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Yay! (their fourth egg and second tan - I wish all holidays bred like this biggrin.gif)

congrats! very nice! i wish they did too.


every time i want a regular mate, they alt. and when i want them to alt, they turn regular. so since i want regular now, i think i will wish for alts. lol



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I'm not sure how I feel about this inbred even gen. xd.png

What do you all think?

it's pretty - I don't much like inbreeding, but I'd love to do the pattern, it really is striking smile.gif


I found a way around my friend's blue nebula's:




bred one on my scroll, and it turned red! so I can send it to her and maybe she'll get lucky with the next generation biggrin.gif

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I found that I traded for these 3 Golds




thinking I had Shadow Walkers to breed them with


But I have this one


without a Gold partner...



Looks like I have to do some improvement on trading and plan for Halloween...


And I could do the Gold Christmas too, if the 2nd Gens cooperated... dry.gif

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awww. you could do a mirror.


i think i got almost all my halloween mates except one 2nd gen now (nebbie keeps turning green), and a couple 3rd gens that i probably have no hope of getting one for.


i probably have to look a lil harder.

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Anyone happen to have a 4th gen purple nebula from a purple nebula x gold checker? Mine miscolored sad.gif

I have a purple x silver atm...But I don't think you wanna ,merge checkers?


Give me your thumbs for Silver shimmer x Silver

I soo hope they don't refuse (though I'm sure they'll never give me eggs despite fertilize, as my Gold/snow angel checker does)


Edit: No refusal. No egg either, but that was to be expected

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HI All!!!! Just thought I'd stop by and show off my newest baby smile.gif Working on a mate for "him", so should be at 6G in a couple of weeks smile.gif


5G PB Green Copper

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Can someone here help me out with a 3rd even gen Gold Wyvern from male Marrow checker?


That pretty: user posted image needs a mate

in case this coupling gets me a refusal out of season



definitely willing to trade for an egg

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Is there anyone here that owns an Alt Sweetling that doesn't have plans for it already? I'm hoping to find someone here that could breed a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/QxpmJ. I obtained her in a trade and I'd really love to do a checker with her. If anyone here catches a 2nd gen Sweetling from Alt sweetling x Gold and would like to trade please let me know what you'd like in return. I'm willing to offer shiny bred things if anyone can help. Thank you!

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somehow I like that pattern... still seeking him a GW from shadow walker mate (though I'd not say no to a black-color checkered bronze Prizefail either)

Ooh, that looks fabulous! I really like the red Heartseekers with the Marrows.

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well, this is just a beginning, but as part of the Solst-Ice project, I bred this 3rd gen:




This one will be gifted to the project, but I plan to continue to breed ices, until Christmas when I can work on a checker.


Isn't it pretty?



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Like the Holiday Event, breed limits for past Valentine's dragons will be removed.


My reaction to this announcement:

user posted image


So, who has plans to do what? smile.gif


I don't have plans to keep any 09 Valentine's, Arsani, or Rosebuds. I'm leaning towards keeping offspring from the Heartseekers, to be paired with Brimstones. And I'm keeping the offspring from my alt sweetlings (my precioussssssss). I haven't decided if I'm going to stick with the tried and true whites or go with silvers. Getting matching mates with whites is so much easier (and less frustrating) than silvers. I still have time to think. I've wanted to do a checker with them for a while. biggrin.gif


09 Val offspring will look like this:




Rosebuds are being paired with Embers like previous years. And I think I will be pairing the Arsani with Nhiostrife.

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Need nebula vibes http://dragcave.net/lineage/hqdSt Please, please, please be purple. sad.gif


Speaking of which, for http://dragcave.net/lineage/3chhN should its mate continue the pattern or go purple, blue, green, red? They're all going to be nebula checkers but they're not exact matches.


I have no plans for valentine breeding except hunting the AP and the breeding threads of course. biggrin.gif

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I'm doing 3rd G Heartseeker/Gold, Heartseeker/Sunrise, Sweetling/Spring, and Golden Wyvern/Rosebud checkers, hopefully I'll be able to find bloodswaps. Not sure what to do with the Arsanis, either Nhios or Silvers.

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I'mso excited about these new limits

so many plans for checkers...

I'm breeding

4G Val09x pink >5Gsibling of this 5G sweetie as a mate forhim

3G Val09x pink > 4G sibling ofthis(not spoken for yet)

2G sweetling x white >3Gsibling

2G sweetlingx silver >sibling3G

2Grosebudx shadow walker.>3Glike this

2g rosebudx moonstone>3Gsibling of male moonstone x rosebud checker (bloodswaping with hydrargum)

trading for 2G rosebudx winter (as a mate to get a 3rd gen)

CB heartseekerx BBW >2G (Already have the BBW mate)

CB Arsanix ? ( both available )

also looking for a mate for

this 3G spring x rosebud

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I'm gonna catch all the Sweetlings I can, hoping for them to be 2nd Gens from Alts and matching lineages with the ones I love and already have 2nd Gens of...


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Woo! No val limits mean I can continue my rosebud/marrow checker! <3

I think I'll be trying Arsani/purple ridgewing and something else smile.gif They look nice together.

Promised a 2nd gen Heartseeker/Blusang to someone.

Val 09 I have no idea

Sweetings should be fun, I'll have 2 3rd gen sweetling eggs and their matching mates to trade or gift!

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