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AP pretties, 2-way links so I know where they go~


Lineage - Offer any dummy! You're welcome, enjoy-and thanks for posting! happy.gif

Lineage - Offer any dummy! Enjoy, thanks for posting! smile.gif

Lineage - Offer any dummy!

Lineage - Offer any dummy!

Adding a pretty dummy ^^

https://dragcave.net/teleport/2b242e5911ff1...4ae762327440c47 Pretty dummy gone

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Magi from the AP please take it if you need magis, thanks!

CB ridgewing hatchie!


edit: magi gone, enjoy! ridgewing gone also, you're welcome pollyfirstfirst smile.gif

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😳Okay, so this might be a collector's item idk.😶


So I'm posting this here because I've had a great week on DC!


And I'm in a "giftee" mood.


It's a 4eg Hellfire x Royal Crimson egg that's incuhatchable.


Oh and it's Dedicated to TJ's "P"😱😨😆 Gone! Most likely taken by a pervert😉, whoops! I mean creepy ogre.☺️ Dang! I should have said lusty odd ball. Yeah.....that's it.👍

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