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Manga Recommendations?

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Hi, I just wanted to know what mangas you all think are very good since I'm always searching for good manga to read wink.gif Also I want to know which ones you've all though were bad so I can avoid them >.>


The type of manga I like is the type that have a lot of meaning in them and makes you feel for the characters ^^ Of course there must be some romance in it too....and some comedy >:) Heh heh. I also prefer if the plot is not predictable... and I would like for the main character(s) to be likable...


Um...I can't remember all the mangas I read before (I didn't read too many though) but here are the ones that I've read/am reading: (List includes animes)


Like: (Stars mean I especially liked them)

Absolute Boyfriend Sweet ^^

Backstage Prince Just your typical shoujo manga >.>

*Beast Master The same author as Dengeki Daisy :] So of course I liked it ^^ It's somewhat touching at some parts ^^ And the story thing at the end (it's a completely different story) was interesting and touching ^^

*Bitter Virgin Very touching...it makes you feel so bad for the girl

Black Bird Not the best in the world...but it's still fine

Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai This is kinda just like the average shoujo manga >.>

*Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu It has a good story plot and is quite touching at the same time ^^ The art isn't that good to me though...but the story is definitely good ;] I recommend this one if you enjoy stories that have a sad undertone to them ^^

China Girl Kinda boring and interesting at the same time

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya I'm only reading this because I really like the characters Lelouch (still waiting for him to appear- that is if he even does) and C.C....they don't have a lot of chapters out so I'm just waiting...

Cosplay Animal Eh...it's okay...it's smut >.>

*Deep Love There's the original one based on a girl named Ayu, one about her dog, one about her lover, and one about her best friend...all of them are sad but the most sad and touching would be the one about Ayu and the one about her friend :'( I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a touching manga.

*Dengeki Daisy Very sweet and quite hilarious <3 Also quite touching ^^ It's also the first time that I really like both the guy and girl charrie. This is currently my fav manga for sure ^^

*Durarara This manga is just awesome on so many levels xd.png I absolutely have NO IDEA how the author came up with such an interesting idea xd.png I definitely recommend this one wink.gif

*Forest of Gray City There's nothing unique about this manga, but it's so realistic to the point that I couldn't help but love it ^^ And I love the way the boy confessed to her smile.gif The ending is kinda a cliffhanger though...which I didn't like too much sad.gif

Fruits Basket Touching and sweet. Tohru annoys me just a little bit though...

Hana to Akuma A nice one that is a little sad but happy at the end

Hanatsukihime It was a nice little story ^^ But not the best

Hapi Mari An interesting story plot...not the best but not the worse

*Itanura na Kiss Hilarious xd.png

Kimi ni Todoke Realistic but a little too realistic (If you know what I mean >.>)

Koi, Hirari This one is just OK

*Koizara At first it seems like your typical shoujo manga, but if you stick long enough you realize it really does not go the way you want/expect it to. It's based on a movie or drama or something too. It gets touching later on.

Koko ni Iru yo! Your typical shoujo manga

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu Not the best but not the worse

*Liar Game One of you recommended this, and I'd really like to thank you ;] It really makes your brain try to work things out and it's all about strategy :]

*Love So Life It's a sweet manga ^^

*Moe Kare Very sweet ^^

My Sweet Honey? Actually I didn't really enjoy this...but I read it so yeah >.>

*Nana I don't know how to describe it...it's just amazing ;_; In fact, I stopped halfway because I was afraid I'd get too addicted DX

*Otokomae! Beads Club There's something about it that I find really cute ^^

Pureblood Boyfriend Kinda like the typical vampire story plot :3 I like the style of the characters though :]

Say I Love You I thought it was going to be somewhat boring but I actually like it ^^ I find it interesting and (somewhat) realistic at the same time ^^

Seiho Boys' High School Surprisingly, it's a little touching and meaningful

Skip Beat! Still in the middle of reading it >.> So far it's ok ^^

Special A It was fun to read

Tokyo Alice Not many of the chapters are out yet so pretty much I'm just waiting for something to happen...the plot seems promising though...

*Toradora Sweet ^^

*Vampire Game Funny ^^ And has a sweet ending <3

Vampire Knight Some action

Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Kinda like the average shoujo manga...

*Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan Probably one of the most touching manga I've read so far

*Wish The plot was sweet, but the main charrie girl annoyed me a little...but it's starred because it was my very first manga that I read :]

(Can't think of anymore DX)



Desire Climax Sorry to those who like it...I just kinda hate how that guy acts

Do You Want to Try? Really confusing and stupid -.-

Hot Gimmick I know one of you suggested this to me...but I really just don't like it. I absolutely HATE IT when the main charrie girl acts like an idiot -.- And I find it incredibly unrealistic that she would fall in love with this certain guy (You'll know what I mean if you read it)

Kiss x Sis I just find the whole concept really really STUPID!

Love Celeb I also hate how the guy acts -.-

Sekirei Once again I don't really like the concept...

(Can't think of anymore...)


So what about you guys?

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Woah, I'm really surprised this thread isn't bursting with suggestions! o:


A sweet romance one is Pink Innocent. It depends on the person though if they'll find the protagonist likeable. ;o


Kitchen Princess is really adorable and definitely not predictable! (I really really liked it! > u <)


Since you liked Absolute Boyfriend, I'd check out Hot Gimmick. The main character tends to get a bit annoying after the fourth volume, but it's still a good read.


And finally, one I would suggest the most is

Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu. Long name, but the art is breath taking, the plot is satisfying, and I love the character. = u =

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Thanks for answering!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I'll put all those mangas into my 'to read' list ^^ Thanks for posting smile.gif


Hmm...I need to update my post since now I remember a few more mangas I've read before.

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I normally read more action oriented ... and some shonen crap, lol.

Well, FullMetal Alchemist have lots of meanings - about the life, the pursuit of power at all costs, how us humans are small compared to the world, yet we can make the difference, loss, vengeance... And Neon Genesis Evangelion. Evangelion. Dunno how to describe it.


Well, both don't have much romance (only small hints that two characters like each other) but at least they have meaning ^^' They have some comedy too.

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Hmm...I see....I heard of Full Metal Alchemist but never really knew what it was about. If I get the time I'll check it out ^^


And thanks for posting! wink.gif

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Oh my I have the best manga recommendations for you based on your guidelines.


Read Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara. You'll have to watch it, too. The anime is really good. It makes you super sad but then it's hilarious, so you just have to pause and go upstairs laughing your guts out.

Watch it watch it watch it~ <3


Um... there's also Skip Beat. It's romance, but it's also pretty funny.


And then there... DETECTIVE CONAN. It's an awesome mystery series. But if you can't stand the sight of like... dead people, then don't read it. And also if you like to read it when it's done. 'Cause it's 700 something chapters and it's still not done. xd.png


Detective Conan is my <3

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Let's see....I never heard of Shingeki no Kyojin...I'll add it too my list ^^


I heard of Death Note and watched a bit of the anime, but it's too complicated for me >.<


I heard of Lovely Complex and Skip Beat ^^ I'll read/watch them when I find the time wink.gif


I also heard of Detective Conan, but yeah...I don't really like dead bodies >.> And I'm not too big on the history genre...and if I started it now I'll definitely have a lot of catching up to do xd.png


Anyways, thanks for the reply wink.gif


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I recommend Lovely Complex before the other two that I listed, though. You simply must read/watch it. Mostly watch. :3

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I recommend Monster, but if you don't like dead bodies, you might not like this one either. It's written for more adult readers, so the characters are not so funny/silly as in other manga.


And I would also recommend Detective Conan, if it hadn't been said before.

If you ever decide to read Detective Conan you don't need to catch up with all the stories. It's a bit like X-Files. You don't need to know all the episodes to start. Just the main story is enough.

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Ok, I'll definitely watch Lovely Complex then wink.gif But first I must get the time to watch it >.> But I definitely will some day ^^


Yeah...I don't think Monster's for me...but the part about them not being as silly makes me just a little interested...


Lachrymation mentioned Detective Conan wink.gif Not sure if I'm that interested, but I might check it out one day if I'm feeling for a mystery


Anyways, thanks for the suggestions ^^



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Hm..I'll definitely check some of those out on your list wink.gif And I think maybe I should make my own list ohmy.gif >.> xd.png


I heard that Bleach is good...but I don't think it's my type of manga.


And once again thanks for the suggestions wink.gif

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Princess Jellyfish is a wonderful manga. It's about a young Jellyfish otaku, her other crazy otaku roomates and a young man who's hobby is cross dressing.


I won't mention the plot, but it's very unique. The characters are all unique, believable and definitely not cookie cutter. There are several emotional moments for the characters planted in while still keeping a lighthearted mood.


There's both an anime and a manga for this series. I've only read the manga, but I've heard the anime is also good.


If you want something shorter, I picked up Eensy Weensy Monster a few months ago in the bookstore. It's more of a slice-of-life kind of story about a girl with a metaphorical demon who only comes out when a certain egotistical prince comes her way. A good quick read.


I find it very endearing and love how you get to see the main protagonists mature throughout the two volume series. This is the same artist who wrote and illustrated Kare Kano, another slice-of life story which is longer and centers around a pretentious girl who strives to be number 1 in her class and a boy who takes her throne.


And lastly, I highly recommend Mugen Spiral. It's about a demon prince who is turned into a cat by a young priestess girl. It has elements of japanese folklore while keeping a touch of romance. Sadly, it's only a 2 volume series that the artist ended up dropping and decided to never finish.


ETA: And I just remembered another one I like. Kamisama Kiss is a series that's currently being published in English. Some people have mentioned that it's somewhat similar to Black Bird, so you might kind of like it.


I'm sorry these are all kind of more light hearted, and I can't say if there's any deep meaning behind most of them. But these are some of my favorites that I've read in the past, so I'd recommend them to anybody into shojo. :3

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And I would also recommend Detective Conan, if it hadn't been said before.

If you ever decide to read Detective Conan you don't need to catch up with all the stories. It's a bit like X-Files. You don't need to know all the episodes to start. Just the main story is enough.



Well knowing the progression of the Black Organization is kind of needed.


But I have a list of all the cases and their chapters, so if you ever need a reference, you can just tell me. xd.png


Yeaahh I'm that obsessed. 700 chapters.

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Well knowing the progression of the Black Organization is kind of needed.

That's what I meant by main story. That you don't need to know every episode, just the few that explain the current situation / main plot.

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I haven't read a whole lot of Manga.... But one that I did very much like was Rozen Maiden. The storyline wasn't the most original, but the characters were amusing and well thought-out.

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@Daydreamer: Hmm...all of those sound interesting- I'm going to add them to my list wink.gif Except for the one that's unfinished...I hate it most when I get into a manga/book just to find out it's never gonna be continued :3 And it's ok if they're light hearted ^^ It's hard to find a manga with deep meaning anyways >.>


@Raistlin I get what you mean ^^ But yeah...I'm not too big in the mystery department but once in a while I may suddenly feel like reading it wink.gif


@digipup I read a little bit of Rozen Maiden before...I don't remember what happens at all >.> So if I get the chance I'll pick it up again ^^

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A manga that I thought was really good is InuYasha. Good plot, loveable characters, and of course, a good amount of humor.

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InuYasha? I hated it, 56 volumes of finding a bits of a jewel. I think InuYasha is a complete waste of time.


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InuYasha? I hated it, 56 volumes of finding a bits of a jewel. I think InuYasha is a complete waste of time.

hmm, oh well. i guess we all have different opinions

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I most warmly recommend Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind from Hayao Miyazaki - none of the mangas I've read were ever as good as this one. The plot is excellent - it's an adventure in every meaning of the word, set in a futuristic semi-postapocaliptic world, the characters are deep and intriguing and with 'only' 7 volumes, it won't take you ages to get through. Check it out - you wont be sorry (I sure wasn't). smile.gif

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I heard of Inuyasha, but I'm not really interested...and I don't really like the style of characters o3o Yeah... So it's basically about finding a gem? Hm...that reminds me of Tsubasa, since he's finding feathers instead. But is Tsubasa good?


I heard of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind ^^ In fact, my sister has the books so I definitely plan on reading them some time ^^

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