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'Sup, the name's Luna.

I love to draw, but took my first art class last year bla.

Spoiler tags don't work it seems, but I don't draw toooo big so i'll just post the images.



** Most Recent Image, tried a new style **



** Redesigned an old character **



** Try at a Monochromatic colour scheme (not including eye colour) **



** I like homestuck, so I made a fantroll **



** Fantroll being not-deadish **



** I drew my dogs on scratchboard for an art project **

*** this piece won a top honor medal at a state art competition. 150 art pieces were selected for this honor, out of 25,000 entries ***



** I like designing characters **



** My oldest dog in pen and ink **



Well, thats enough for right now. =x=;

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wow, your art is awsome! *stares* I love the way you draw. its just... unique *__*


you surely got a stalker xd.png

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Wow, that's amazing! You're really talented and I really like the way you draw! (:

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The dogs are beautiful. Your art is absolutely lovely~

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Thank yall much ;__;

I really appreciate it!!


also @aeria I loove drawing dogs. ;w; they're my favourite.

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Oh my god, you have some talent at drawing! Like DragonGirl said, are you taking requests as I'd love one of these!

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