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Vampiric Nightmares

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It's been a long standing myth that the prime time for vampires to attack is during a masquerade. The further back in history, the more susceptible to attack people were. There were more and more reports of interrupted masquerades the farther back in history someone investigated; it used to be a rather common occurrence. However, the interruptions suddenly stopped, and everyone assumed that vampires were in fact not real. The assumption was wrong, of course. The vampires had merely become more tactful in grabbing meals from those parties.


Recently there have been an unusual amount of disappearances from the parties. People have begun to worry; parties have been cancelled for fear its participants would be kidnapped and killed. As a result, the vampires' free meals have been harder to come by and they're resorting to yet more trickery. What's odd is that for centuries, one particular town has had the problem, and that town only.


Despite the disappearances and the worry about having big parties, a young woman decides to hold a masquerade for the entire town. The townspeople will keep an eye out for each other, she puts in the letter, because otherwise we cannot stop these disappearances. Everyone will be there!


Including the vampires.



Modern times. Everyone has arrived or is arriving at the large ballroom specialized to hold the whole town. People are mingling with other people and vampires. It should be noted that the vampires hardly look any different than the humans, so it's difficult to make the distinction, not to mention no one believes in vampires. The time is around nine, the sun is down, and the music has already started. The party won't stop until the last guest leaves.


At around 11 the vampires will split, dragging their prey with them. They will meet at a rendezvous point just outside of town to have a party of their own. I will let you know when that point arrives.


Where you all come in:

Of course, the humans that are taken will have friends that notice they're not there. Panic will set in, chaos will begin, and those that have friends missing must join together (after changing out of masquerade clothes, of course) to go rescue their friends. The vampires' plan this time is not to kill the humans but to keep them and not have to hunt again.


For the record, they attack parties because it's the easiest way to get a free meal. They've had to sink to snooping around because of the decline of parties, but any chance they can they'll crash one.



Rules. Sorry, gotta have them.

2. Try to keep the vampire to human ratios even.

3. Tell me why I missed one to show me you read this.

4. ALL TYPES OF ROMANCE ARE FINE. At least, the pairings.

5. Please, please, please don't go overboard with the romance sequences! Don't even describe make-out scenes. We want to keep this moving!

6. Minor swearing is allowed. Like damn and hell. But please nothing more than that.

7. Vampires don't sparkle. This isn't Twilight. I cannot stress this enough.

8. DC rules apply!

9. Please fill out the character skeleton.

10. Post with a paragraph intro only after I approve your character. Have your character interact or set up to interact.

11. I'm not scary I promise! D:

12. Max of... 4 characters, I think. That sounds good.

13. Ooc is our best friend smile.gif You know, like Out Of Character. Also please don't fight in ooc.

14. Once I approve your character you can post a bio and then wait patiently for my intro~! Yaaaaay!







Preference: (m/f/either)


Clothes: (pictures are fine)


Anything else:




Apparent age:

Actual age:


Preference: (m/f/either)


Clothes: (pictures are fine)


Power: (nothing major. make it limited)

Anything else:


My own skeletons and introductions will come when a few people have joined.





SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING! D: Also one last note: my version of a vampire.

To me, vampires aren't quite dead. If a doctor were to examine them they would be legally dead, but blood runs very slowly through their veins. It's my thoughts that vampires can't be repelled by anything but if anything goes through their heart they die. For that matter if their head is ripped off, or they're halved or something like that. And they can bleed out. The sun doesn't kill them immediately unless the vampire is a new one; otherwise it just hurts like hell. The longer they stay in the sun the closer they get to death, and the amount of tolerance for the sun that a vampire has is entirely dependent on their age. You can make your own ratios if you want but don't have them be 100 and be able to stand for an hour in the sun. That's not reasonable to me. They are stronger than humans, they are able to move silently and without being seen if they wish, and they are able to drag their prey off without notice. At first.









Cassian (Astrodeath311)

Skipper Marlongg (Spikedsoul)

Lullaby (XLaurentX)

Alichie (TheFallenAngel6236)

Luna (AppleCakes)

Edmon (kunailby)



Karma (Spikedsoul)

Bo (Spikedsoul)

Shannon (Spikedsoul)

Hellen (XLaurentX)

Zane (AppleCakes)



Spikedsoul ~ Spike

Astrodeath311 ~ Astro

XLaurentX ~ Laurent

TheFallenAngel6236 ~ Angel

AppleCakes ~ Apple

kunailby ~ Kunai






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Maybe explain a little more about the vampires? Is there any way to tell if a person is a human or vampire? Do people become vampires when they are bitten? What kind of powers do they have? The more information you have about the vampires the better, as there are many different myths about vampires, which might confuse people.


You could also add a bit more to the setting. Which town has been attacked by the vampires? Where is the town? What is the population of the town?

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Hello! I'll be helping you get your RP approved smile.gif


So, you seem to have the plot down pretty well, and your grammar is very accurate. However, there are some areas I would like to go into.


What's odd is that for centuries, the one particular town has had the problem, and that town only.

Which town is this? Does it have a name? It will be better if it has a name, but if it doesn't, then you need to make it "one particular town," without the "the"


Of course the humans that are taken will have friends that notice they're not there.

Add a comma after "Of course"


(after changing out of masquerade clothes of course)

Add a comma before "of course"


The vampires' plan this time is not to kill them but to keep them and not have to hunt again.

Who are "them?" You might want to say something more specific for one of the "them"s.


8. All other rules apply.

Specify, please smile.gif


13. Ooc is our best friend

Again, specify. What do you mean by this? Are you going to have an OoC thread, or will the RPers post the OoC in this thread with parentheses?


Also, a question: are the vampires stronger than most humans? how do they drag their prey without being noticed by the rest of the people?


That's all I have for now, post in the thread after you edit :]

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((I can't find out why vampires only attack parties; however there doesn't seem to be many significant issues other than that. I'll push this through~



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[Okay, everyone. I've fixed just about everything y'all have said. Thanks for pointing things out for me, that actually helps me a lot. And thanks for approving! Now open for business!]

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((can you guys save me a spot for a vampire? My internet is down and I cant post a form up))

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((Sure smile.gif

I'll have my internet back close to the end of the month I think. Financial issues))

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[bumping this up. Guys, please stay active/bump this with me until we get one more person. *Sniffsniff* Makes me feel like I'm aloooone.]

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Name: Alichie (pronounced Al-e-ch-ay) But most call her Alice

Apparent age: 17

Actual age: 95

Gender: Female

Preference: (m/f/either) Male

Appearance: As a vampire, she has extremely pale skin however, her skin might even be too pale for a vampire. Her long blonde hair is as platinum as you could possibly be and she has deep, faded-blue eyes.

Clothes: Alichie

Personality: Alichie is very shy when it comes to other vampires however, she finds it very easy to find someone tasty to drink from. She seems to have substantial innocence however, talking to her may prove you wrong as you realize she's cold at heart and brutal.

Power: One way or another, Alichie has somehow developed the ability to take the form of any creature. However, this has its consequences seeing as though she can't stay in the form longer than an hour and the longer she stays transformed, the weaker she will become when she reverts.

Anything else: She is extremely addicted to lollipops. Orange to be exact. Alichie also has a thick Italian accent that she tries to hide however, always fails.


((Lemme apologize if i was supposed to PM this))

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[That's okay, you don't necessarily need to PM it. Accepted. As for powers, just think of a random power, as long as it's clearly not godmoding or way too powerful, and put it. For example, my vampire can heal minor to medium injuries. Look at Astro's bio once it's posted.




We have four people now. We can start post our bios, those of us who haven't, and then kindly wait for me to actually start this roleplay. smile.gif Also I will be updating the first post with nicknames for ease.


Astro, go ahead and post your bio first, and then I will post mine. Laurent will be last considering the internet problem.]

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[FFFFFFFFFFF You're lucky I was filling mine out already xd.png]


Name: Karma

Age: 23

Gender: female

Preference: Male

Appearance: Karma is rather small, she stands at 5 foot even. She's got long gray hair that stays tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes are gray almost to the point of being white.

Clothes: Dress Her mask

Personality: She's incredibly shy, so she had no idea what possessed her to throw a masquerade for the whole town. It just seemed like a good idea. Because of her shyness she has very few friends, but she'll trust pretty much anybody because she doesn't have much common sense. She's smart if it doesn't come to the streets or common sense about knowing who to trust.

Anything else: She has a strange attraction to dead things. Drawing, painting, anything artistic, and she has a particular fascination with vampires. Go figure.


Name: Skipper Marlongg

Apparent age: 26

Actual age: 1509

Gender: Male

Preference: Either

Appearance: He's got longish black hair, just about to his shoulders, that he keeps tied back with a leather strap. Strands of hair hang in his face, but instead of looking messy, he looks rather nice. He's got violet eyes. He stands around 6'1, and as a vampire he's quiet handsome.

Clothes: Suit His mask

Personality: Skip is a charmer. He's very smooth with anyone he wants to be with, men included, and doesn't even have to be at a party to get someone. Then again, he's had quite a few years to practice. He's truly a gentleman usually. He doesn't compliment lightly, even when he wants food. However, once he's in a bad mood or he's been rejected he can get violent and easily pissed off.

Power: He can charm anyone he wants. It's not really a power, more like a skill he's had a millenium and a half to work on. His actual power is that he can heal minor damage done to vampires, major damage done to humans if he wants to.

Anything else: He's got a faint Scottish accent.

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((oh btw, the clothing i have in the skeleton was just her regular clothing, her dress and mask is right here Mask Dress))

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Name: Cassian

Apparent age: 21

Actual age: 7777 (happy.gif)

Gender: Male

Preference: Female, will take male in desperation.

Appearance: ...Prince Charming

Clothes: Mask and the clothes in above picture.

Personality: Sadistic. Cassian may act nice, but as it says in the previous sentence, it's just an act. Once he has his prey, his personality changes completely. He becomes hateful and abusive. Those who survived his bloodlust have been reported to have broken bones and many bruises.

Power: The ability to appear extremely arousing to any weak-minded human.

Anything else: He is french, o_o.

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[Astro I think we both know that age is a liiiiittle much ;3 Anyway, going to start now. Laurent, I'll keep you updated whenever you come online.]


Karma let out a quiet sigh as she watched her big masquerade. It was a huge success, even though the shiest girl in the entire town was throwing it. Oh well. A ghost of a smile appeared on her lips; she couldn't believe it was such a huge success, honestly. She'd done everything right! And... well, hello there! Who was this handsome beast asking her to dance? A quiet giggle left her throat.


"Madame, I can't help but notice you're not dancing," Skipper murmured with a smile. She would be a wonderful meal, this shy creature, but he wanted more of a challenge. Dancing was something he loved, though, so he might as well. His smile grew wider as Karma took his proffered hand. Together the pair swung out onto the dance floor.


Unfortunately, though, the song ended after a few steps, and they somehow got separated. "Oh well," Skip sighed quietly. There were other humans to catch.


Karma was quite upset to find herself in the middle of the dance floor alone. Perhaps she might find someone to attach herself to...

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((I don't know if I'm allowed to post yet buuuuuut))


Alichie danced elegantly across the floor, staring into the handsome gray eyes of a man older than the age she appeared herself. Her gown hovered lightly over the floor as she twirled around with this man. However, he had spotted a woman more his age. He stepped away from Alichie, mid dance, bowed to her then ran off to the other woman, "Hmph, I didn't like you anyway." She shouted after him, the Italian accent she loathed so very much hang in the air like a cloud.


Irritated by losing her third human, Alichie stalked over to the food table. She stood there looking as innocent as possible; her left arm hanging by her side with the right crossed behind her back, holding on to her left elbow. She bent one knee slightly and almost instantly, a young man fell right into her trap, "Why hello there young lady," He began, holding out a hand, "May I have this dance?"


"You may." Alichie answered, placing her hand softly into his.

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