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Naruto, Orochimaru's student [open]

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This will be a Naruto RP.

I will probably make an OoC for the character sheets so that the RP is organized. I will be posting every day of the week around 4 to 9 pm Eastern Time Zone. You can only have 1 character per RP'er, except for me who will try to keep the RP alive in each village.



Basic Rules:

-NO Godmodding

-NO Powerplaying

-NO Gary Stus/Mary Sues

-NO Machine-Gunning

-1 Character Per RP'er



Available Villages: the map


- Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha) Village of Konoha

- Hidden Mist Village (Kiri) Village of Kiri

- Hidden Sand Village (Suna) Village of Suna



Character Sheet:





personality: (optional)

history: (optional)


Rank: (all start as academy student -that being lower than genin- for now )

Element: (fire, lighting,water, wind, earth)

Fighting style:

(choose one major and one minor)






-Weapons Master

Jutsu: ( choose 1 d rank and 1 c rank )

here's a good site for jutsus






Fighting style:

-Ninjutsu: This is techniques like cloning Jutsu

-Genjutsu: This is mental manipulation/illusions Jutsu

-Taijutsu: This is hand to hand fighting

-Puppetry: This is when you use human sized puppets to fight

-Kenjutsu: This is when you use swords

-Weapons Master: This is when you use kunais, or shurikens, or even bombs. Refer to the character Tenten





You may choose 2 starting Jutsus (Jutsu can be invented) related to the fighting style you chose. Please post your Jutsus in your character application.



Genin missions = D

Chuunin missions = D and C

Jounin missions = C, D and B

Sannin missions = C,D and A

Kage/ANBU missions = All + S


Here's the story of the anime Naruto:

The first main arc of Naruto begins as you are introduced to a world dominated by Ninjas. Here, in the Naruto world there aren't many forms of technology,this means no cars, no planes, and no guns. The only technology found in this world would be lights in your house or lamposts in the village.. These ninjas have their own hidden villages around the world, and the story begins in the hidden leaf village of Konoha. According to their history, the hidden village was once terrorized by the Nine-tailed Fox, a beast that threatened the existence of the hidden leaf village. The ninjas did their best to fight against it, but its power was far too immense. Many were injured, and even more died. Just when there seemed to be no hope, their leader, the 4th Hokage, appeared. He sealed the Nine-tailed Fox inside a baby using a forbidden Jutsu at the cost of his own life. The baby's name is Naruto Uzumaki.


Wiki Page: wiki




You will begin this RP in your home. It will be the day of the first Genin Exams. Everyone should meet up at the school entrance to sign up for the exam: the exams will take place in the Leaf Village. After that there will be side missions according to ranks, the most missions you do the more points you get and finally you can get higher ranks! There will be a fighting tournament for all the ninjas who will pass the genin exams. Oto village is in war with konoha.




This is to prevent power playing or god modding.

~Dice System~


In my roleplay, people will use a dice system that is made to calculate luck, accuracy, etc.


So let's say you're fighting against another player, when you want to attack you need to roll a die. ( I'll give the dice link below )

the higher the number the higher the accuracy. We will use a 30face die.




A Hit Example:

Edmon ran towards Akato, took out is sword and tried to stab him right in the stomach (( dice roll:25 )). The sword stabbed is enemy right where he was aiming for.


A Fail Example:

Edmon ran towards Akato, took out is sword and tried to stab him right in the stomach (( dice roll:7 )) as he went to stab him he got distracted and totaly missed if opponent.



Link to the dice roller : http://www.roll-dice-online.com/






Example of my form : ( i will actually use that one )


Name: edmon inuku

Appearance: me

Age: 19

Gender: male

Personality: he like to build puppets on his free time and likes to prank his friends,


Village: konoha

Rank: student

Element: earth

Major: -Ninjutsu

Minor: -Puppetry




1. (Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu) – Earth Release: Hiding like a mole technique

Rank: C

Description: The user changes earth into fine sand by channeling chakra into it, allowing the user to dig through it like a mole. While underground one, can sense what is happening on the surface and use the information to launch a surprise attack on the enemy. Once can also hide deep in the ground, where the enemy can't reach.


2.(Doton No Jutsu) - Earth Style Technique

Rank: D

Descripton: Creates small pillars of earth, small tools, and small shields of earth


3. (doton: Earth Release: Earth Flow River )

rank: C

This jutsu can transform the ground upon which the enemy stands into a river of mud to throw them off balance.

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i will meaby make an ooc soon smile.gif depends on how much you guys make ooc posts

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(Yay! You restarted this!)


Name: Hikari Hyuuga

Appearance:She has long brown hair and the white pupil-less eyes that all Hyuuga's have. Her eyes have a tint of lavender in them though. She wears a white and lavender hoodie most of the time and brown pants. She also wears the usual shinobi sandals.

Age: 13

Gender: female

personality: (optional) RP'd

history: (optional) RP'd


Rank: student

Element: wind

Fighting style:








1) Byakugan

Rank: - (Kekkei genkai, have since birth)

Descripion: The user gets a near 360º vision field. They also can see through solid objects and have an extended vision range (telescopic vision). The final ability allows the user to see chakra.


2) Jyuuken (Gentle Fist)

Rank: - (Again, it branches off from their kekkei genkai)

Description: A style of taijutsu that may be fatallly dangerous. The user does a series of taps and touches on the opponent while injecting chakra into their targets chakra network. They mad shut of or speed up the chakra flow in chakra points they touch. They may also damage internal organs if hit. This must be used with the byakugan to see the chakra network.

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((I already made a Naruto RP! You could've joined mine! Did you even look to see if there were others before you made one?!))

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.. this is the third time you comme to tell me this. i dont care about your rp leave me alone please.

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((I already made a Naruto RP! You could've joined mine! Did you even look to see if there were others before you made one?!))

As has already been stated, there can be more than one Naruto RP at a time as long as they don't have the exact same plot. Please keep this in mind.

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I found this Rp iv'e made a long time ago ! I feel like putting it back up so here it goes smile.gif !

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Name:Hatsu Imuzuka

Appearance:He has light brown hair ,black eyes and he wears a brown shirt and black pants, he has the inuzuka clan tatoo on his cheeks.



personality: He's hyperactive and somewhat weird but he's nice and caring with others.




Element: Earth

Fighting style:




1)Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique


Description:Using this jutsu, a person can hide underground until they're ready to attack an opponent. By utilizing earth-chakra, the person can stealthily emerge from the ground without disrupting the ground around him.

2)Piercing Fang


Description:The user spins at a ferocious speed and delivers many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target. This attack is done alone but it can be done with a partner, making it more effective.


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great you restarted this! biggrin.gif Good thing I saved my form from before, no problem if I just copy paste it right?


Name: Kaiser Kanryu

Appearance: Kaiser

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Almost always serious, he is very stubborn and quickly angered, but only in battles. outside them, he is an easy going person, retaining his serious look, he enjoys spending time with friends and fooling around, but always being prepared to battle when needed. He is eager to master all the secrettechniques of his clan, buthe is far from that yet.

History: As part of the Ryu Clan, a powerfull but almost extinct clan, Kaiser wanted to become the greatest ninja of the clan. But even with their best senseis, he could not reach his goal, so he decided to move to Konoha to fulfill it. Since his markings could be easily be hide, he designed a way to hide them so he could join the rest of the people without catching their attention. Once in Konoha, and away from his family, he joined the Ninja Academy in order to fulfill his dream and to have his family and clan to be proud of him. He graduated from the academy by performing his "Katon Kage Bunshin" technique, a very powerfull cloning technique developed by his clan and that he managed to learn before moving to Konoha, mastering it during his academy years. Being part of the Ryu Clan he can learn all of the secret techniques of the clan, no matter their nature, although different natures than his own would be more difficult to master.

Village: Konoha

Rank: Student

Chakra Nature: Fire

Fighting style:

Major: Ninjutsu

Minor: Kenjutsu

-Although sometimes mixes both in one single type of jutsu-




Katon - Fire Shot (Ninjutsu, 火災サンプル - Fire Release: Fire Shot)

Kasai-chū ken (Kenjustsu-Ninjutsu, 火災中剣 - Sword of Fire)

Katon Kage Bunshin (火遁影分身 - Fire Release: Shadow Clone cloning technique, works exactly as the Raiton Kage Bunshin but with flames)


Primary Weapon:


Double Nija Swords


Used as main weapons and for some of his Jutsus such as the Kasai-chū ken. The swords are special swords forged by his clans eldest blacksmiths which are made specially for the Ryū Clan members. He uses wears them on his back in a "L" formation so one is drawn above the shoulder and the other from the lower back, the swords look like this only that the guards ressemble the open mouth of a dragon and the handles are black with dark red strings around them. Close to the guards, the swords have a special streak(*) to which he can press and get blood go through the canal on the center of the blade and fill it with his chakra through the blood. Since the swords are specially made for Ryū Clan members, they get empowered by the blood of one of them, making them work as a weaker version of the Dragon Blade, and thus each blow stronger and even makes jutsus performed with them stronger along with the power of draining a little portion of the foe's chakra.


Hidden Kunnai with "Chain"


A hidden Kunai under his wristbands, each of them attached to a special metal rope specially forged by Ryū Clan blacksmiths to be as fluent as a normal rope but to be as strong as the stiffest of steels. The kunnai is only revealed from its hidding when he wants to use it either as a projectile or cable device (to pull himself or enemies closer).


*Lack of a better word... is something like a part of the blade raises to form a small "blade" to cut and take blood to it.... If you've seen Blood+ you'll have an idea of what I mean

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ahhaha ! sure


EDIT: flyking your accepted smile.gif


Since you guys are 3 you can form a squad want to start the rp right now ?

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ok smile.gif so ryu want to make the firts post ? just wake up and head to school like we used to do before il'l post after


EDIT: in my form it says im a student i might change that to jounin to be your squad leader

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((ok,no problem, also, I can make another character, a jounnin to help you in the future if you need to))


Kaiser woke up from his bed as the first sounds of the morning got to his ears. This was an important day, the day he would finally take the academy exam to join the shinobi ranks as a Gennin. e raised and made his way to the bathroom, taking a good bath quickly and returning to his room to change clothes. He put on his black band on the forehead to have his hair well set, so to cover his clan's heritage. After that he went to have a good breakfast, he might be in a rush, but wouldn't work well if he was hungry. Once done he put on the bandana he used to cover his mouth and setting his wristbands to hide the "chained kunai" and put on the two special katanas on his back before he left for the academy.


He had to cross half the village as he was living close to the outskirts of it but when he arrived he smiled, he was the first one to get to the academy. He looked around not finding somebody else so he went to train his kunai throwing skills on a human shaped wood dummy while he awaited the rest of the students to arrive.

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Edmon woke up when the sun pierced through his curtains ans shined into his sleeping eyes. He took his time to get out of bed, he was the lazy type.

When he was finally up, he got ready, ate and went to see how was doing the puppet he just had finished building the night before. '' ahh your a master piece... mhmm how should i name you ? i know, kino !'' He said outloud talking to his puppet. Then he remembed today was the first day of genin exam and he was going to be assigned to be a squad leader with the new students. He wrapped his puppet into big bandages on his back and headed to the academy.


When he arrived he saw that there was already some students, some of them where sitting and talking others where practicing throwing kunai's. He didn't know with who he was assigned with yet but he had the names of hi student on a paper. He waited for the bell to ring before calling out the names.

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Hikari opened her eyes, getting up form her meditating position. She looked out of the window of her room in the Hyuuga complex, the sun was shining in and it was a nice clear day. A perfect day to be at school and a perfect day for her examination. She walked down the halls of the complex, reaching the door and putting on her sandals.


The Hyuuga complex wasn't too far way form the Academy but she hurried none the less. She would have been perfectly on time even if she didn't rush. she entered the grounds of the Academy to see another one of the students taking the Genin examination and some other students practicing with their kunai. She thought her kunai throwing was good enough for now and if it wasn't she could still potentially make a simple little tap just as deadly.

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(I got a serious typo i spelled inuzuka wrong DX , by the way kunailby can i get a dog or a puppy later in the rp cause my character is a inuzuka and i dont plan on getting one this early?)


Hatsu woke up with the wonderfull noise of the birds singing.He was happy cause today was special it waesn't a ordinary day,today was special for him.Hatsu got out of his bed and brushed his teeth and poured some water to his face.Since today was different he got some new clothes he bought a brown shirt and some long black pants.


He went to the kitchen and ate some cereal and got ready to leave to the academy he put on his sandles and left.As he got there he opened the door and quietly took a seat.

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[[ Sure no problem at all. ]]

*ding-dong,dong-ding* As Edmon heard the bell ring he got ready, took out his student list and called out the names. '' Kaiser, Hikari and Hatsu '' He waited for the students to come closer to him, and then he would tell them the first part of the examinations, his favorite part. The fighting.



[[ Il tell it on my next post but Hikari you fight with hatsu and kaiser you'll fight with me, i like your fighting posts smile.gif ]]

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(Okay, sounds good)


Hikari moved closer to the Jounin. Time for there examinaton to start. She looked at the other people whose names were called. By the looks of it they also had an Inuzuka on the squad. This would make the team great at tracking. With the great sense of smell of the Inuzuka Clan and the telescopic vision of the Hyuuga Clan hiding something form them would be hard. She didn't know about Kaiser though. Her pupilless eyes studied him for a moment before turning to their Sensei, waiting for instruction.

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He looked at the tall jounin and heared what he said.He looked at Kaiser and Hikari "So these are my partners and i got to fight a hyuuga" he tought to himself."Hehe this is gonna be a piece of cake" Hatsu said quietly.He looked back to the jounin and waited for his next commands.

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((Lol thanks biggrin.gif))


Kaiser heard his name being called. He quickly retrieved his kunais and went to the Jounnin who called him. Noticing the other two students, a Hyuuga and an Iuzuka, both easily recognizable by their respective clan markings (or physical traits in case of the Hyuuga). "hmm if this is going to be my team I believe we will be great" he thought to himself. He inspcted them, the Inuzuka seemed to have not get a dog-wolf-thing for him yet, but maybe soon, that would contribute for the team to be stronger as for what he knew the Inuzuka beast partners were great fighters. The Hyuuga girl seemed to be using her eyes to inspect him and the rest of the team... he was not very comefortable with that, but if theyw ere going to be teammates, he'd have to take it anyway. Kaiser looked up to the Jounnin and swirling a kunai in his middle finger he awaited for the intructions of what they'd be doing first.

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