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Can someone please breed me a second-gen Autumn from female Marrow? I need one as a matching mate for a marrow so I can make luffly checkers.

Tried one pair but got 'no egg'. The other female Marrow doesn't come off cooldown until too close to Halloween... sorry!

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Have a lovely Gen6 Magma (Red x Magma checker) that was supposed to be a RED... CLAIMED!

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Update: Still looking for help with the following lineages. (This also serves as a reminder post for myself on lines I'm still trying to match up sorry for the long post!)

I'm looking for unrelated mates. Preferably exact gen matches to the line in question. But I would be very grateful for any 2nd gen offspring for the larger lines.


Happy to breed anything from my scroll in return. Please PM me before breeding so I can make sure I have room for any egg thank you! biggrin.gif


Seasonal x Whiptail


Stripe x Stripe


Blusang x Stripe


Golden Wyvern x Red


Marrow x Purple


Green x Red Nebula


Alt Sweetling x Black








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In need of a second gen pure bred white stripe female.


Is it possible to get a white stripe from two black stripe parents? If so, that would be ideal.


Going to try a monochrome lineage if I can collect the dragons for it LOL

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HAVE: 3rd gen spiral pumpkin ER hatchie with regular pygmies

WANT: 2nd gen SW with silver, gold, Val '09, ribbon dancer, winter magi, or old pink parent OR will gift to someone with 3 or less pumpkins. Please drop me a PM for lineage, as I don't want it growing up on my scroll.

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2nd Gen Blusang Lindwurm (CB Blusang x CB Blusang)

2nd Gen Lumina (CB Lumina x CB Lumina)

2nd Gen Tsunami Wyvern (CB Tsunami x CB Tsunami)


I need these all purebred for my collection since they seem to be ridiculously impossible to catch in the cave. Thanks for the help in advance. happy.gif


Thank you for helping me out! biggrin.gif

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Hi all!

I needed a water walker and not a whiptail ---> http://dragcave.net/lineage/m6h6u

Please PM me if you want it because I'd love it to to go to someone who will continue the lineage. I'm happy to breed a mate if you don't want to make one of your own. The naming scheme will also need to be continued smile.gif


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Asking for help:


I'm looking for a mate (either purple or pink is good) for my new addition to my Purple family: a 2G purple from Old pink.


I do not have any CB old pink and would like to know if someone can give me a helping hand. If you would like some 2G back in return, PM me and I am more than happy to work on that.




Jane has PM'd me to offer a helping hand. Thanks!

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2nd Gen purebred Blusang Lindwurm. Please make it a tradelink because I am egglocked :c I can give a CB egg that you can do with what you wish.

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2nd Gen Blusang x Female Lurker

2nd Gen Flamingo x Female Bright-Breasted Wyvern

2nd Gen Coastal Waverunner x Female Swallowtail (only want Coastal Waverunner from this pair)


Thank you very much! I can breed various common pairings in return if needed as well ^^


Locked now, thank you to donators!

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