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Manga Recommendations?

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I surprised how few of the ones I read have been mentioned here.

love hina

to love ru




mahou sensei negima

1/2 prince

one piece


nurarihyon no mago

zettai karen children

the world god only knows




this list should appeal to a range of tastes because, though most are shonen, some are shojo (actually I don't think I mentioned many shojo ones there but I do read them) and while some are ecchi, most of them aren't especially....mature

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shoujo manga... this one has amazing art. and, it's not like those other shoujo mangas with mary sues and gary stus and garfljjigagarfl.


actually, you might as well as read everything by sakisaka io. she is an amazing artist and her works are very detailed, and her characters are beautiful, but also contain their own personal flaws.


her current ongoing work: ao haru ride


her finished series: strobe edge (I think blue was really good, too.)


Koukou debut was amazing, you just have to settle into the art style.


FOR SHOUNEN: Beelzebub, Deadman Wonderland-- this one is NOT for the weak stomach and this one is dark and scary but heartfelt and touching and beautiful and very very sad, and Fairy Tail

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Inubaka. I loved it. Especially all the cute puppies and doggies in the story. But I think they've cancelled the book. >__<

Inubaka was cute, I liked it. c: They cancelled it? Darn.


Needless to say, I like the GeGeGe no Kitarou manga (dear god not the adult version). It definitely has the feel of an old Japanese storybook, so it's a lot of fun to read if you like that sort of thing. Even if there's crude humour everywhere.

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I recommend FullMetal Alchemist.


I'll try to put what it says on the back of every book, but it might not be 100% accurate.


In an alchemical experiment gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and leg, and his younger brother, Alphonse Elric lost his whole body. Now these two brothers are looking for the legendary Philosopher's Stone to restore their bodies to normal.


No promise that this is exactly as it is, but it's the basic gist.

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I'm not much of a manga person, but try Roruni Kenshin. It's...well, it's Kenshin.


Also, skip Oshinbo. I doubt it will appeal to you.

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I have read a lot of manga. Here is a list, Inuyasha, Pandora Hearts, Bleach, Loveless, Black Butler, and Black Bird. They are all really good.

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Shoujo isn't really my thing. I prefer darker, more morbid, stuff. So this is the stuff I found cool/awesome. I will order this list from sweet to action to serious to morbid. Me crying usually means that something is very good.


Yandere Kanojo is really sweet and funny (also, romance).


Iris Zero is really pretty (also, romance).


Shindere Shoujo to Kodoku na Shinigami is really cute (also, romance).


The Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer made me cry several times.


Sengoku Youko. One out of two manga that have managed to make me cry.


Yumekui Merry. One girl and one guy stop dream demons from taking over your body. It is very awesome. The anime also has some of the prettiest opening music I have ever heard.


Yozakura Quartet. The town mayor of Sakura-shinmachi and her friends keep their town safe from hanyo, yokai, and yokai-hunters.


Nurarihyon no Mago/Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. Yokai who act more like Yakuza keep their town safe.


Trigun! Futuristic Wild West. It is pretty interesting.


Ghost Hound is really interesting and teaches you some odd stuff.


I also recommend Mushi-shi. It is really pretty and cool.


Kino's Journey is similar to Mushi-shi, but a bit darker, and focused on humans and their, um, customs.


Soul Eater holds nostalgia for me. And Maka (main character) is awesome.


Vagrant Soldier Ares is really violent. But I love it anyways.


Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo. The main character gets sent to prison and killed for killing his family. However, there are disrepencies and he doesn't remember doing it.


Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. While it's really dark and cool, it has nudity, gore (dead bodies aren't pristine), and adult themes. But I love it anyways. It's about five young adults who start a business that helps the dead move on. Surprisingly funny. Either that or my sense of humor is weeird.


Dogs; Bullets and Carnage. Futuristic with super-soldiers and dark. Has an adult content warning, like Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. Also, has some pretty funny moments.



Some of the ones that I didn't like,

High school of the Dead. As I paraphrase a friend, “Too much fan-service. I can't take it seriously anymore.” It's about the zombie apocalypse.

Pretty much the same thing for Air Gear.

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You might want to try some of the manga-ka's other works. smile.gif


Watase Yuu is pretty good. You might want to try Fushigi Yuugi, Genbu Kaiden, Imadoki!, and Alice 19th. Those are pretty sweet too. (Manga-ka of Absolute Boyfriend.)


Enjouji Maki also has some good works, but they are mostly smut. Private Prince and Tsuiteru Kanojo are pretty good. (Manga-ka of Hapi Mari)


Barairo My Honey, Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou, Midnight Secretary, and pretty much all of Ohmi Tomu's works. I pretty much love them all because they are shoujo, supernatural, and a little smut.


Now if you are just looking for cutesy shoujo, these will be good:

Mamotte! Lollipop and Modotte! Mamotte! Lollipop

Orange Planet

24 Colors

Megane Ouji

Rensou no Aria

Tora to Ookami

Cat Street

Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita

Dakara Ore ni Shina yo

Koukou Debut

Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Oresama Teacher

Sugar Family

Kanata Kara


And even though it isn't shoujo, Gravitation is also pretty good. wink.gif

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i recently finished Ao no Exorcist. i really liked it, though the manga is totally different from the anime. they're both good, though i prefer the anime.


i read Deadman Wonderland...it was strange. ill leave it at that.


i just started reading D.Gray-man. honestly, i'm a bit bored so far. my friends at school seem to like it, so ill probably stick it out a bit longer.


the Soul Eater manga got a bit hard to follow once it totally deviated from the anime (i saw the anime before i read the manga lol xd.png).


Bleach is my favorite anime/manga. dont know why, but i love bleach.<3

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Yay, a manga thread ohmy.gif

I have a few recommendations here.


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Shounen

For a shounen manga, I'd say it's pretty unique. Its storyline revolve around 3 characters - Aladdin (the Magi aka a form of magic user), Alibaba (a boy who aims to capture dungeons early in the series) and Morgiana (a slave)

It includes political themes and of course a dark patch in our human history - slavery.

A definite must check out IMO. biggrin.gif


Noblesse - Korean manhwa, Shounen

It's sort of science fiction-y and like all shounen manga, it has fight scenes and such. The art is especially gorgeous with full coloured pages for all chapters. Combined with the interesting story about modified humans, it hooked me in!


Pandora Hearts - Shounen

Oh my, this manga is full of plot twists and such I don't really know where to start... It gets pretty violent and gory at a certain point though. I can't really explain the feels I have for this manga and its many characters in words so just give it a try really!


Other notable mentions include D.Gray Man and Claymore, though the fact that they are monthly manga and aren't a recent read to me kinda kills it. @.@ They're both shounen.

Fairy Tail is decent too but the latest chapters aren't as eventful so... yea.

Sakamichi no Apollon is good too! It's shoujo and a completed manga. Do check out its anime too for its fabulous animation!


I realized I have a severe lack of shoujo and other genre's manga lmao xd.png

Well, I largely prefer ongoing, weekly shounen manga 'cos it's able to keep me in suspense and not have me forget the story while chasing it.


That's about it I think.

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I love everything by Junji Ito. Uzumaki, Tomie, Amigara Fault, Black Paradox, Hellstar Remina... they're all horrors, though. I'd recommend them only if you can handle gore and some crazy stuff. Some of these are outright insane. xd.png


I also liked Pet Shop of Horrors (please tell me there's somebody else who's read it), Franken Fran, Drifting Classroom, and Bokurano, to name a few.


I couldn't really get into some of the more famous manga, like Kuroshitsuji, FMA and such... I dunno. I started them eagerly but kind of lost interest after a while.

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666satan(don't mind the title(but it does realate to satan(spoiler satan is alien so is all the other angels and demons)

this something to read if you are over the age of 13 not for little kids(trust me(it partualy scary).

vampire knight


fairy tail


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Trigun and One-Punch Man. I love the main characters and love Trigun for the story, One-Punch Man for the humor. (Warning: both series may have blood, One-Punch Man has lots of language).

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I'm not exactly a manga reader, but I've read a few. One Piece, Pandora Hearts, Fairytail, Black Butler, most of Ai Yazawa's works and some of Naruto. Looking at the posts, don't know if Ai is anyone's cup of tea, but just posting my opinion smile.gif

I even tried Bleach once but I didn't really like it..

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I'm not exactly a manga reader, but I've read a few. One Piece, Pandora Hearts, Fairytail, Black Butler, most of Ai Yazawa's works and some of Naruto. Looking at the posts, don't know if Ai is anyone's cup of tea, but just posting my opinion smile.gif

I even tried Bleach once but I didn't really like it..

I read Ai Yazawa's Kagen no Tsuki and really like it wink.gif

Never came around one of her other works though (and as a matte rof fact, I have enough series to follow at the moment).

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A manga series I wouldn't recommend would be the Warriors series in a manga style. It's just really...ew and the art and format isn't all that great dry.gif



I didn't make any sense, did I?

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Ooh~ I've read most of the mangas posted here (just cause that's the only thing I ever do in my free time, read mangas)


I like...


Pandora hearts - completely in love with this one. The story is great, though a little confusing and the art is so beautiful, in my opinion. It is based partially on Alice in Wonderland

Pure blood + boyfriend - this author has a way with the pencil/pen whatever. I love the style for this one, too. It's a romance story and kinda bloody...

Are You Alice? - Another Wonderland adventure. <3 the style.

Vampire Knight - I suppose many people know this one

The God of High School - a lot of fighting, a little bloody, but very interesting in my opinion.

16 Life - romance again. All mangas by this author are awesome. They are all romance, I think (Aikawa Saki)

Guilty Crown (I think) - the graphics in the anime are the best, the manga isn't bad either.


There are a bunch of others, but I only know the Chinese/Japanese names for them.

Theres this new one called Amnesia失意症. I've only watched the anime for that, but I think there's a manga, too. You must go watch it. It's really awesome.

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I'm reading Mushishi right now and absolutely loving it. :3

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Well, these are series I like so I suggest you only read them if you're actually interested. xd.png


Saint Seiya: my top favorite anime series in existence. It was originally a manga series, though I don't exactly like the art style (Kurumada's gotten better recently, his Ring ni Kakero and Saint Seiya sequels look good). The story is about Greek goddess Athena and her human warriors, the Saints (they wear armor based on the 88 constellations) - Athena is reborn on Earth in human form every 200 or so years and she and her Saints have to defend the world from the other Olympian gods (including Poseidon and his human warriors, the 7 Mariners; and Hades and his human warriors, the 108 Specters - these 108 armors are based on the 108 Stars from the Water Margin, a Chinese novel from the 14th century).


Trinity Blood: this manga series is actually based on light novels by Sunao Yoshida. The manga came out before the anime and, unlike the latter, the manga actually stays true to the original story (including having a young-looking, cute, babyfaced and expressionless Tres - in the anime he kept scowling, looked older and seemed freakin' scary). The story is about the AX, a special unit within Vatican City, on a mission to try and stop a war from erupting between humans (Vatican) and vampires (Methuselah Empire). I usually hate vampires, but this story is actually really refreshing: the vampires aren't actually vampires at all. They're descendants of human settlers from Mars who got infected by a space virus and mutated - this virus causes their red blood cells to deteriorate and this is why they need blood; sunlight also causes the virus to go out of control and start burning the blood cells at a much faster rate, thus destroying their bodies. ...My favorite character is actually Tres, a battle android. xd.png He's so goddarn cute in the manga.


Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Along with its many sequels and prequels. Yoshihiro Takahashi's dog series haven't actually been released in English - they have a huge fanbase in Finland, though, and I've bought every Finnish volume so far. I also have the uncut anime versions of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed. xd.png Oh, and no, this isn't a cutesy moe "ooh, doggy" series - instead, this focuses on a pack of wild dogs that fight against aggressive bears, wolves, genetically manipulated monster dogs, rival packs, Russian wardogs and insane monkeys. The series can get very gory at times (complete with one dog getting a sickle in his eye) and the dogs actually talk to each other (of course, the humans in the series don't understand them). My favorite characters are Retsuga and Kurotora from Nagareboshi Gin and Jerome, George and Kyoshiro from Densetsu Weed. ...In Weed: Orion, I will most probably adore Andy, Mu, Rara and Shirozaru.


What I love the most about Yoshihiro Takahashi, is that he decided to honor his Finnish fans by making Andy a Finnish dog. Then, to the fandom's surprise, he announced that John (one of the original dogs from the 1980s series) and his brother (Andy's dad) are both Finnish, too! The "Namonaki Inu no Uta" extra story to the Gin series was also dedicated to the Finnish fandom. :3 How many manga fandoms can actually say that? xd.png I'm so proud~


PS. I will add more once I go through my manga shelf. xd.png

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I'm not in the mood for resuming, but I guess I'll just make two reccomendations:

-Kaitou Saint Tail.

-Wedding Peach.


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