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Death Note ~ A New Reign of Terror

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Many years ago a young boy named Light Yagami came into possession of a mysterious book called the Death Note, given to him by the Death God Ryuk. If he wrote the name of someone inside the Death Note while picturing their face, they would die. Light used his new found power to cleanse the world of those he felt were unworthy to live in it, starting at first with killing criminals and then moving onto to those who stood in his way of becoming a God.


Although nobody knew who was causing all these deaths, a dedicated team sought to find and stop this mysterious killer, dubbed Kira by the public, and were led by the enigmatic L, the world’s greatest detective.


Light and L played a dangerous game, each seeking to outwit the other and bring his opponent to an end. Allies were lost on both sides but eventually L’s forces were victorious and Kira vanished from the world.


When Kira had been active the crime rate around the world plummeted due to the fear of death. Kira had grown popular and acquired many supporters, even though most of them had no idea who he was.


Death Notes / Death Gods:


The Death Notes are special books carried and used by the Death Gods. When they write a human’s name inside that human dies and their life span is added to that of the Death God’s. Kira’s Death Note was given to him by Ryuk, a large and black winged Death God with a fondness for apples. While Light used the book to create his perfect world, Ryuk had only wanted entertainment and watched events unfold quite happily. The Death Gods normally live in their own plane of existence, but may enter the human world if a human takes possession of their Death Note. They are on the whole invisible and only appear to those who have touched their Death Note.


The Death Note follows a series of rules:


1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

3. If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen.

4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

5. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

6. The notebook shall become the property of the human world, once it touches the ground of (arrives in) the human world.

7. The owner of the note can recognize the image and voice of the original owner, i.e. a God of Death

8. The human who uses the notebook can neither go to Heaven nor Hell

9. The number of pages of the Death Note will never run out.

10. The Death Note will be rendered useless if the victim's name is misspelled four times.


(For more rules click here)




It has been ten years since Kira fell and while there are still those who are loyal to him, the world in general has forgotten about him and slowly returned to the way it was before he appeared. The crime rate has risen once again and people live their lives without fear.


The Death Gods still watch the world and out of sheer boredom one of them decided to follow in Ryuk’s footsteps, giving his Death Note to a human from London whom he had grown interested in. Now armed with a Death Note a new Kira rises to purge the world of those who are, in their opinion, unforgiveable, and begins to gather together their own supporters.


With a new Kira comes those who would fight against them. A new L recruits a team to help them track down this Kira and bring them and their followers to justice.


So whose side are you on?


Standard Rules


1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to.

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more then two weeks without posting (without prior warning), you will be removed from the RP.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) I'm trying to keep this semi-lit, so if the majority of your posts are at least four sentences long, I'd be very grateful. :3

8) All forms and reservations must be PM'd. Do not submit any forms before approval.


RP Specific Rules


1) There is only one Death Note in this RP, although pages may be given to loyal supporters of Kira.

2) No more than three kills/names per page.

3) Don't beg for pages.

4) No more than two characters per person.

5) You can either join L's team or Kira's. No undecideds, although you may swap loyalties at a later date if there is space.

6) Up to ten characters on either team, no more.

7) Death Gods are invisible to anyone who hasn't touched the Death Note or one of its pages.





Character Name: (Their real name. This is in order to prevent 'That's not my name moments' later).

Character Alias: (If you want your character to operate under a fake name).


Appearance: (Links for images please)

Age: (No younger than 16)

Team: (L or Kira)

History: (Nothing fancy. Just background stuff please.)


[B]Character Name:[/B] (Their real name. This is in order to prevent 'That's not my name moments' later).
[B]Character Alias:[/B] (If you want your character to operate under a fake name).
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Links for images please)
[B]Age:[/B] (No younger than 16)
[B]Team:[/B] (L or Kira)
[B]History:[/B] (Nothing fancy. Just background stuff please.)


Important Stuff to Note


I will be playing the role of the new Kira and Earwig is playing the new L. Earwig is also the co-owner and host of this RP.

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L's Team:


1) L / Earwig

2) Krystal / Evangeline5432










Kira's Team:


1) Kira / Fortune

2) Nitro / DragonSpirit

3) Sono Aruaha / Earwig

4) Elizabeth Lourchester / TheFallenAngel6236

5) Alex / Evangeline5432

6) Holly / Silver_Voices






Accepted Forms:


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Diane Harvey

Character Alias: Kira

Gender: Female

Appearance: Diane

Age: 24

Team: Kira

History: Diane is currently studying Fashion at University and works part time as a waitress in a small corner café in a flower boutique. She used to live alone in her apartment, but ever since she came into possession of the Death Note Diane now has a new invisible flat mate that follows her everywhere, the Death God Udah.


Username: earwig

Character Name: Unknown (PM’d to Fortune, so don’t you worry :3)

Character Alias: L or Nassikine most commonly, but known to also use others.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Nassikine

Age: Presumed to be in early-mid 20’s

Team: L

History: Nassikine never liked the original Kira. Someone who killed criminals was bad enough, but when he started to kill FBI agents, he thought it was an outrage. He never knew “L” or any of his associates, but he was driven on by L’s perseverance and one day hoped to be like him. He joined the police as soon as he could and rose through the ranks. When he neared the top, he quit, much to the disapproval of his crew. He has then worked under the alias “Nassikine” or even “L” if he feels like it, no-one knowing he was doing so. He wishes to do L proud and one day be as good as him.


Username: earwig

Character Name: Sonotabi Aruaha

Character Alias: Sono

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sono

Age: 19

Team: Kira

History: Sono has always wanted to punish anyone who has ever committed a crime. After being a victim of assault, and his attackers got off without charges, he has sworn revenge on them if he ever meets them again. He found that his only way to make people pay for what they have done is to find “Kira” and join them.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Elena West

Character Alias: Nitro

Gender: Female

Appearance: Elena West (Nitro)

Age: 24

Team: Kira

History: Elena is student at the moment at a Graphics Collage. She lives on her own and is seeking a part time job. She is also new to the area.


Username: TheFallenAngel6236

Character Name: Annelisia Belladonna

Character Alias: Elizabeth Lourchester

Gender: Female

Appearance: Annelisia/Elizabeth (minus wings)

Age: Sixteen

Team: Kira

History: She was born in Tours, France but moved to London when she was only seven when her dad was relocated to London. Her whole family was moved out to London, her younger brother, mother, father, and grandmother. When she was thirteen, Annelisia was spending the night at a friend's house and her grandmother was out at dinner. But back at home, a man sneaked into their house and murdered her mother, father, and little brother. The shock was too much for her grandmother and she was hospitalized. She's been living in a retirement home ever since. Years later, the murderer was killed by Kira. Thankful towards Kira, she decided to do whatever she could to help him. She now lives in an apartment alone with her Great Dane, Aerodysis (Aero).


Username: Evangeline5432

Character Name: (PM'd to Fortune)

Character Alias: Alex

Gender: F

Appearance: X

Age: 17

Team: Kira

History: ~Raised by her mother who served the old Kira so naturally when a new Kira arose she followed in her steps.


Username: Evangeline5432

Character Name: (PM'd to Fortune)

Character Alias: Krystal

Gender: F

Appearance: X

Age: 17

Team: L

History: ~Raised by father who was a part of L's team. She decided to join the new L in their fight.


Username: Silver_Voices

Character Name: Kristen Lewis

Character Alias: Holly Blaire

Gender: F

Appearance: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4066/434707..._4939a8bee5.jpg

Age: 17

Team: Kira

History: As a child her parents divorced and she was physically abused by her father and verbally abused by her mother. She ran away from home and was eventually found by the authorities. She was then put in a foster home run by a wonderfully kind woman. That woman was a supporter of Kira and she told Kristen all about him and how he was saving the world from evil. The woman also told her that her parents would pay for what they did, and sure enough, they were killed by Kira. Kristen worshiped Kira and thought of him as her angel. When this new Kira surfaced, she thought that she needed to do something to help save others as she was saved.

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Hey, i know this isn't approved yet but I'll totally join once it's approved! Please PM once you get approved so I can join?


btw, i'll most likely take a spot as a Kira supporter

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I never PM people to tell them RPs/games are open and to try and keep the RP tidy for the Approvers can reservations be PM'd please?

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I never PM people to tell them RPs/games are open and to try and keep the RP tidy for the Approvers can reservations be PM'd please?


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Ok, I'm gonna help you get this approved, No spelling errors, however, I'm not very good with grammar and such, so someone else will need to do that for you, however i can get an approver over here.


EDIT: Soupnazi has a PM stating that you could use one, so s/he will most likely be here soon.

Edited by Astrodeath311

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Hi! Astrodeath PMed me and I'll be helping out with some critique.


1) No God-modding or power playing.


You end this rule with a period, but not all of the others have periods at the end. Keep it consistent, please.


Actually, that's about it. I only have a rudimentary knowledge of Death Note, and you seem to have explained it sufficiently, and I would feel comfortable roleplaying. Just fix that period inconsistency and I'll approve this!


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In an apparently vain effort to keep the RP clean before approval, I asked that people PM reservations. It's right there. Rule eight. In bold.


Anyone who knows me from CPA may think of me as rather sweet and harmless (lies), but when I host a RP or game I am a stickler for the rules.


So if people are going to ignore rules and two further pleas then I am going to ignore you.




If you are referring to the periods Astro I found one, but can't locate the other. D:

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Okay! It does look like your roleplay is ready for approval. Approved!

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((Thank you!


Everyone may start submitting forms now, via PM if you please.


If you are joining L's/Ear's Team, please send a copy of your form to them. I will add your form once it has their approval.))


“I can’t believe you just said that” whispered Diane, completely shocked.


The tall fair haired man in front of her stammered a little as he fought for the right words to express how he felt.


“I..I didn’t mean it like that. I just…Diane it’s been a year! You can’t keep torturing yourself like this! It was Hannah’s choice to kill her…”


Diane’s hand swung round and made contact with the man’s face, cutting him off mid sentence. The sound of the slap echoed through the empty café until it faded away into silence. Diane stepped backwards as the man reached up to touch his already reddening cheek.


“Don’t you come near me again” Diane warned him. “Don’t you even speak to me.”




Diane turned away and stormed out the café. She was still wearing her work’s apron and dirty from her day’s work, but she didn’t care. Normally she would take the bus home, but she was too angry to stand and wait for one to arrive. It took over half an hour to reach large ugly building where her flat was, in which time her fury had slowly ebbed away along with her energy, leaving nothing but the familiar hollowness inside.


The stairs took the very last of her energy, the elevator being broken again. Once she was inside the safety of her apartment Diane tore off the apron and threw it over the back of her settee. Taking a minute to catch her breath she ran her hands over her face and hair, brushing the sweat out of her eyes. She really ought to take a shower.


Diane made her way into her bedroom and sat down at her vanity table. Her hair had come loose and her face was flushed from the long walk, but it was not her reflection that she was looking at. Instead her eyes were focused on the small photograph blu-tacked to the top corner. It showed a slightly younger version of herself, laughing together with an even younger girl.




Diane was about to reach up and brush the photo with her fingers like she normally would, but a slight thump caught her attention. Puzzled she looked down and to her right for the source of the noise. A thin black book with strange silver symbols was laid on her floor. She had never seen it before and could not remember putting it on her vanity table. She must have knocked it off though.


Reaching down Diane picked it up and sat upright, turning the unfamiliar book over in her hands. She studied it for a few moments before a movement in the mirror caught her attention. She turned to look behind her and screamed.


That had been a three days ago. Now Diane was huddled up on her settee in front of her television, her arms curled around her knees. The news reporter at the scene was talking quite excitedly. Some well known lawyer had just died of a heart attack in the middle of a highly publicised court case. It wasn’t the case that interested her. Diane couldn’t care less about some actress taking drugs. It was the lawyer who she was concerned about. After all, that was the man who had defended her sister’s rapists.

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Elena lay on her bed looking at the roof. The television was on in the background babbling away about someone who had a heart attack. She listened half and half on what they were saying but her mind was more set on more important things. She was slightly tired of lying on her bed so she sat up right looking out the window. “Guess I have to go look for work today.” she said to herself sighing. She had no class today so she could go scourer the area to find a part time job. Getting up she walked to a table where her bag was on. She grabbed her bag and swayed it over her shoulder while walking towards the door. Once outside of her apartment she locked the door and made her way down stairs.


As she opened the door to the outside world a gust of wind blew in her face. Not very happy about this she just closed her eyes and kept walking. Slowly she made her way to a café she saw the other day hoping that they might be accepting waiteress.

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It was fairly early in the morning when Annelisia woke up. She sat up on her couch, realizing she fell asleep in the living room while watching TV. The news reporter was reporting a boring story about a life, insignificant to Annelisia, that was lost by heart attack. Apparently, this lawyer had been defending a well known case at the time. Annelisia never really took much interest in the news, she had school to worry about. She turned to the end table behind her, a family photo laid face down on the table. Annelisia slowly fixed the picture of her and her deceased family, tears forming in her eyes.


"Oh mom, what am I to do without you?" She whispered, drying her eyes with her sleeve. Annelisia slowly got to her feet and changed into her uniform. She called for her Great Dane, Aerodysis, "Aero, come on and get some breakfast!" She called, pouring some typical dog food into a large bowl and refreshed the water in another bowl. A young fawn colored Great Dane trotted happily into the room. Annelisia knelt down, kissing the dog on the head, "You be a good boy today, alright?" and with that, she left for work, locking her apartment door on her way out.


It was a chilly and windy Saturday as Annelisia made her way to the cafe where she worked part time during the week after school. Saturday and Sunday were her full days. The cafe was only a few minute's walk down the street so she usually walked rather than riding her bike to work. As she entered the cafe, a fellow worker called to her;


"Elizabeth, could you help me back here!?" The woman called.


"I'll be right there!" Annelisia answered. Elizabeth was the alias she had been using ever since her family was murdered. She found it fairly sensible to create one in case the murderer was ever released from prison and decided to take care of some 'unfinished business'. Annelisia hung up her overcoat and rushed behind the counter to help her co-worker with the orders.

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((This cafe that Elizabeth & Elena mention, is it supposed to be the same one where Diane works?))

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((Ah okay. As long as I know. In that case Diane and Elizabeth will already know each other.))


Unfolding her legs from underneath her Diane picked up the remote and switched off her TV as soon as the broadcast ended. Standing up she made her way over to the window and stared out at the city before her, a light rain banging against the glass.


After a few moments her new room mate walked through the wall that seperated her living room from the kitchen. In his giant hand was half a victoria sponge cake that Diane had bought the day before.




"I don't know" said Diane.


She raised her hand and pressed it aginst her chest, closing her eyes so that she could think without distractions. She could feel her heart pumping away beneath her fingers.


"It's still there. I feel...a little relived. But it's still there."


The giant creature devoured the rest of the cake, hopped onto the back of Diane's settee and prowled along it like a cat towards her, finally squatting down on the end.


"What are you going to do now?"


Diane opened her eyes and turned to face the creature.


"Nothing has changed. Not really. I may have avenged my sister's killers but there are still people like them out there. I realise this now."


She glanced up at the clock and noting the time headed towards the door.


"Where are you going?" asked the creature, swinging it's head round to watch her.


"I have to go to work. I'm late already."


Diane grabbed her coat, checked her hair in the mirror by the door and left the apartment.


"Hey! Wait for me!"

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((Is the "Nassikine" image working for anyone else? I get an error page.


Oh and Timmy said he was gone for a little while and that I could sorta...speak to his charrie, so don't think I'm powerplaying.))


Nassikine looked up at his laptop as it buzzed and a large "W" crossed the screen.

"What?" he murmured. This better be important, he was busy.

"Nas. We found something a little...strange." it was Watari. Good.

"Yeah, what?" he was getting impatient, something he is know for.

"Well, you know that little girl that got raped a while ago?"

"Yeah. What about her?" he started to play with his hair.

"Her rapist's lawyer just died." Watari's tone was flat and serious.

"Oh?" he leaned forward, the brightness of the laptop burning into his eyes. "What of?"

"A heart attack." Nassikine let out an uninterested grunt and frowned.

"And? How is that strange?" he replied.

"Well, I just thought that it was odd that he--"

"Listen Watari. Stop wasting my time." he spoke with anger. "I've got better things to do. You and I both know that this is nothing more than a coincidence. People die of heart attacks all the time." with that, he closed the laptop, spun around and began to sift through his mountain of paperwork.


((Hope that's OK Fort, didn't really know how else to start.))

Edited by earwig

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((I've tried linking it directly to the image. Try it now.


Also it wasn't Hannah's lawyer that died. He defended her rapists and got them out of being punished.))


Diane managed to catch the bus just as it turned into her street. She climbed inside and paid the driver her fare before walking down the bus’s length and taking a window seat near the back. As the bus set off again she saw a large leap up and clamber onto the roof. It was strange how quickly she had become used to his presence.


As she screamed Diane lumped off her stool and flung herself in fear backwards over her vanity table. Before the instinct to flee could kick in one long arm reached towards her and quickly clamped over her mouth, the thick fingers wrapping round the lower half of her face. Diane tried to pull herself free put the monstrous creature holding her in place was far too strong. It was hanging upside from her ceiling, holding it’s self in place with its legs and other arm. Diane tried to struggle to free herself but stopped out of fear when the creature spoke.


“Do not be afraid. I am here to help you.”


It took a moment for this to sink in and Diane stared up into the eyeless face, not believing what she had just heard. Slowly and gently the creature let go of her and she sank back down onto her stool, not knowing if she dared to try and run.


“Help me?” she quavered.


The creature nodded.


“I have been watching you Diane Harvey. I can help you. I can make all you wish for come true.”

When the bus pulled into the street that held the café Diane hit the buzzer to remind the driver to stop and stood up. She disembarked and walked down the street towards her place of work, silently followed by her invisible new friend.


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((Oh, derp. That's what I meant.


And yeah the image works now.))

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((Good good.


If anyone else has any problems with image links let me know.))

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Sono stared at the sheet of paper. It was full of math problems, some complex, some simple. He could solve them, easily, but his mind was elsewhere. All he could think of was the assault he received a month ago. He was by himself, walking home from school, when he just happened to go down the wrong alley. It wasn't his fault, that was the way he usually went home, but that day, for the first time ever, there had been other people there. He saw it now--they were trading drugs, dealing with each other. He tried to go the other way, but there was another one behind him. He said something, like 'You gone the wrong way.' Sono tried to run, but a hand caught his bag. He screamed and shouted, but then he saw something that instilled fear into him. A knife. A large one. He didn't even have the time to plea to run away, the blade was thrust in him. He remembered how the pain felt--how the blood flowed out of him. He remembered how he was left there, helpless, feeling the pain and the blood flow. He remembered the court trial, and the unfair decision that his attackers were 'innocent due to lack of evidence'.

"Sono?" the math teacher eyed him

"Uhh?" he replied. The class laughed at him. "Oh, uhh, the answer is 3 and a half." he blurted out, hoping that he was right.

"Yes, but I asked you to close the blinds." the class laughed again.

"Oh. Sorry, sir."

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((Earwig, is this Watari that you were talking with the same Watari from the original series? Because if it is... Watari died so I don't think it's possible...))


((Oh, and from now on I'm gonna use Annelisia's Alias rather than her real name))


Elizabeth was standing in front of table four, waiting to take the order of a few business men, sitting down and chatting about how they wished some people would just drop dead so their businesses could go uphill. Elizabeth curled her lip in disgust when they weren't look then smiled back when they were ready to give their order.


"Three coffees, one black, one with cream and sugar, and one half and half." A man in a navy blue suit said.


"Alright then, I'll be right back with your coffees." Elizabeth wandered back into the kitchen and over to the coffee maker. She filled the machine with coffee grounds and waited for the beans to slowly turn into liquid. She poured the coffee into three small cups then proceeded with the orders she was given; one black, one with cream and sugar, and one half and half.


Once the orders had been finished, she walked back out to table four and set down the coffees with a smile, "Your orders, gentlemen?" then moved onto to the next party who had just sat down. Looking around the cafe, she noticed that it was packed with new arrivals that Elizabeth, and the only other worker who was there at the time, couldn't handle on their own, "Come on, Diane, where are you.... And what will we have today, hm?"

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