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What Do You Consider an Army?

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I consider something an army when I see somebody have over 1,000 of them.

That's a real army.

Real real armies have tens of thousands. So basing on that. ;o


I don't think I'll be starting any armies soon, but I'll see what my new favorite breed will be.

It's currently girl silvers.

Never going to be able to get 1,000 of those. xd.png

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Oh wow! How long did that take you!?!?



Im working on an eletric army, 15 or so and counting :/

Well I have 938 now. I started back in early 2009 randomly grabbing the waters to help free up the cave and AP.

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I'd say an army is more than thirty since many users play for so long they just go ahead to get whatever pops up. I don't have any serious armies. But I want a hundred of every breed and name dem all >:D

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Personally, I think anything over 25 could be considered an army, but definitely anything over 50. Call them small armies or whatever you like until they reach into the hundreds.

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