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2g or 3g pacified Aegis x Hellfire


2g or 3g pacified Aegis x Harvest


3g Desipis x female Harvest


3g Mutamore x Harvest


3g Caligene x female Harvest



If you can help me with any of those lineages, please let me know.

I don't have any caveborn halloween or christmas holidays so I'm pretty dependent on help with these.


I'd be very thankful and I'd happily help you in return- if I can. ❤️

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Have: 5th gen gold eastern tinsel from blusang staircase (wrong gender to continue the staircase). The CB blusangs are all male. I'm looking to continue this lineage with a mirrored lineage, so any lineage lower than or equal to 5th gen gold easter tinsel from blusang staircase with female CB blusangs would be immensely appreciated. I can offer you offspring as well as several rare CB eggs that I hold.


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That's a shimmer, not a tinsel....

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Alright I've got... quite the stretch on this one, but here goes:

looking for a 3rd gen even lineage Spring Seasonal from Winter parents and Autumn grandparents. Either an uninfluenced egg, or male hatchling


To be a mate for this one


I can offer a sibling of the above dragon as a trade


basically i want to avoid catching four more cb autumns

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Alex (BrgmN) needs a 3G female Silver from M Red Fire Gem checker
It's Undying Love needs a 2G male Canopy Dragon from F Undine
Z'ychotic needs a 3G female Xenowyrm (Chrono) from F Heartstealing checker

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