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Video Game Music.

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I really like the music from FFXIII & FFXIII-2, especially the boss fight themes.


I kind if wish the battles weren't timed, because I'd draw them out just to listen to the music lol

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Yes! Final Fantasy music is amazing. I have never played the games (hopes I'm not attacked by a mob of Final Fantasy fans) but I do enjoy listening to the music cool.gif

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We will use Final Fantasy music as our defense, how can they attack us then?


Back on topic, one of my favorite Final Fantasy pieces.


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The opening song for Grand Turismo 5's opening song is like my favorite song, it's called Planetary (GO!) by My Chemical Romance smile.gif

And then Guitar Hero 2 (I think it is) has my other favorite My Chem song Famous Last Words and another one of their songs Dead!

While Guitar Hero World Tour has Linkin Park's song What I've Done

And Band Hero has quite a few good songs like Bring Me To Life by Evanescence, She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, and more biggrin.gif

Not the kind of music we're talking about here wink.gif



Anyway, have some Mass Effect 3 music!


I am incredibly excited for this to hit, and this track only increases that excitement. I've heard the soundtrack will be a bit of a blend of the previous games, and if the main theme is anything to go by, it's going to be fantastic. It also looks like The Faunts (the people who did M4 Part II, the ending song to Mass Effect 1) will be returning for the third game! Yay!

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Not the kind of music we're talking about here wink.gif

Oh I know, I just tend to be obnoxious at times like that tongue.gifxd.png

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I like songs from NiGHTS, Sonic (as I type I'm listening to the normal boss 'last hit' music from Sonic Advance 3), Pokemon, Kirby, and Zelda. My top favorites are..

Sonic1: Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Starlight Zone, Boss, Final Boss

Sonic2:Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Final Boss

Sonic3: Marble Garden Zone, Angel Island Zone, Final Boss

S&K: Battery Zone, Final Boss

Sonic the Fighters: all the songs, plus Sunset Town, a scrapped level

Sonic R: all the songs, espeically Can You Feel the Sunshine (hated because of the 'Tails Doll Curse')

Sonic Adventure: Open your Heart, Speed Highway, Lost World: Leading Lights, It Doesn't Matter, My Sweet Passion, Believe in Myself, Unknown by M.E., Lazy Days in Paradise

Sonic Adventure 2: Live and Learn, City Escape, It Doesn't Matter remix, My Sweet Passion remix, Believe in Myself remix, Unknown by M.E. remix, E.G.G.M.A.N., Throw it All Away, Fly into Freedom

Sonic Unleashed: Endless Possibility, Rooftop Run, Night Boss, Day Boss

Sonic 06: Dreams of an Absolution, All Hail Shadow, Mephiles Whisper, His World, Crisis City

Sonic Heroes: What I'm Made Of.., We Can, Follow Me, This Machine, Team Chaotix, Seaside Hill, Ocean Palace, Final Boss, Sonic Heroes

Sonic Generations: the only new song-TimeEater's theme

Shadow the Hedgehog: Never Turn Back, All Hail Shadow, I Am...All Of Me

Pokemon R/B/G/Y: Lavendar Town, Gymleader, Gym (the building), Trainer Battle, Sliph Co. building, Pokemon Tower, Pallet Town, Champion

Pokemon S/G/C: Legendary dog battle, Gymleader, Jhoto Trainer, Kanto Trainer, Lavendar Town, Pokeflute, Gamecorner, New Bark Town, vs. Rival, Champion

Pokemon Ruby/Saphire/Emerald:Littleroot, Petalburg, Legendary battle, Gymleader, Champion, vs. Rival, Team Magma/Aqua battle (grunt and leader)

Pokemon FR/Lg: Pallet, Lavendar, Gymleader, Trainer, Legendary, Sliph Co., Pokemon Tower, Champion

Pokemon SS/HG: New Bark Town, Route 101, Vs. Rival, Vs. Team Rocket, Gymleader, Champion, Gamecorner

Pokemon D/P/Platinum: Hometown, Sandgem town, Gymleader, Champion, vs. Rival, Vs. Team Galatic, Vs. Cyrus, Palkia/Dailga battle, Giratina battle, Legendary battle, Mesprit/Uxie/Azelf battle, Arceus battle, Regi battle, Distortion World, Gamecorner, Galatic HQ

Pokemon Black/White: N appears, N battle, Gymleader, Champion, N final battle, Ghetsis battle, Legendary battle, Legendary Dragon battle, Village Bridge, Rare Pokemon battle, Rival battle

NiGHTS:Dreams Dreams, Dream Dreams Sweet Snow, The Mantle, Klawz theme, She had Long Ears, The Dragon that Gave a Loud Scream, D Force Master, Theme of a Tragic Revenge, Deep It Lies, Drifting Donballon

Kirby: Marx theme, Marx Soul Theme, Cake Race theme, and some others I can't remember at the moment..

TLoZ: Sari's Song, Epona's Song, Song of Healing (I like it reversed..), Zelda's Lullaby

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I, myself, like FF music~ *waits to get shot*

Yeah, some of the FF music is pretty darned good.

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I enjoy the music to the game Cave Story. One of my favorite songs other than the

has to be the one played in

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I'd have to say my top favorites from video games are:

Ezio's Family, Earth, The Brotherhood Escapes, & Venice Rooftops - Assassin's Creed Games

Song of Elune being my utmost favorite, but all others as well - WoW

Animal Apogee - RuneScape

Rocket Jump Waltz & The Theme - Team Fortress 2

Still Alive - Portal (of course!)

Want You Gone - Portal 2 (Brought tears to my eyes the first time I finished the game)

The Monsters Within & Skin On Our Teeth - Left 4 Dead

KH 1&2 music (As everyone else is saying =] Hollow Bastion is my favorite though!)

Vale of Tears, Main Theme, and Shadow Scroll - Alice: Madness Returns

All of the Dirge songs, Defection, Hunger, Prevention, Containment, Menu Theme, & BledDry(absolute favorite) - Killing Floor

Plants Vs. Zombies Theme!

And I'll always love the Kirby Theme used in Super Smash Bros. and the Rainbow Road Theme in Mario Kart 64.


I'm sure there's plenty more, but that's all I can think of for now.

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My favorite video game music:


Portal & Portal 2 - Still Alive, Want You Gone, Cara Mia Addio, Exile Vilify, Robots FTW, Love As A Construct, An Accent Beyond, I AM NOT A MORON, Space Phase


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Windmill Hut/Song of Storms, The Lost Woods, End Credits, End Credits 2 (from 3D version)


Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Ballad of the Goddess (trailer version and symphony version are equally awesome), credits


Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - that route on the far left of the Battle Zone island


Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Safari Zone (the city, not the zone itself). I also LOVE how they had the item that allows you to listen to Gameboy Color versions of the music. NOSTALGIA RUSH. Especially awesome since they added "Gameboy Color" versions of new tracks too, like that Safari Zone one. biggrin.gif


Super Smash Bros Brawl - Ocarina of Time Medley, Song of Storms, Go KK Rider


Kid Icarus: Uprising - Magnus' Theme, Little Girl Theme, Dark Pit's Theme, The War's End, Hades' Belly

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My favorite would be anything from Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Favorite game ever! <3


The Guilty Gear series of games has amazing music as well. Venom's theme is probably my favorite, followed closely by Testament's and Eddie's. The vocal tracks are amazing as well, but a good portion of them drop curse words. xd.png


Third mention would be -everything- in Primal Rage. I sometimes used to play it just for the music.


Honorable mention would be Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. Omg, loved those games so much. Lake of Rage theme for the win!!

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I have to say the Homestuck soundtracks are amazing... *happy sigh*


I also loved the background music for Age of Mythology (yep, I was probably the only kid who played that instead of Age of Empires ;___;)

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I LOVE Final Fantasy. All the Final Fantasy OSTs are EPIC. SO. EFFING. EPIC. 'Find Your Way', 'Zanarkand', 'To Zanarkand', and 'One Winged Angel' are pretty awesome, but I love the whole soundtrack. 83


Oh yeah, Portal's Soundtrack is pretty cool too. (R.I.P to the headphone users who searched 'Friendly Faith Plate' on Youtube and listened to it...Though it does have a nice rhythm.)


I also like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series's soundtrack...very pretty. I always cry when I hear 'I don't Want to Say Goodbye...' ;-;


...And no one can forget Legend of Zelda. Such pretty music~ ^w^ I don't even know where to start... All of it's really nicely done. The Shadow Temple theme freaked me out when I was little...but so did the shadow temple. xd.png


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i love the music in Legend of Zelda music. I could just fall asleep to the morning music in WindWaker and the main theme song is always enjoyable, well to me. And the Great Fairy song~ theyre all lovely really

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FF7 has the best music cool.gif


although still nothing can beat the pokemon music. sapphire and ruby had the most amazing soundtracks, I know all the different town themes due to mass overplaying :3

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Have a check on iTunes; search 'Crow'. There is an iPad app by that name and is distinguishable by the crow silhouette against a yellow background. Stunning music. My personal favourite: Battle of the Crow.

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