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Welcome to The Doctor Who Project.

This is a group lineage project. Approved by _Z_ and thread created by Wiz.

If you PM this account please post in the thread that you have done so. That way you will get a quick response.



This lineage has been going on for some time using the even-gen thread but that thread moves too fast to keep track of information so here we are!




The lineage is based around quotes and random one liners from Doctor Who. Each quote or set of one liners is based around a four generation 'block' of dragons.

There are people who may wish to go higher than four generations in their own block of dragons because the quote they want to use is too long for a 4th gen. While 4th generations are prefered going higher is not against the rules. However for simplicity we will refer to blocks as four generations for the remainder of this post.

Swapping 4th gens is encouraged, spread the Who love!

Once you have two or more 4th gens they can be bred together to make a 5th gen and so on and so on.





Mission Objective:

To boldly go where ... no wait. That's Star Trek.

To get to as high a generation as we can using only Doctor Who dragons while trying to organize things so that we don't end up with multiple people working on the same quote or using the same breed.



Naming Rules:

Each starting block of 4 generations must either contain a quote from an episode of Doctor Who or it can contain a mix of 'one liner' quotes.

Example One

Example Two

Quotes can start from either the 4th gen dragon or in the top right corner.

Scroll names are discouraged for full quotes, it spoils the flow. One liners may contain scroll names.


Once you reach the 5th generation and beyond names must be chosen for their relevance to Doctor Who.


Please check first and make sure no one else in the project is using the quote you have chosen.

Copying quotes already used by rearranging the names differently is not allowed. The exception to this is if you receive a 4th generation from someone else and it is necessary to complete the quote.


The multiple use of one liners is allowed with the addition of a scroll name.

Once you have chosen a quote please please temporarily name some of your dragons with all the parts of the quote. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through and finding out someone else has used the name you want.

Calling dibs on a quote:

This is allowed if you have the names assigned temporarily on your scroll. You can not call dibs if you do not do this. Please make a note in your personal project post of the full quote you have dibs on .

*The 4th post has some useful tips on naming and some great links to sites with Doctor Who quotes.


Acceptable breeds and lineages:

All dragon breeds are acceptable:

This is an Even Gen project.

To keep the lineage interesting, no duplicate 4th gens.

You can use the dragons in any combination of any pattern as long as no one else has done it already.

So only one pure bred of each breed is allowed. The exception to this is alts. For the purpose of this project alts will be treated as different breeds. So there could be two PB Nebula lineages, one alt the other normal.

Once someone has done a checker pattern of for example Waverunners x Skywings that pattern is excluded for future 4th gens. But Waverunners or Skywings can still be used in other combinations not yet used. So for example, you could have a pattern where Waverunners x Skywings are used in the starter generation but only Skywings are bred for the rest of the lineage. The secret word is cyberman.

You can also have a 4th gen in which every dragon is a different breed but this works best with one liners unless you have a theme going on (all green for example) to give some visual cohesiveness to the quote.

Dibs on breeds and lineages: If you have a work in progress your chosen lineage pattern is removed from those advailable. If you wish to reserve a lineage pattern and breed you must start working on it within two weeks (tentative, time may change). This means that at the minimum you must have most of the CB's on your scroll. It would not be fair on others to call dibs on a lineage and then do nothing with it.

Edit: Every now and then (a couple of times a year) I will do a roll call. I will post in this thread and follow up with a PM. Failure to respond to roll call will result in you being marked as inactive and any unfinished projects you have called dibs on will be returned to the available pool of breeds and quotes. This will not affect finished projects. Finish edit.






New members welcome.

Please register your wish to join using this form.

Please include the secret word as proof you have read and understood the rules.


Forum Name:

Scroll Name:  with link

Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests:

Number of self bred Doctor Who

4th gens you already have if any:

Secret Word:


[color=red][b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Scroll Name[/b]:  with link
[b] Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests:[/b]
[b]Number of self bred Doctor Who 
4th gens you already have if any:[/b]
[b]Secret Word:[/b][/color]



Once your application has been accepted the post you used to apply will become your Personal Project Post. Please keep this post updated with your progress. Include a list of finished 4th gens, works in progress, breeds and pattern used, and quotes you have dibs on. Keep the post tidy and free of chat. Please post separately to let us know you have updated your Personal Project Post. Also I would advise you keep a copy of your Personal Project Post in case of thread cleaning.



Question: Can we do a 3rd gen if we have a short quote we want to use?

Answer: You could do two short quotes and then breed the two together to make a 4th gen. Or the 3rd gen quote and random one liners as the second half. Whether you used the same breed/lineage for both sides or not would be up to you.


Question: Would quotes from the Doctor Who books that never got made into episodes be okay?

Answer: No, this is a lineage focusing on the TV Doctor.

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Personal Project Posts:

Prefered method of contact for breeding requests.


Amazon_Warrior - PM or post to this thread. Active 17/06/12

AppleMango - PM.

BayouBecky - PM. Active 11/06/12

Belisar - PM. Active 11/06/12

binicorn - PM.

dragongrrl - PM or post to this thread. Active 17/06/12

DragonWolf256 - PM.

dreamgirl5 - PM

elynne. Active 11/06/12

Enalahs - PM. Active 10/06/12

evangeline5432 - PM. Active 10/06/12

Felischia PM. Active 30/05/12

Fire-Ice - PM.

Firerubynat - PM or post to this thread. Active 01/06/12

heyninja - PM


jerusha - PM. Active 08/06/12

littleangelamy22 - PM. On temporary hiatus. 23/06/12

LumosSeeker148 - PM or post in the thread.

Manx22 - PM

mishii - PM. Active 11/06/12

Nyka - PM.

omgitskairi - PM

PhoenixStarr - PM

Raistlin24 - PM or post to this thread. Active 30/05/12

ranger lucy - PM

Raptor of Dragons - PM

redwolf. Active 08/06/12

SanguineWolf - PM.

Sarill - PM

shikyowolf17 - PM or this thread. Active 30/05/12

sparkdragon - PM. Active 30/05/12

spirited_soul - PM. Active 13/06/12

SpiritOfSakura - PM

stagazer_7 - PM or post to this thread. Active 01/06/12

Sunfeathers - PM. Active 10/06/12

tianjinghuizi - PM.

Valfaris - PM. Active 10/06/12

waterwaves. Active 10/06/12

Wiz - PM or post to this thread. Active 30/05/12

Wolfsong442 - PM.

wolfwindmoon - PM. Active 08/06/12

xXAngelicEvilXx - PM

Zareni - PM or post to this thread. Active 30/05/12


Inactive - 23/06/12.

bookwormofdune - PM.

Dragonmage - PM or post to this thread.

ginevra - PM or post to this thread.

gravity404 - PM or this thread.

LaughingStock - PM.

Seoldraca - PM.

Sinsdaemn - PM.

Vaprrenon - PM.





Honorary Lineages

Blink PB Nocturnes

Bad Wolf PB normal Vines

The Sontaran Stratagem


Honorary Lineages are not part of the project but some people use them in their lineages, so the breeds count as taken as do the quotes. They are not on the first page of the spreadsheet, but the breeds appear in the second page as used.

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user posted image

We have a wonderful three page spreadsheet supplied by Raistlin24. It's the first place to check to see if a quote or lineage pattern is taken. More detailed information is then available in the Personal Project Posts linked above.








user posted image     Banner by Raistlin24




user posted image     Banner by Raistlin24






user posted image    Banner by stagazer_7





user posted image   Banner by stagazer_7





user posted image     Banner by stagazer_7





user posted image    Banner by AlexisV




Thread Mods:






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We are allowed 32 characters when naming our dragons, which includes spaces. Trying to make a quote fit can be challenging.

For a 4th gen dragon that gives us 15 lines of up to 32 characters allowing a maximum of 480 characters. Any more than 480 characters and it won't fit. Once you have your quote of less than 480 characters then the fun of trying to fit it into 15 lines begins. xd.png

The same applies to 5th gen lineages except the numbers are 31 lines with a maximum of 992 characters.


Some useful ideas:

What I do is paste the quote into a text editor and use this line of asterisks o's as a marker of how long a dragon name can be: (you can't post a line of *'s in the forums, heh)




Then I can chop the quote up, see what I can fit on each line, and arrange the words until it looks nice. smile.gif




I usually use a character count for mine.




Useful Links:


Doctor Who Wikiquote


http://who-transcripts.atspace.com/ - This is a site with episode transcripts from S1-S4 .


http://www.chakoteya.net/DoctorWho/ Transcripts of all the Who episodes from Hartnell to McCoy. Thank you DarkEternity for the link.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_items A list of Doctor Who related items. Thank you evangeline5432 for the link.


Has every single transcript for season 6 Thank you DarkEternity for the link.


Is regularly updated and has the name of every episode of DW Thank you DarkEternity for the link.


Has a timeline of DW (seems quite thorough) but some of it is interwoven with other media Thank you DarkEternity for the link.



Edited by Doctor Who Project

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Wiz's Personal Project Post.


I am no longer keeping lists for any of my dragons but I am happy to take requests on a first come first served basis.


Finished 4th Gens:

PB Harvest. Some Days Are Special

PB Waterwalkers. Random one liners

PB Sunsong. Planet Of The Dead

M Waverunners x F Deep Sea. A Time Lord Has Thirteen Lives

PB Balloons. The Planet's Gone

PB Terrae In All My Travelling

PB Albinos. Welcome You Are Unauthorised

PB Horses. A Letter To The Doctor

Whites with F White x M Original Frill CB. Planet Earth

Embers with M Ember x F Hellfire CB. The Beast

M Autumn x F Moonstone. The Anger Of A Good Man

PB Stones (no Geodes). The First Doctor

PB Pebbles (no Geodes). The Sixth Doctor

PB Purple Ridgewings. When You're Alone

PB Pinks. Every Time We Meet

Deepsea with M Deepsea x F Shadow Walker CB. The Dawn Of Time.

M Nocturne x F Swallowtail. We Waited Here.

M Balloons x F Pillows. Like Savages.

M Nocturnes x F Moonshines. Midnight - Sky

PB Winters. But I Keep Wondering:

PB Autumns. I Travelled Across The World

PB Turpintines. How Fast Can You Run

PB Canopy. World War Three

Parents and Child mini quotes. Shhh Spoilers

Soulpeace with F White x M Daydream baseline: Asylum 0f The Daleks.

Hellhorses with M Horse x F Hellfire baseline: I Don't Know Where I Am - It's

CB's Mixed Holiday X: Random One Liners


Finished 5th Gens:

4th gen PB Stone x 4th gen PB Pebble. The Doctor's Last Words:

PB Dorsals. The Clothes Off My Back:

PB Seasonals. I Travelled Across The World x But I Keep Wondering


My Highest Gen Who So Far:

8th gen Who. Basically Run


Works in Progress:


M Embers x F Albino

The Most Important Leaf // In Human History // It's Full Of Stories // Full Of History And Full Of // A Future That Never Got Lived // Days That Should Have Been // That Never Were // Passed On To Me // This Leaf Isn't Just The Past // It's A Whole Future // That Never Happened // There Are Billions And Millions // Of Unlived Days For // Every Day We Live An Infinity // All The Days That Never Came

CB: 5 - 2nd Gen: 0 - 3rd Gen: 0

Brimstones with a M White and F Brimstone baseline.

He's Waking // Because It's His Time To Wake // And Feed - On You Apparently // On Your Stories // The Soul's Made Of Stories // Not Atoms // Everything That Ever // Happened To Us // People We Love // People We Lost // People We Found Again // Against All The 0dds // He Threatens To Wake // They Offer Him A Pure Soul // The Soul Of The Queen Of Years

It will eventually be a mate for this young lady and their offspring will mate this guy.

Dr Who Specials:





Doctor Who lineages gifted to me by wonderful people:

Thank you to everyone who has gifted me with one of their eggs. I've taken the list down to make some space as it was getting so long. This is because you all rock. cool.gif


My spreadsheet

Edited by Wiz

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Amazon's Personal Project Post


Self-bred Doctor Who dragons:

4th gens

Checkerboard Pebble x Pillow - I've certainly got a gob - Breeding list: ***LIST OPEN***

Checkerboard White x purple Ridgewing - Mathematics any more - Breeding list: ***LIST OPEN***

Arrowhead Ember x Autumn - The darkness - The big bad wolf - Breeding list: ***LIST OPEN***

Checkerboard Stone x Sunstone - The Doctor Made Sure That We Did - Breeding list: ***LIST OPEN***

Guardian x Spitfire - No - In that case - Allons y - Firerubynat, Zeldarax

Red x Horsedragon arrowhead - The Chula Warship - Breeding list: ***LIST OPEN***


5th gens

Checkerboard Moonstone x Nebula - I will miss you terribly - Breeding list: ***LIST OPEN***

Random PB Nebulas - Monsters are real - Breeding list: Belisar, shikyowolf17

Checkerboard Grey x Sunrise - Now forget me Rose Tyler


Work-in-progress projects:

4th gens:

Breeds: Brimstone x Turpentine checker

Episode: The Unicorn and the Wasp

Quote: It was forty years ago. In the heat of Delhi one night. I was alone and that’s when I saw it—a dazzling light in the sky. The next day, he came to the house—Christopher, the most handsome man I’d ever seen. Our love blazed like a wildfire and I held nothing back. And in return, he showed me the incredible truth about himself. He made himself human to learn about us. This was his true shape.

Progress: CBs: 4 of 4 Turpentines, 4 of 4 Brimstones; 2nd gens: 0 of 2 Turpentines, 1 of 2 Brimstones.


5th gens:

Breeds: Random PB Stripes

Episode: TBD

Quote: TBD

Progress: 4 of 16 CBs.



Other Doctor Who dragons:

4th gens:

Am I Ginger (Breeder: Belisar)

The Time-War Ends (Breeder: Zareni)

You Were My Doctor (Breeder: Felischia)

And the bluest blue ever (Breeder: Felischia)

For Humanity - And For Earth (Breeder: Felischia)

He Was Being Kind (Breeder: Zareni)

An Un-Earthly Child (Breeder: stagazer_7)

x The Face Of Evil x (Breeder: stagazer_7)


5th gens:

The Planet Gallifrey (Breeder: Zareni)


6th gens:

River Make Her Blue Again (Breeder: Wiz)


Other information:

Forum Name: Amazon_warrior

Scroll Name: Amazon_warrior, http://dragcave.net/user/Amazon_warrior

Preferred contact for breeding requests: PM or here

Edited by Amazon_warrior

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Forum Name: mishii

Scroll mishii

Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: PM



(PB Whiptails - half half the CBs growing, will have the other half next week probably tongue.gif) Trouble's just the bits in-between! It's all waiting out there, Jackie. And it's brand new to me - all those planets and creatures and horizons! I haven't seen them yet, not with these eyes. And it is gonna be...fantastic!





I'm The Doctor ( see code :3 )


4th Gens

Some Days Are Special (Thank you Wiz!)

Have You Ever Tried Not Blinking (Thank you Kelvera!)


5th Gens

Special Angels - Some Days Are Special x Have You Ever Tried Not Blinking

Edited by mishii

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Question: Can we do a 3rd gen if we have a short quote we want to use? (Delete this post and add to the first post FAQ if you like)

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You could do two short quotes and then breed the two together to make a 4th gen. Or the 3rd gen quote and random one liners as the second half. Whether you used the same breed/lineage for both sides or not would be up to you. For example you could use Balloons for all of it or Balloons for one side and Stone for the other. As long as you have the minimum of a 4th gen when you are finished it's up to you.

Edited by Doctor Who Project

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You could do two short quotes and then breed the two together to make a 4th gen. Or the 3rd gen quote and random one liners as the second half. Whether you used the same breed/lineage for both sides or not would be up to you. For example you could use Balloons for all of it or Balloons for one side and Stone for the other. As long as you have the minimum of a 4th gen when you are finished it's up to you.

Ah, okay. I have a few shorter quotes I'd like to do, I just was having a hard time figuring out where to break it up - it'll fit in a 3rd gen pretty well, but not a 4th gen.


biggrin.gif Thanks. That solves mah problem. Gotta pick breeds and hold the names on my scroll now. xd.png

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Zareni's Personal Project Post


Completed 4th Gens:

Shallow X Bluna: The Parting of the Ways = The Time War Ends List Open

Terrae X Harvest: The Family of Blood = He Was Being Kind List Open

PB Daydream: The Waters of Mars = The Time Lord Victorious List Open

NeotropicalxCanopy (5th gen): Gridlock & The Sound of Drums = The Planet Gallifrey List Open

Spitfire X Whiptail: The Satan Pit = Oh She Knows List Open

PB Gray: The Doctor's Daughter = Amount Of Running Involved List Open

PB Sunrise: The End of the World = Because There's No One Else List Open

PB Swallowtail: School Reunion = The Curse Of The Time Lords List Open

Red X Magma: The End of Time = A Time Lord Lives Too Long List Open

Royal Blue x Red: Meanwhile in the Tardis #1 = A Police Telephone Box From 1963 List Open

PB Bluna (waterxskywing start) 5th gen: The Sound Of Drums = The Drumming - Can't You Hear It List Open

PB Gold Wyvern: The Doctor's Wife = Run Around And Bring Home Strays List Open

PB Tsunami Wyvern: The Name of the Doctor = And Remember Me List Open

PB Black Capped Teimarr: The Day of the Doctor = The Long Way Around List Open


My breeding lists can be found here. Preference is given to people in the project first.


Works in Progress:

Horse x Bleeding Moon: The Name of the Doctor = //What were you expecting? A body? //Bodies are boring, //I've had loads of 'em. //That's not what my tomb is for. //Time travel is... damage. //It's like a tear in the //fabric of reality. //That is the scar tissue of //my journey through the universe. //My path through time and space, //from Gallifrey to Trenzalore. //My own personal time tunnel, //all the days, even the ones that... //I, er, even the ones //that I haven't lived yet.//

Progress: CB 8/8 - 2nd Gen: 2/4 - 3rd Gen: 0/2 - 4th Gen: 0/1


Lineages from others: Thank you, you wonderful people!

This section is getting too big to list them all biggrin.gif

Edited by Zareni

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Raistlin's Personal Project Post


Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: PM or email if PM box is full (shouldn't happen, but just in case) or post here.


Wikidot page (more updated than the Dragon Trees page)



Finished lineages:

Coastal Waverunner x Skywing Random names. 5th gen (will be longer one day, but it's finished for now). List is open and you can ask for a 4th or a 5th gen: Angel of the Inferno (5th gen) - stagazer_7

PB Mint: The Time of Angels. List open: Saloiq - sparkdragon

PB Guardian: The Pandorica Opens. List open: sparkdragon - Firerubynat

PB Ember: A Good Man Goes to War. List closed: sparkdragon - Firerubynat

Sunset x Sunrise: Forest of the Dead. List open: jerusha - Felischia - shikyowolf17 - sparkdragon

PB Flamingo: The Parting of the Ways. List closed: shikyowolf17 - Belisar - Saloiq

Autumn x Terrae: Silence in the Library. List open: Felischia (Autumn)

PB Skywing: The Parting of the Ways. List open: littleangelamy22 (on hiatus) - sparkdragon

CB Greenwing x Shadow Walker and White x Greenwing; rest Greenwing: The Doctor's Wife. List open:

Mirror Seasonals: The Doctor Dances. List closed: dragongrrl

PB Red: A Good Man Goes to War. List closed: Felischia - Zareni - shikyowolf17

M Tangar x F Skywing: The Beast Below. List closed: Wiz - dragongrrl (Tangar)

M Skywing x F Sunsong: Father's Day. List closed: Felischia (Sunsong) - sparkdragon (Sunsong) - shikyowolf17 (any) - jerusha (Sunsong) - dragongrrl (Skywing)

PB Shallow Water: Rose. List closed: Wiz - stagazer_7 - Felischia - Zareni

Mirror Purple x Skywing and Skywing x Purple:The Doctor Dances. List closed: Zareni - sparkdragon - Felischia - Belisar - jerusha

PB Thunder: The Parting of the Ways. List closed: Amazon_warrior - Felischia - Zareni

M Grey x F Skywing: The Dalek Asylum. List closed: Belisar (Skywing) - Wiz

M Winter x F Skywing: The Wedding of River Song. List closed: jerusha (Winter) - Zareni (Winter or Skywing) - Belisar (Winter or Skywing) - Wiz (Winter of Skywing) - PhoenixStarr - Felischia

"Random" Dorsals: Dalek. List closed: Belisar - SanguineWolf (red) - Zareni - jerusha - Wiz

M Turpentine x F Skywing: Bad Wolf. List open: Zareni - SpiritOfSakura



PB Tri-Horn: Christmas '12 mini prequel

VASTRA: I am, as I may have failed to mention an intelligent reptile from an ancient civilisation long preceding mankind. Many of us slumber under the Earth's crust. JENNY: Madam was accidentaly awoken by an extesion to the London Underground. VASTRA: I was not initially keen on this society of apes but I made the most elementary of errors. I fell in love. POLICE: What? With the Turkish fellow? VASTRA: No, not with the Turkish fellow.

CB: 5/8 - 2nd gen: 2/4 - 3rd gen: 0/2 - 4th gen: 0/1


PB Ice: The Name of the Doctor

When you are a time traveller there is one place you must never go. One place in all of space and time you must never ever find yourself. You didn't listen, did you? You lot never do, that's the problem. "The Doctor has a secret he will take to the grave. It is discovered." He wasn't talking about my secret. No, no, no. that's not what's been found. He was talking about my grave. Trenzalore is where I'm buried.


PB Magma: Still without a quote



Gifted to me: Thank you all!

The list was starting to be too long for the post, but the complete list is in the Dragon page.

Edited by Raistlin24

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Forum Name:ginevra

Scroll Name: ginevra with link http://dragcave.net/user/ginevra

Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: This thread or PM

Number of self bred Doctor Who

4th gens you already have if any: none

Secret Word:cyberman.


I love Dr Who, but never been in a breeding project like this so I may have a lot of questions. I have many dragons with Dr Who related names but not from qoutes. So as an aside if folks want me to breed my Who related Dragons (not part of this project) let me know.



At this time I have no special requests I would be happy with any combination.


Thank You.

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Forum Name: Sinsdaemn

Scroll Name: Wanyuudo

Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: Private Messaging is fine

Number of self bred Doctor Who 4th gens you already have if any: None, as of yet.

Secret Word:Cybermen


Female Hellfires x Male Purples:

Edited by Sinsdaemn

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Welcome ginevra and Sinsdaemn. You have both been added.


ginevra one liners are fine, though all the ancestors have to be Doctor Who themed. Your THE Doctor's Daughter - Jenny is an example of a good start. In fact I remember coming across your Dr Who a few days ago and being jealous.



Edited by Doctor Who Project

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Finally! biggrin.gif


Felischia's Personal Project Post


Finished 4th Gens:


PB Spitfire You Were My Doctor list open

PB Magi Journey's End list open

PB Moonstone Fixed Points Through Time list open

PB Hellfire Random Names list open

PB DeepSea And The Bluest Blue Ever list open

PB Sunsets Hell is descending list open

m Royal Blue x f Gold Wyvern checker Time isn't a straight line list open

Mirror Brimstone x Autumn A Town Called Mercy list open

PB Brimstone Random one- and two-liners list open

PB Seragamma Wyvern The Power of Three list open

PB Nhiostrife When the Doctor was me list open



Finished 5th Gens:


m Fog x f Hellfire checker Use the stabilisers list open

Mirror rainbow Purple to Yellow Sunspots and solar flares list open

m Royal Blue x f Sunsong checker Instantaneous Biological Metacrisis list open

m Albino x f Water checker The Ood in the snow list open

m Fogs x f red Nebulas Stormageddon list open

Dragons the color of Blue This is the story of Amelia Pond list open



Finished 6th Gens:


Sunrise (River Song) x Sunsets (The Doctor) Forest of the Dead list open



Work in Progress:


Quote from School Reunion

I saw things you wouldn't believe! Try me. Mummies. I've met ghosts. Robots. Lots of robots. Slitheen. In Downing Street. Daleks! Met the Emperor. Anti-matter monsters! Gas-mask zombies! Real living dinosaurs! Real living werewolf! The Loch Ness monster! Seriously?



For all the DW eggs gifted to me - thank you! You guys rock! biggrin.gif

Edited by Felischia

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dragongrrl's Personal Project Post


Completed 4th Gens:


PB Tangars - Human History, which asks the great question, Why Is A Mouse When It Spins? - from the 4th Doctor's introductory episode, "Robot." list closed: jerusha, Zareni


PB BBWs - A Great Slow Bowler - from the 4th Doctor episode, "The Horns of Nimon."list closed: Belisar, Amazon_warrior, gravity404, Zareni, Raistlin24


Works in Progress: to be updated soon...


My individual Whovians are:


Rose Tyler Who - a CB Rosebud - breeding list open - Saloiq

Whovian FireRose - Rose's 2nd gen Ember son, http://dragcave.net/lineage/brHB

Romana of Gallifrey - a CB Whiptail

Good Hunting Sister - a line from the "Survival" episode, currently on a Red name holder.

Mawdryn Undead - currently on an Albino placeholder

Spiridon - on a Vine with a CB ancestor named Son of Spiridon, http://dragcave.net/lineage/elC3j

Aggedor - a CB Whiptail

Unearthly Child - a 2nd gen Green from the AP, http://dragcave.net/lineage/9Ng7d

Eldrad Must Live - a CB Whiptail

Eldrad - Creator of Kastria - a CB Whiptail

Despicable Worm - currently on a Flamingo placeholder

The Nimon Waits For No Man - also on a Albino placeholder

76 Totter's Lane - a CB Neo-Tropical

Herbert George Wells - a CB Whiptail

I M Foreman - another CB Whiptail

Susan Arkytior Foreman - a CB Neo-Tropical

Valentine Dyall - a CB Vampire

Sarah Jane Ember - a CB Ember

Sophie Aldred

Janet Fielding

Anthony Ainley

Louise Jameson

Lis Sladen

Katy Manning

Jean Marsh

Nicholas Courtney

Perpugilliam Brown

Melanie Bush


I received this Tinsel, Tanoth's Dorkface Doctor whose lineage includes Amelia Pond, comprised of both Some Days Are Special and Blink.


My 2nd gen AP Nocturne find, with her mother named "We Have The Tardis," has been named, But You Don't Have The Key and will be part of my Key Project.


These are the 4th gen gifts I've received from generous members of the project:


And The Bluest Blue - Ever - Felischia

He Was Being Kind - Zareni!

It Can Come Back - shikyowolf17

Vincent and The Doctor - stagazer_7

I'm Giving My Days - jerusha

Am-I-Ginger - Belisar

Like - Savages - Wiz

Run - Just Run - Raistlin24

The TimeWar Ends - Zareni

The TimeLord Victorious - Zareni

I've Certainly Got A Gob - Amazon_Warrior



Thank you! wub.gif

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I'm a little fuzzy on the exact requirements, but this sounds really fun. Now I just have to get actual luck finding an awesome quote, CB Sunsongs and something to match with them.


Personal Project Post


Forum Name: Dragonmage

Scroll Name: Dragonmage's Scroll (dang typoes)

Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: PM or post to this thread

Number of self bred Doctor Who

4th gens you already have if any: None

Secret Word: cyberman (oh noes!)

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The requirements are pretty easy, we're mostly trying to organize things so that we don't end up with multiple people working on the same quote or using the same breed.


That said, I think I'm going to have to call dibs on SpitfireXWhiptail. I know I said I wasn't going to do more checkers, but I just can't resist. biggrin.gif


http://who-transcripts.atspace.com/ - This is a site with episode transcripts from S1-S4 that I've found pretty useful for finding quotes.

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Yeah, I really wanted to do "I am the Bad Wolf", except it's already been done.


I'm also a sucker for this quote/group of quotes


Dalek: We have your associate! You will obey or she will be exterminated!

The Doctor: No.

Dalek: Explain yourself!

The Doctor: I said no.

Dalek: What is the meaning of this negative?

The Doctor: It means no.

Dalek: But she will be destroyed!

The Doctor: No! 'Cause this is what I'm going to do: I'm going to rescue her! I'm going to save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet, and then I'm going to save the Earth, and then, just to finish off, I'm going to wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky!

Dalek: But you have no weapons! No defences! No plan!

The Doctor: Yeah! And doesn't that scare you to death? Rose?

Rose: Yes, Doctor?

The Doctor: I'm coming to get you.


*pokes around*

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Okay dragongrrl I'll wait until you're ready before I add you though it looks like you're making a good start.

Dragonmage welcome. I've linked your first post. It's now your personal project post. If you could edit it by filling in the form that would be great.



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Another round of no interests sad.gif This is why I have six WIP's and am thinking of starting another.

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Seoldraca's Personal Project Post


Finished 4th gens

None yet sad.gif


Works in Progress

Male Neotropical X Female Whiptail: 4/4 CB Neotropicals, 3 or 4/4 CB Whiptails depending how this one genders... Quote: You can't win. No one can. You don't even know why you're here. Your whole history, it's just Chinese whispers. Getting more distorted the more it's passed on. This is the Source. This is what you're fighting over. A device to rejuvenate a planet's ecosystem. It's nothing mystical. It's from a laboratory not some creator.


Lineages from others

None yet sad.gif

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Welcome to the project Seoldraca. I should warn you it's addicting.

mishii has already called dibs on PB Whiptails. They are listed on her personal project post.


On my way to link your post now.




Edit: Done!

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