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Video Game Music.

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I'm like in LOVE with practically ALL of the Kingdom Hearts music. My favourite would probably either be Ventus' theme, Roxas' theme, Xion's theme, the orchestrated and normal version(not the Planit-B remix version) of Hikari, Kairi's theme, Sanctuary and much more.

Agreed. The music for KH is AWESOME. The orchestral versions for Sanctuary and for Hikari are my favorites (and I really like Roxas's theme, too, it's very sad sounding).


I like Star Ocean: Till the End of Time's music, too.

OH, and Super Mario Galaxy has great music for its levels! I love Rosalina's theme (the one that plays when she's reading out the story).


The Final Fantasy games have some really nice music, too. I think my favorite games based on the music is FF X and X-2, those are some nice compositions.

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I've always been really fond of the music from the Legend of Spyro series. Rather dramatic stuff, and I think I've gotten some of the boss themes stuck in my head on multiple occasions. XD My personal favorites are probably

, Cynder Boss - Convexity, Valley of Avalar/Title screen of A New Beginning,
, and maybe


I've gotta agree with everyone that mentioned the Kingdom Hearts music as well. I completely forgot that I was going to look up one of the songs until now. Thank you for reminding me? ^^;


Oh, and the songs used in the coliseum battles of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness are pretty awesome. ...I'm going to have to disable emoticons so that title shows properly, aren't I? XDDD

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What video games have you played that had memorable soundtracks, or simply music that you really liked? It could be a whole series, or just one game, a whole lot of songs or just a few, as long as you think they're good. If it's allowed, please post links to your favourites from Youtube! I'm interested to know all the best tracks out there!


Personally, I've always liked Capcom's music, especially for Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Mega Man. Now out of each series, there's a lot of soundtracks, too many to mention other than thinking that the majority of them are good. Resident Evil often has excellent atmospheric soundtrack, very chilling and/or gets your adrenaline pumping. Monster Hunter is the same as above, but even more so for getting your blood pumped. Mega Man also has high quality soundtracks in most of the games, both retro and modern.

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I happen to find most Anime games have really good soundtrack also Devil May Cy has soom good ones. OH And the Cocobo theme in Final Fantasy vii is good

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Okami has a great soundtrack. I like it enough, I actually purchased it(it was rather expensive).


Just few:


Theme of the Celestials:



Cherry Blossom Shower



Lake Harami






Kamui, of the Northern Lands:



I also like some of Lair's music.


My favorite, Firestorm

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I agree anime games tend to have good theme music but personally I like the music square enix puts on their games. I love the kingdom hearts opening Sanctuary. *I so want to play that game now..*

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Shadow of the Colossus' music caused my head to asplode.


Kingdom Hearts-series' music totally blew me out of the water.


Heroes of Might and Magic-series' music made me cry tears of nostalgia.


Bryan Fury's theme from Tekken 3 made me want to dance like mad.


Wesker's theme from Resident Evil 5 made me censorkip.gif bricks out of sheer terror.


And to top it all off, Father Balder's theme swept me off my feet and carried me to musical Heaven.



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Personally I think Majora's Mask's music was awesome.


The Clock Tower theme is my absolute favourite.

And a bad day is always made better after hearing the theme for Day 2~ It's so cheery!

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I personally think that Chibi-Robo! has some great music. Especially the


It made me cry the first time I listened to it. ;3; Poor Giga-Robo.


Just about all of the music tracks are great.

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Strangely, I am addicted to the boss and final boss music.

Also some themes that I like from games (Castle theme from Super Mario Bros, anyone?)

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I absolutely LOVE Pokemon Mystery Dungeon's music and all the Zelda games' music. They're all so lovely and touching. Example Midna's theme, from T.L.O.Z. Twilight Princess. P.M.D Running Away, Dialga's theme and Grovlye's good bye is just so touching.

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Video Game Music., It's still music :|


You are my hero. <3


I absolutely despise when I play video game soundtracks and people say "why don't you listen to some actual music?" "why don't you play REAL music?", or something along those lines.


IT IS REAL MUSIC, DAMMIT. I like the more popular music stuffs, but a good instrumental soundtrack every once in a while makes me happy.


ANYWAYS, I have several game tracks in my collection. biggrin.gif The ones that I have the most tracks from would be Rayman 2: The Great Escape (the N64 version), Super Smash Bros. Brawl (and that includes tracks from a variety of different games, of course) and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (for a DS game, it has SUCH a good soundtrack).


Aside from that, I also have tracks from:

~Super Mario 64 (Dire Dire Docks, the credit theme, the final Bowser battle theme, Lethal Lava Land)

~Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls (The opening score and 'Blood and Steel' are both excellent)

~Pokemon Diamond/Black/SoulSilver/Emerald (I have mostly trainer battle/gym leader battle themes from these, heh)

~Perfect World International (GREAT meditation/relaxation music)

~Sonic Heroes (The 'Power Plant - Stage 4' and 'Seaside Hill - Act 01' themes)

~Digimon World 4 ('Humid Cave', 'Doom Dome', 'Venom Jungle', a mediocre game, but great music)

~Diddy Kong Racing ('Jungle Falls', 'Hot Top Volcano', 'Haunted Woods', 'Windmill Plains')

~Digimon World Dawn/Dusk (One of the main battle themes and the multi-player battle theme)

~Banjo-Tooie (<3 this game so much, have the whole soundtrack)

~Fable ('Oakvale' and 'Lookout Point')

~Heroes of Might and Magic V (The grassy terrain theme, the dirt terrain theme, some of the Haven/Demon battle themes)

~Sonic & Knuckles (The 'Special Stage' track and the 'Flying Battery Zone - Act 01' track)

~Spyro the Dragon (the main and ending themes for the first game, 'Fireworks Factory' and 'Harbor Speedway' for the third game)

~Rayman Arena (The Teensies' race theme, Rayman's race theme and the track for the 'Rise and Shrine' level)

~Digimon Rumble Arena (two of the battle themes 'I Fight for My Friends' and 'Dangerous Forest')


So much love for game music, I'm always looking for more songs. laugh.gif

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Any Zelda music. :'D I loved TP's music. Even though that's the only one I've played property apart from Phantom Hourglass.

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Video games have some of the best music. The piano version of "Tifa's Theme" is awesome as is the orchestral version of "Zanarkand". "The Normandy Reborn" from Mass Effect 2 is brilliant.

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The opening song for Grand Turismo 5's opening song is like my favorite song, it's called Planetary (GO!) by My Chemical Romance smile.gif

And then Guitar Hero 2 (I think it is) has my other favorite My Chem song Famous Last Words and another one of their songs Dead!

While Guitar Hero World Tour has Linkin Park's song What I've Done

And Band Hero has quite a few good songs like Bring Me To Life by Evanescence, She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, and more biggrin.gif

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Chrono cross has some awesome music! A great one for example would be


I've never played any Halo games except the first but how I love this piece from Halo 3


Never Forget....So beautiful.

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