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Hetalia: W, P, or R OCC

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Sparks is trying to get on. I'm trying to get them on on the weekends; though Chico, however, says that the RPs confuse her and she doesn't know when she'll get back on.

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Username: Poke11

Name: Singapore

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Singapore has medium length black hair and silver eyes that she used to love, but then when she met more countries, they made fun of her. She is tall even though when she was younger she was shorter than most of the other people around, and was made fun of for having silver eyes. Everyone she knew would always call her "depression" for she also would wear dull clothing, or "stormy" for her eyes, and other names. She is still called them now by some countries.

Personality: Singapore is a kind girl who loves animals, especially birds, and music, as she plays the guitar and flute. She can be a bit annoying but is really a nice person, with a few quirks. For one, she, like most people of her country, have a strange habit of staring at people when at a restaurant. She also will get anything that's for free, and is a competitive shopper but she has many pets and can be very laid-back, except for when America's around, which then he would call her those names that started when they were younger.

Bio: Singapore's importance rose during the 14th century under the rule of Srivijayan prince Parameswara. She became an important port until it was destroyed by Acehnese raiders in 1613. The modern history of Singapore began in 1819 when Englishman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles established a British port on the island. Under British colonial rule, it grew in importance as a centre for both the India-China trade and the entrepôt trade in Southeast Asia, rapidly becoming a major port city.

During World War II, Singapore was conquered and occupied by the Japanese Empire (to her annoyance) from 1942 to 1945. When the war ended, Singapore reverted to British control (to even more annoyance), with increasing levels of self-government being granted, culminating in Singapore's merger with the Federation of Malaya to form Malaysia in 1963. However, social unrest and disputes between Singapore's ruling People's Action Party and Malaysia's Alliance Party resulted in Singapore's separation from Malaysia. Then, Singapore finally became an independent republic in the recent, 1965 on what is now her birthday, August 9.

Enemies: America (holds a grudge on him), not really anyone else...

Dislikes: Anything yellow, America

Likes: Basically Everything.... except for anything yellow.

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Accepted. ^w^ But why does Singapore hate America? xd.png Anyway, guys, for the Pokemon!Arc, I think charries should have three Pokemon each. Pokemon could be repeated. <3


If it is:


America's Team


Pidgeot ( male )



Jolteon ( male )



Gible ( male )



Russia's Team


Glaceon ( female )



Hydreigon ( male )



Houndoom ( male )



Germany's Team


Skarmory ( female )



Sceptile ( male )



Flygon ( male )



Southern Italy's Team


Flareon ( male )



Buizel ( female )



Zorua ( female )



(Editing in Cities)


DC's Team


Umbreon ( male )



Arcanine ( male )



Persian ( female )


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Well, I searched Singapore's enemies and it said that they were good allies with Russia and held a grudge against America so...




Mongolia's Team


Salamence (Female)

user posted image

Rapidash (Female)

user posted image

Togepi (Male)

user posted image

Saxony's Team


Ninetails (Male)

user posted image

Altaria (Female)

user posted image

Bronzong (Male)

user posted image

Singapore's Team


Eevee (Female)

user posted image

Crobat (Male)

user posted image

Samuratt (Male)

user posted image


If it's not okay with the Eevee I will change it.

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I'm back from vacation!


So, it looks like we are about to start the Pokemon!Arc, right? I guess I'll just lurk until that happens and jump in with North Japan then.

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We had been on this Arc for a long time... I wouldn't mind ending it soon- as long as Vatican can beat/get beaten by the dragon :3


Anyway, guess I'll join the bandwagon and make teams for my countries:




Happiny (female)



Natu (male)



Deino (female)





Gyarados (male)



Golduck (female)



Tropius (male)




Whee~ I thought about dragging Madrid in, but I decided against it...

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Okay! I surprisingly liked this arc, but I can't wait to get to the next one, or a meeting.

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Okay. After my next post, the Arc ends. ^^ I'm gonna make the dragon almost kill Vatican, anc then -poof-! xd.png

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Wait, what happened? Is the Arc over? That... Came out of nowhere. o.o; So what's specifically going on now?

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Wait what? When was the Pokemon Arc even accepted? I remember it being discussed, but then didn't we say it was too illogical because Chico didn't understand and then go off saying what Pokemon our characters would have if it ever did happen? /confused


Either way, I guess I need to post my characters now, huh?


North Korea:

Plusle (Female)

user posted image


Absol (Male)

user posted image


Tyrannitar (Male)

user posted image


South Korea:

Minun (Male)

user posted image


Emolga (Female)

user posted image


Zoroark (Female)

user posted image



Shuppet (Male)

user posted image


Gengar: (Male)

user posted image


Chandelure (Male)

user posted image



Vulpix (Female)

user posted image


Milotic (Female)

user posted image


Wartortle (Male)

user posted image



Swoobat (Male)

user posted image


Haxorus (Male

user posted image


Dusknoir (Male)

user posted image

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Here's the chart for attacks, guys! I suppose to keep complications from happening, three attacks make all pokemon faint. ^^

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I'm back! Though, I'm only back for one hour and I might not be able to post. My computer is really messing up for some reason, so I might not get the chance.








Wormadam (Plant Cloak)



















I'll try my best to post. >:

Edited by Icepelt

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Germany~ :3 Okay, I'll go post...



Also, cant' decide whether to drag Catalonia in or not... >_< Urgh, I'll stick with my two at the moment, I guess, unless someone gets lonely.

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Is there anyone open for finding Singapore or Mongolia? I haven't got the slightest idea where to put either of the two...

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Since Germany is preoccupied, I'll have Spain jump in to them instead. How's that sound Poke? ;D

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Sorry for disappearing again guys -___- It's hard to keep up with DC with real life taking up a lot of time. So we have a new arc? Pokemon, it seems?

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alright then. We have to make a party for our characters and stuff, then?

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