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Oops!  That was a knee jerk grab, it's the wrong color for what I need!  tongue.gif


Returning here: https://dragcave.net/teleport/be2c21d35e8eb...d07fa3118024812

Took the CB Lunar, thank you so much smile.gif


Prizes babies for all!


Shiny #1

Shiny #2

Shiny #3

Shiny #4


Please take good care of them wub.gif

I couldn't resist #3, thank you SO much, they'll be named, loved and offspring gifted wub.gif

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On two way; just send a dummy


4G white from 2 alts. Plz give it a good home, and enjoyGone! Enjoy smile.gif And whoever offered, it you want your hatchi back, PM me plz! Otherwise I might freeze/gift or do other stuff with it.

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3g Azure Glacewing x Radiant Angel Checker

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

You breed such nice lineages. I couldn't resist this beauty. Thank you. happy.gif


Well, I'm all locked up, at least until someone claims that pink egg I left above.

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Here is a Vampire eggie if anyone wants it. happy.gif I used precognition on it and it will be a female (provided you don't influence it to be male, of course). smile.gif


Claim my eggie!


Enjoy it and have a nice day! biggrin.gif

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