, head held high.


The conformity was still audible as Nil’Kara, a very old Black dragon, lumbered to Faethorn. His voice rumbled, “I agree with Nalissa and her words. We need to protect our land and show those cruel humans a lesson!”


The riotous crowd started to chant, “Defend our land! Defend our land!” as Ryvynn stepped up, who was a Hellfire. He cried indomitably, “We need to protect our young! The future of our species lies with the hatchlings, and the humans have been hunting them down and killing them for their smaller, shiner scales! Now, who is with me?”


“Protect our young!” That cry was taken up among the crowd, as heads were raised and faces were set in unwavering determination. Gatara, an aged Magi who had a crippled hind leg, limped forward. His voice cracking, he said, “I agree with the decision to fight with the humans. My reasoning is…” His voice broke. Gatara shook his head and looked away momentarily before returning his gaze to the gathered dragons. His voice a little steadier, he continued, “My reasoning is because my daughter, Aria, was captured by the humans. Nobody knows if she is alive or dead. She could have been killed for her beautiful, silver scales, or she could still be alive, their dragon-speakers attempting to pry information out of her.”


The crowd was silent, stricken by the news. Whispering rose out of the crowd. “Why didn’t we know this before?” “Many dragons have been captured.” “But Aria is the last silver in this tribe! All of the others have been killed…” “I know… Why didn’t we see it before?” “It’s because too much commotion has been going on lately. We wouldn’t have noticed.” “We’ve needed Aria lately. We need her unyielding calmness, even in the darkest times of war…”


Even Faethorn was shaken, obviously not knowing that Aria had been missing either. He padded over to Gatara and started to whisper with him, his face a mask of shock.


Table of Contents

Prologue-First Post

Chapter 1;In The Humans' Camp-This Page

Chapter 2;Devastation-Page Two

Fan List

Love this? Want more? Say you want to be on the fan list. =D

Fans; 3


-little lost dragon





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Awesome story wisard! I love the storyline and how it's layn out. smile.gif :3.

Oh, pwetty pwease can I be on fan list?

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As I unexpectedly got a whole load of homework(And I'm kinda in trouble), Chapter 1 will be posted in bits and pieces; Here's the first piece, will be updating this as often as possible.


UPDATES:9/18 Another part of Chapter 1 up;


9/19 'Nother part. Still not done! >:3


8/22 tongue.gif Tiny part. Should be finished this weekend.


9/26/11 YAYZ IT'S DONE!


Chapter 1

In the human's camp


A very beautiful, silver she-dragon huddled in the corner of a small cage as to, unsuccessfully, hide herself from the menacing stares of the humans staring in on her. She let out a small whimper as the person who disciplines the dragons —She thinks of him as ‘the Punisher’— flourishes a red-hot metal poker and glares in her direction. He whips around at the sound of a roar and some screaming, his eyes flashing with satisfaction, and struts in the general direction of the load roar.


A human’s voice rang out shrilly, “Everyone move away! It is time for the dragon-speaker to question her.”


After the crowd hastily walked away to do their own business, an old woman with gray, braided hair and beaded shawls wrapped around her shoulders shuffled towards the silver dragon’s cage. Reaching an ancient, wrinkled and knobby hand out towards the she-dragon, the dragon-speaker spoke in the language of dragons, “Do not fear, Silvery Queen, as I will not harm you in any means.”


She growled in response, thinking “Like I should trust her, she’s a human!” Baring her teeth, trying to threaten the Dragon-speaker, she issued a series of hisses and growls in the old lady’s direction.


The dragon-speaker didn’t react except for a wary glance at the angry she-dragon’s teeth, and instead brought herself closer, murmuring to the dragon, “We must have answers, and though I have no intent to hurt any of you here,” The old woman gestured to the cages of dragons around the clearing, “if we don’t get anything useful it may come to that.”


She didn't respond in words, just tossed her head. She started to pace the area of her small came, grumbling to herself. "Should I answer? But, then again, I'd rather die than reveal information about my tribe..." The she-dragon shook her head, then finally responded to the Dragonspeaker. "I will tell you the information, as long as... As long as you promise you won't harm anyone..." "You'll answer with empty words, but I will simply return them with lies." She added silently.


The dragon-speaker replied solemnly, "I swear upon my heart that I will not let anyone harm any dragon of your tribe."


"But you have no heart, you cruel gargoyle." The silver she-dragon thought. "Anyways, you have no idea how intelligent we are. You just think we're mindless beasts." She opened her mouth, then closed it with a sigh.


"Well?" The dragon-speaker pressed impatiently.


'We live at the other end of the valley, where the trees are thickest and the craggy mountain peaks are the highest. To find our cave you must follow the path of the fireblooms and travel through the Myst swamp. Then you have to find the Moonstone tunnels; We reside at the end of that." The she-dragon said very quickly. "All the places that I mentioned are real areas; They just aren't the right ones. They'll think that it is the right place, narrow minded humans. A surprise will be waiting for them though..." She thought to herself, a wry smile finding it's way to her face.


The dragon-speaker grinned in cruel triumph and said to herself, "I knew we could break you. Now we can slaughter your tribe with the help of surprise, and insider's information." She obviously thought the dragon didn't hear her as she shuffled away, towards a man with an air of superiority.


The she-dragon snorted and shook her head with an inside growl. "Foolish humans." She muttered rebelliously. "The Myst swamp is full of creatures you couldn't imagine in your dizziest nightmares. Good luck to you, and let's see if you escape with your life." She whipped around and resumed pacing the lengths of her cage, listening carefully to the speech that the leader was saying to his now-gathered officers.


"The dragon has finally broken under our pressure and revealed where her tribe is located. We will depart tomorrow! Prepare yourselves for the victory of your lives!"


She stopped listening to the speaker as he started to gloat. She sneered and thought, "Yeah, have fun! Now I just have to escape before they get back; If they get back before I've 'escaped', I'm dead. Goody for me."


The hustle and bustle of the camp resumed it's usual pace. The sun started to set in the sky when the she-dragon's agonizing stomach was satisfied with the feeding; She noticed that her share was bigger than the other dragons' shares. "Hmmph. Must be deliriously happy that I gave them the supposed location of the cave."




It was dark outside; the moon high in the sky and the stars shimmering above. A clear breeze blew through the treetops, the scent of water in it's wake.


"It's going to rain soon." The she-dragon murmured, still pacing the length of her cage. "But I don't see how that will help me escape."


"Just an observation, I see." A small, innocent voice in dragon-tongue came from behind the dragon's cell, where the shadows were thickest.


The she-dragon whipped around and growled, pale blue eyes narrowed. "Who's there?" "And how do you know how to speak dragon-tongue?" She added silently.


Some shuffling eminated from the shadows, and a small, innocent-looking little girl with large, round, leaf green dragon eyes emerged into the moonlight. "Me." She answered simply, eyes bright with curiosity.


The she-dragon shook her head in shock and blinked. Was she imagining things? "You can speak in my tongue... And you have dragon eyes?" She murmured subconsciously, gaze distant as if staring into space.


"Yes, and I've never figured out either of those facts." The girl said, plopping down in the dirt to start drawing something. "I've had strange dreams as well... And I know how to draw some weird symbols, and nobody knows what they mean." She drew something in the dirt with her finger, then looked up into the she-dragon's pale eyes.


The she-dragon narrowed her eyes scrutinizing the faint 'symbol' in the dirt then stumbled back with a cry of shock. "The ancient runic symbols!" She whispered, as if the name would curse her. She regained control of herself and shook her head, grumbling to herself. "Now, what about those dreams?"


The girl suddenly launched into a fantastical tale about dragon eggs, a very gruesome war between dragons and humans, and a bizarre explanations about her being able to morph into various dragons, such as the ones the dragon identified as a black dragon, a gold dragon, a neotropical dragon, and a moonstone dragon. She also mentioned some subjects about a fabled dragon-child prophecy, stars lit on fire, and the valley being extinguished of life.


After the girl finished explaining, she blinked slowly and looked at the she-dragon, who was frozen in pondering and bewilderment.


The she-dragon's memory was suddenly jolted. She remembered a scene with the sage of the clan when she was still a newborn; When she had entered the presence of the sage, the dragon's eyes had flashed red and she spoke of a prophecy of a dragon-child who would help extinguish a war that would occur in years to come..


"In the middle of the war, when dangers are highest

Dragons are falling, left and right

A child of the enemy will arise

Who can end the war, sparing hundreds of lives

To end this war, she must find her true purpose

A dragon-child, this one is

She will end the battle in years to come

An omen this is, though unpredictable

The child must give her life

to save dragon-kind"


The she-dragon collapsed on the floor of her cage, claws trembling in shock. She took a few deep breaths, then looked up at the little girl, and asked softly, fearing her voice would crack, "Would you like to fly with me?"


The girl raised an eyebrow in consideration, and thought for a moment. "I would give anything to!" She finally said, a grin spreading across her face.


"Then meet me here tomorrow night. I shall give you the chance, little one." The she-dragon said.


The girl giggled. "Okay."


"What is your name?" The she-dragon asked.


"Gwendolyn. You can call me Gwen. What is yours?"


"Arya. My name is Arya."





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Its looking good. Ya kind of got me reading it now, hooked. I like the last part there with her saying how narrow minded humans can be. I swear I know a few that are too narrow to live by them selfs lol.

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This story is awesome! You might as well add me to the fan list too, because every time there is a new post here, I hope there is more story to read smile.gif.

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Sorry it's taking so long! I was kinda sick last week and now I'm overloaded with homework. Sorry XP


Thanks for becoming fans! 8D I'll ad you to the list, and I posted another small part. Cliffhanger, though.

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Lol, DragonGirl. However, 'tis not.


OMG I'm so sorry for another leave! *facepalm* I promise, the next chapter will be posted in full. It'll be much more exciting as well.



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OOooooh I wanna see more! I am SO looking forward to the 2nd chapter! biggrin.gif Add me to the list! <3 Im soooo gonna stalk this O.O *stares at screen waiting for next chapter to come up*

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I thought it was going to be a pygmy too xd.png, but I love how you made it a dragon girl. This story is so interesting, can't wait for chapter 2 laugh.gif.

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8D Thanks guys! Yeah, an interesting twist. Adds some complications to the story. ^^


Let me ask a question.

Did you know it was Arya from the beginning of Chapter 1, or did you not discover until the end, where it states her name?

















Chapter two will simply show what's going on around the territory; How the dragons are preparing for the war, what's going on at the freshly declared border, and what plans both of the sides have. A few main landmarks will be explained in this chapter, such as the Myst Swamp and the Firebloom Forest mentioned in chap. 1. This chapter will be a bit short, though.

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Chapter 2



The sky was stained red with the setting sun's final rays; It brought ominous hues to the forest, and it rather suited well as to the carnage being unleashed below at the borderline between humans and dragons.


Jets of fire streamed through the canopy, and the cries of humans and dragons alike rang across the landscape. A blazing bonfire suddenly erupted from a clearing a few meters south of the main battle; Screaming humans fled, and a pack of hellfires triumphantly flew out of the clearing.


In one of the battles, a dragon lay writhing in pain as a poisoned arrow took effect. A harsh, pained roar escaped it's scaled lips then it lay still. Human's yelled in triumph, only to be scattered by a fierce black she-dragon. She devoured one of the humans whole, and she snarled as a arrow pricked her shoulder.


A vicious battle of wits was taking place; A gleaming magi dragon was having a battle of wills with a ancient, very skilled wizard; Both were sweating with effort as they cast spells at eachother, trying to break the others' defenses.


Blood stained the ground and fires blazed in the forest as the devastation ensued. Death tolls were rising on both sides, but for each human dead, two more came to avenge their fallen; Without some sort of miracle, the dragons would soon lose...


Back in the home cave, the blacksmith dragons -hellfires and stone dragons- were furiously banging away at steel they had looted at a human's camp; A couple helmets and gauntlets lay on a table beside them, along with a giant set of chainmail made for one of the great warriors.


A medical patrol came in, white dragons helping injured fighters beck to the medical cave. One said something about gathering some herbs to an apprentice, and the apprentice quickly dashed off. A black dragon limped into the cave after the medical dragons, one lame wing dragging on the ground and favoring one paw which had an arrow protruding from the scales.


As more injured filed in and healed fighters bounded out, a white dragon with tears in the edge of her eyes dragged herself into the nursery cave. A saddened wail rang in the cave, and the white dragon walked back out, eyes closed in sorrow and head hanging low in defeat.


The Council of Elders was huddled in a group at the far end of the cave, whispering to eachother.


"We should sabotage their camps! See how they like it when we destroy their homeland!"


"We should take their children and slaughter them, see how they like theirs being slaughtered for sport!"


"No, let's gather up the tribes of the Dark Myst swamp and the Firebrand Lake to help us in battle!"


"All of these are good ideas; We just need to wait for this skirmish to end before we proceed with any of these."


"Yes, Faethorn."


Up in the Dark Myst Swamp and the Firebloom Forest, the natives of the land were fighting their own battles. Humans have infected their land and the dragons are fighting back with a ferocity never seen before; The native tribes would gladly give their lives to protect the sacred land of their own.


The Two Spires of Thunder Dragons were swarming with activity; Electricity crackled in the air as dragons fervently prepared for battle. A closely knitted patrol of dragons took flight and soared toward the not-so-distant battle.


The Whitesnow Mountains were swarming with dragons that had come out of their caves to see the action on the other side of the valley. Some took of hto join the action, others fled back into the cave in terror.


All over the valley, fury was being unleashed in every place. Humans yelled out rallying war cries as dragons shook the trees with their angry roars. Fires blazed as the sun's last rays disappeared and clouds that had been brewing overhead let loose their burden, as if weeping for the fate of their valley. The battles slowly deiminished, and the fired slowly put out; Forces retreated, and the valley cried with the humans and dragons, mourning the deaths that had taken place in this unfateful evening.

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Whoop, a little teaser for chapter three-which I'm working on-!

The dragon soared across the moonlit sky, eyes full of tears at what had become of her territory. The moonlight glinted off of her scales, and the wind in her blue mane sent it flurrying wildly in different directions. Gwendolyn was clinging on to Arya, but Gwen was comfortable as if she had done this a million times. "Is this your home, Arya?" She asked in her soft voice, eyes wide in awe at the burnt expanses of forest and the slain dragons laying in random clearings throughout the area. Arya's voice was soft, sorrowful and cracking as she responded.

"Yes, Gwendolyn. Yes it is."

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Still can't wait to find out what happens, especially now that you posted the teaser xd.png.

One question though, don't female silvers have pink mane?

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