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Valentinekin Jamboree!

Sweetling - claim


Going to the AP soon.

And I'm still ready right now to breed a 2g from CB Heartstealer, Arsani, or Mutamore, to your choice - please PM, don't request here - first come, first served!

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If anyone here would like to enter, there is currently a raffle going on at Glittering Gold Giveaways. Anyone with at least 10 adult dragons can sign up. All I ask is that you take a minute to read through the rules smile.gif

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Ahhh thank you so so much, I love this one's lineage! Will have a nice home with me c:


Feeling kinda greedy so here's my offering-

2G Aeon from Aeon x Caligene


Please name and let me know where it goes!

This guy's still here!


Gone...somewhere sad.gif

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Opposites attract


You're welcome, MessengerDragon!

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