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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Glomp Gifting!


This thread has been approved by _Z_.


Here's the basic gist:


This is a thread for completely random gifting.


There will be no "wish lists", no requesting, and no gifters' list.

Anyone is welcome to gift to anyone on DC, although the gifts must be spontaneous and unexpected.


The point is to pick a random person on DC, randomly send them a nice gift and then post it here.


What constitutes as "nice" will vary from person to person, but typically common eggs that are not from a special lineage won't be very highly valued. See below "gifting" pointers for some ideas of eggs that people may like.





--No rudeness or flaming. Rudeness is for jerks. No one wants jerks around.


--If someone rejects your gift or does not reply (which may happen) simply move along and give it someone else.


--No posting requests here.





Some ideas to get you started:


--Check and see if the person you want to gift has been active recently. This prevents you from sending something to someone who is on hiatus or has quit.


--Include a teleport link with your gift.


--Check wishlists around for more ideas. Many people have these on their profiles, others post them on the "Complete your scroll" thread.


--If you care about freezing/killing, check the scroll of the person you're gifting. Usually people who kill/freeze dragons regularly are easy enough to spot.


--Send the gift message around to multiple people if you want it moving along quickly. It makes the whole process faster if you simply gift it to the first person to reply.


--Evil cackling after each gift is not required, but highly recommended.




These are some ideas of "nice" gifts:


--Nicely lineaged/CB semi-rares or uncommons.

(Reds, pinks, trios, blacks, geodes, etc).


--Semi-common hatchies.

(People especially like BSA hatchies, harder to catch commons. {Pillows, pygmies, embers, nebulae, sunsongs, etc}, and the like.)



(this is included almost entirely for my benefit.)



(Metals/tinsels. People do tend to do backflips when you randomly send them one of these from out of the blue)


--Clean, famous lineaged eggs/hatchlings.

(Thuwed, Dorkface, Dusk, and others. Short lineages will usually be more desirable).


--Vamps, and other unbreedables.

(This is variable, some people value this more than others. I know people who would die for a cheese and others who consider them a plague)


Go forth and spread joy (and evil) across the whole of DC.

*evil cackles*



The beginnings of this thread (and name) are credited to Golden.








user posted image




By Yeronoco





user posted image




By Blackbolt101




user posted image




By I Want Cheese Dragon

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QAndais --> shannecy: 5th EG Daydream egg accepted


QAndais --> Fullmetal_Angyl: bronze tinsel egg pending



Edited by QAndais

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Edrawr ---> nintendont *Accepted!*


My hair's looked so silly all day, with it standing on end. wink.gif


Glad you like it, nintendont! laugh.gif

Edited by Edrawr

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Kelkelen --> Aislein: CB Harvest eggy (with a huge hole in it!)


Pending... *stifles evil laughter FOR NOW*


Accepted! *lets loose with a peal of maniacal laughter!!!*

Edited by Kelkelen

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Zaaaap! I just claimed a thunder egg from Edrawr. I would keep the chain going, but do not yet have a grown Magi. Many thanks again.

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Danegrrrl>>>>>WinterWhisperz>>>>A little Chicken - accepted!


Bok bok! ninja.gif


ETA: Danegrrrl>>>>>Cobbsrockz>>>>An Icy Egg * pending* - accepted!

Edited by danegrrrl

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Nicoleong9 --> Shanthaia --> A TINY CB Mischievous egg (pending)


EDIT: Accepted! Yay, my first glomp xd.png

Edited by Nicoleong9

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Hey everyone! It's been awhile! Haven't been active much due to exams. sad.gif


funsizedcandy --> schusteralex2: magi egg (pending)



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Stelly ---> fallen_leaf: Cute little CB magi and water hatchies <3 pending!



@Fullmetal_Angyl - Very pretty, good luck finding it a mate happy.gif

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Kelkelen --> thundersky86: something metallic -- Accepted, I think...?


Kelkelen --> Lyxii: a li'l static-charged egg from GW x Thunder Accepted, yayness!! biggrin.gif

Edited by Kelkelen

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Bjandsaddie-->> Fallen_leaf: Vamp eggy [pending]

Hello! Are you sure you got the right name there? biggrin.gif I didn't receive your PM if it is! ^^




As for Raistlin24 -- You. Are. A. LOVELY. Thank you sooooo much!! <3 (And I love your nickname. xd.png)

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Centuri --> _Z_ : PB stripe hatchling! (Pending)




It's fun to throw eggs at forum mods.

Edited by Centuri

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I've done glomped somebody!


Muile --> redwolf ---> Tinsel hatchling Accepted!

Edited by Muile

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Centuri throws an egg at another mod and runs off into the night.


Centuri ---> Khallayne : Shallow water egg. Accepted!


Mwahahaha! Ah it's fun to live dangerously.

Edited by Centuri

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Bjandsaddie-->>Kelkeln: Another Aquatastic Two-Finned Bluna! [ pending! ] Edited by Bjandsadie

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