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You have 50 points as the value for holidays from the current holiday pack - does that mean from eggs that are released this year? If that is the case, do we have folks who are able (and willing?) to breed previous year's christmas dragons?


=3 This will be my first DC Christmas so I'm going to be making an attempt at getting some of the older dragons, in addition to whatever is released this year.


Also, more blockers =3










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Stephbexx: Yes, that includes eggs that are released this year, though we do not encourage catching as it includes giving out your password. And you can apply to donate Christmases.

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UPDATE to list above!!!!! wink.gif


Adding more CB on AP:




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Looks interesting I'll join for the heck of it. I just started playing again recently and a lot of my dragons came from the AP.


Username: Uso

Link to scroll: Link

Current Blockers:4 H18Cm





Selt note:iEVYr

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Alrighty; decided on what holiday dragon I wanted to request, so I'll put my name in before someone else can claim it wink.gif


Username: Stephbexx

Current Blockers: 58

Want: Holiday Dragon - Snow Angel

Any other specifications for your want: Prefer second gen; and if possible with a white or winter seasonal parent. If not possible, that is also ok smile.gif



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Got a successfully bitten vampire egg for fierce_west_wind. PMing to see if still active/wants the vampire egg.


Edit: Successful!


KenderBard --- > fierce_west_wind : Vampire

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