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Engiype's Poems

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Hey everyone! This thread is obviously about my poems. As I write them, I'll post a few here. Tell me what you think of them!


Here's one called "Remember." The rhythm is kinda weird, but it is there... alas, I can't read it out loud, so you won't know exactly how it is. Well, anyway, here's Remember. I hope you like it!






Remember when I loved you?

Those were the good old days.

Thinking solely about you,

Wandering in a haze.


If only you'd stopped for a moment

And considered how I would feel

Before you cruelly ignored me

To see if I thought

Your rejection was real.


Remember when I discovered

You already had a boyfriend?

My heart silently broken,

I thought that was the end.


If only you'd stopped for a moment

And considered how I would feel

Before you taunted my confessed love,

Wondering if my "idiocy"

Was joking or real.


Remember when I was depressed?

Walking around apathetic.

You would never have guessed

That YOU, in fact, made me pathetic.


If only you'd stopped for a moment

And considered how I would feel

Before you cruelly mocked my feelings,

Not even caring

That my sadness was real.


Remember when sadness turned anger?

At my friends, my family, and him?

Blindly raging at people around me,

Who became scared that I'd kill on a whim.


If only you'd stopped for a moment

And considered how I would feel

Before refusing to even go near me.

Your "fear" was just so you

Could pretend I wasn't real.


Remember when I saw you that day?

The day when he finally did it.

I always suspected he abused you,

It took you long enough to admit it.


This time, I stopped for a moment

And considered how you would feel

If I turned you down in your moment of need,

Like you had to me.

But my kindness was real.


Remember when you finally loved me?

When I proved I was a good friend?

I helped you after you broke up with him.

I'll love you until the end.


I'm now stopping for a moment

And considering how you would've felt

If I didn't forgive you and turned you away.

But I'm a good person, and I wouldn't do

What you did to me day after day.


So that leaves me with a thought.

Why do you cling to me now?

How come before, when we fought,

You didn't see my strength

Like you do now, somehow?


I suppose I'm your brave, handsome rescuer,

Who comes in to save the day.

If that's what it takes to earn your love,

I suppose I'll accept it that way.

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Here's another one. This one's shorter and simpler. Yes, the rhyme is forced. Don't judge me.




The Dog


He's never failed (as of yet)

To greet me at the door

When I get home. He gets a pet

And lies down on the floor.


I know exactly what he wants.

Attention's what he's looking for.

But as he looks at me and pants

I always cave and give him more.

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Mine are on another thread. tongue.gif


My goodness, you really leveling up fast.

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Your poems are wonderful! Please post more- not trying to rush you, but these are very sweet.

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Wow, 40-something is so much compared to... oh, only 3000 or so...


I mean for someone who just joined your almost at 50 post. It usually takes awhile for a new person to even get to level 2. xd.png


*waits for more poems*

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A story in haiku


The flat, rough-edged leaf,

Having been swept up from the

Ground by a strong gust,


Leaps into the air

As if it was suddenly

Animated by


An invisible

Puppeteer. As he pulls on

His just-as-unseen


Strings, the leaf gently

Floats higher, pushed all over

By tiny currents.

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I love haikus <3 And leaves :3

More lovely poems please?

I think it's so interesting how you write. You use analogies I would never be able to think of rolleyes.gif Like leaves being controlled by puppeteers.

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Thanks, I'm glad you liek! This next one might be a bit more of a wait, but I promise it will be longer. smile.gif


EDIT: Feel free to copypasta the Engiype's Poems thing from my signature if you want! You don't have to, but I just wanted to let you know that it would be fine if you did.

Edited by Engiype

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Your poems are amazing! The 'remember' one is so...wow! smile.gif

I'm sorry to have to bump this forum, but I need to get a hold of someone who has a full inbox. I am hoping by doing this, she has her forums set for an email notification.


Blue_Moon98 please check your inbox as I am unable to reply to you about the Split egg teleport link.



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Hi again everyone! Sorry about the delay, I may have sorta...kinda...forgot...


Anyway, here's my next poem. I was in a humorous mood this time! Enjoy!






Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I'm very grateful

For what you would do.


You changed my diaper,

Squeezed me out,

Put up with my whining,

And watched me pout.


But those times are long gone,

You're old and obese,

Now go make me breakfast

And leave me in peace.

Edited by Engiype

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I absolutly loved the remember! I can't believe you do all of this on your own!... You said feel free to add our own, so... I would like to add a data monster poem I made. Tada:


Once (not that) long ago,

There was a great foe.

He has teeth like razors,

And eyes like lazors.

Its fed from scrolls,

And takes great tolls.

Out of the shadows came a hero,

His tolerance for the beast; zero.

With a great slash,

He made the creature turn to ash.

Some dragons where lost,

But not with such a large cost.

Those dead are mourned,

For none where warned.

The hero is defined,

As TJ09.


Heheh! biggrin.gif You should keep making all of your poems! I love them!

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