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Egg pack!


Combined them all onto one transport to save me some time - if there's an egg you don't want, you are free to regift to this thread <3 please let me know where they go and please name!


Love us!



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2G PB Black Male Hatchie with named parents.


Gone to a good home. smile.gif

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Eggies! ^-^


2G PB Two-Headed Lindwurm (Parents both Alpine.)



4G Xenowyrm (Chrono) (Gold M x Xeno Gaia F)


https://dragcave.net/lineage/eWW4y <--- Lineage.


Parents are not named but will be eventually.

Take as many as you like. You may do as you please with them, too. Enjoy! <3


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Have CB Magma


Teleport Link

I took your Magma. Thanks. wub.gif




2G Hellfire Wyvern from Silver Father


GONE to a good home with Sinion Kabe. Thanks for letting me know. wub.gif

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